The Low-Down on Natural Eczema Treatments

If you’ve ever experienced the itching, irritation and swelling that comes with eczema, you’ll know just how unpleasant it can be, and how important it is to take proper care of yourself to prevent future flare-ups. the answers lie in all aspects of your lifestyle; from the cosmetics you use, to the clothing you wear, the food you eat and even the air you breathe! Treating eczema (and other nasty skin complaints) requires a holistic approach, so you can make sure your skin is safe from the allergens and chemicals most likely to trigger a reaction. So read on to learn more about caring for eczema-prone skin, discover Faithful to Nature’s top natural eczema products, and find out what our customers have to say.

On Your Skin

Natural moisturisers help to keep your skin soft and supple, without blocking your pores. Be sure to stay away from lotions made with artificial fragrances and petroleum products; these will irritate and inflame your skin. Instead, choose from our range of ultra-soothing fragrance-free topical creams and lotions.

Some of the best natural moisturisers out there include:

  • Shea butter: Richly hydrating, full of vitamins & antioxidants; helps to keep dry skin soft & hydrated.
  • Beeswax: Naturally antibacterial; forms a protective barrier that guards your skin from infection & environmental damage.
  • Coconut oil: Loaded with nutrients; naturally anti-inflammatory & antibacterial; soothes itching & irritation, plus it’s mild enough for sensitive skin.
  • Calendula: A wonderful natural skin-soother; this anti-inflammatory herb will banish itching, swelling & irritation.

Our Customers Recommend:


Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous Cream

“I love the O’Lief baby products. My 4 month old was starting with excema. I started using the aqueous cream from O’lief and results were immediate. We live in jhb where it’s very dry and her skin is always soft with the cream.” – Unknown


Bee Natural Eczema Cream

“It works wonders for my daughter’s eczema. Nothing worked as well as this balm.” – Aneta


SOil Kenyan Shea Butter

“5 star product! Use on entire family skin and hair and the results are incredible. Worth every penny.” – Bronwin


Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

“I have 2 kids with severe eczema (4 years and 1 year old) as well as my husband. Ever since using the coconut oil to replace all lotions and creams, they have improved a lot! I can’t stop telling everyone about how amazing it is!” – Anja


Trevarno Organic Calendula Soap

“This soap treats eczema brilliantly! I don even need to use any creams with it, just using it for a few days when the eczema comes up clears it.” – Lauren

Magnesium Magic: Eczema can also sometimes be a result of a magnesium deficiency; use a natural magnesium supplement or trans-dermal spray to make sure your system is getting enough of this essential nutrient.

Recipe for Magnesium Body Butter:


  • Combine the coconut oil, beeswax & shea butter in a double boiler, at medium heat.
  • Once the mixture has melted, let it cool to room temperature; it should be slightly opaque.
  • Add the mixture to your blender; slowly add the magnesium oil, 1 drop at a time, while blending constantly.
  • Once the mixture is well-blended, refrigerate for 15 minutes, then blend again for a thicker, more buttery consistency.
  • Keep refrigerated; this body butter makes a richly hydrating & cooling skin treatment.

In Your Home

When we talk about what we’re putting on our skin, we usually mean moisturisers, cleansers and the like. However, have you thought about the fibres you wear against your skin every day? Have you thought about the washing detergents you use to keep your clothes and bedding clean?

Prevent eczema flare-ups by keeping harsh chemicals away from your family’s skin. Use a mild natural laundry detergent to wash all clothes, bedding and soft toys. It also helps to stick to natural hypoallergenic fibres, such as hemp clothing and organic cotton bedding.

Dust and pollen also play a big role in triggering allergies, irritations and asthma or eczema flare-ups. Invest in a humidifier or air filter for your home, to enjoy cleaner air that’s free of pesky allergens.

Our Customers Recommend:


Enchantrix Laundry Gel

“Having tried a sample of this, it is the only laundry wash (save pure vinegar) that is gentle on my sons skin. It washes the clothes. For stains wash in normal detergent than to make it ok for sensitive skin use this. My sons skin improved exponentially since using this – as there was no other change in our treatment – I can only assume it was Enchantrix being gentle!” – Amina


Earthsap Laundry Powder

“The one I always order is the Earthsap laundry powder. It works really well, is economical and best of all we no longer suffer from rashes or eczema caused by chemical soap powders. It smells really nice too.” – Anonymous

In Your Kitchen

And of course, what you put in is just as important as what you put on. Eczema is often the result of a food allergy, and certain foods can exacerbate eczema symptoms.

  • Avoid: Dairy products, refined grains, processed foods
  • Favour: Whole grains, fruit & vegetables, nuts & seeds, sprouts, alkaline foods, probiotic-rich foods


Did You Know? Studies show that people with Celiac are three times more likely to have eczema too. Following a gluten-free Celiac diet can work wonders for keeping eczema at bay.

Here are the top antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients known for helping to keep eczema under control – plus which foods will give you the most:

Recipe for Raspberry Banana Smoothie:

  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1 ripe banana, sliced & frozen
  • 1 cup rice milk
  • 1Tbsp ground flax seed


Simply combine all your ingredients in a blender & blend until smooth. Serve & enjoy! This smoothie gives you a boost of omegas, vitamin C and magnesium.

On Your Mind

We’ve covered topical, environmental and dietary eczema treatments – now, what about the emotional and psychological side of things?  Many people with eczema find that flare-ups are more likely to happen when they’re under pressure or stress. Keeping anxiety away plays a much bigger role in the health of your skin than you might realise!


To stop yourself getting stressed out, make sure you get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthy skin-friendly foods. A natural stress-busting balm, bath soak and herbal tea will also be your best allies in keeping your emotions calm and balanced. Faithful to Nature stocks plenty of anti-stress remedies for adults and children.

Our Customers Recommend:


Sceletium & Honeybush Tea

“I’d definitely recommend sceletium tea; a cup in the morning helps me stay calm and focused on stressful days.” – Julia


Himalayan Salt Bath Crystals

 “I love using these bath crystals with a few drops of my favourite essential oils (Lavender/ Rose Geranium). I have also noticed that my skin heals quicker. It has a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic effect on the body.” – Glenys


Chamomile & Lavender Baby Oil

Truly wonderful…our two-year old finally sleeps!!! I am totally sold on this wonderfully gentle, yet soothing oil. Thank you! – Angeline

Which natural product do you and your family trust above all others to keep eczema under control? Share your top tips and home remedies with us!

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    Treating eczema also requires a holistic approach to make sure our skin is safe from the allergens and chemicals most likely to trigger a reaction. Caring for eczema-prone skin with nature’s top natural eczema products that can be homemade like shea butter, usage of natural oils for eczema, etc. can work wonders.

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