Six steps to natural Movember success

Movember is upon us again, that time of year where men around the world grow moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.

With those historical connections between full facial hair, ruggedness, and masculinity reaching their annual peak, it’s easy to see how one can feel under pressure to have their whiskers perform! Growing your best Mo requires a good amount of patience and perseverance, and because it’s mostly up to genetics and testosterone levels is largely out of your control. But luckily we’ve rounded up the seven best ways to naturally boost your whiskers and give you guaranteed Movember Success.


Clean Moisturized Skin

Before anything else, you need to ensure that the environment of your skin is going to encourage growth. A build up of dead skin, oil and dirt from everyday exposure will hamper the facial hair follicles. When you’re consistently keeping your skin clean and well moisturized you’ll be creating an environment that encourages positive growth.

These are some of our favourite picks to keep your skin fresh and soft:



The benefits of getting your eight hours of rest are never ending! During this time your body is its most busy regenerating and repairing, especially necessary for keeping the environment of your skin at its best. And as dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco points out, “Sleep is important for protein synthesis of your hair, as well as proper release of growth hormone”, working then to both protect what you’ve already achieved and secure further growth.


Protein & Essential Fatty Acids

It really is true, you are what you eat and a healthy diet will produce a healthy Mo. Over Movember, special attention should be given to protein as it helps build Keratin – fundamental to hair structure. Getting your protein from foods high in Essential Fatty Acids will earn you extra points as this will both hydrate and strengthen your existing moustache. Try snacking on walnuts or add flax seeds to your morning oats, smoothies or sprinkled on your vegetables.



Adding more Vitamins A, C, and E will do wonders in creating the best facial environment for a healthy Mo. Not only are they all natural antioxidants to protect your skin from everyday toxins, but these vitamins will keep hair follicles in tip-top shape and maintain hydrating skin sebum production. Loading up on fresh spinach will give you a boost on all these vitamins. Vitamin A is also prevalent in carrots and broccoli, while Vitamin C is found in a wide variety of fruits.



Getting moving is just as important as rest! Exercise improves your circulation which stimulates hair growth and helps get all those beneficial nutrients reaching your facial hair follicles.



Just because your Mo is flourishing doesn’t mean the caring stops! Grooming oils are not just about keeping your whiskers tamed, they’re essential to hydrating and softening course facial hair for a fuller healthier moustache. Our range of natural oils made from fragrant botanicals will also ensure that the skin below is moisturized and free from itchiness or irritation. If you’re overwhelmed with choice, our Best Sellers are a great place to start:

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