Stress is known to be a leading cause for illness these days and it’s so prevalent in modern life that it’s likely that at some point you may feel you need a helping hand…

and the more natural the better – you don’t want all sorts of side effects to deal with on top of it. Some help from Nature’s wisdom can help calm those troubled waters so you can give yourself a spot calm in the storm. We want to enjoy life after all!

Here are some suggestions to help you find ways to support yourself on many levels, stress can be a result of various things. From an uplifting whiff of magical aromatherapy, to nurturing bath soaks, natural tonics, acupressure to hormone balancing, find the perfect combo that turns that stress switch off.


Soil Lavender Essential Oil 11ml, R70


Calming and soothing
12 Sep, 2015, By Liesl I add a few drops to a tub of epsom salts, and add to the bath. The combination of lavender (calming) and salts relieve stress and aches and pains, preparing you for a beautiful restful sleep.


Flora Force Gotu Kola 60 vegecaps 400mg, R108


Gotu Kola has been used for centuries as an adaptogenic and anti-aging healing tonic. Flora Force Gotu Kola brings you its amazing ability to ease nervous anxiety and nervous-related disorders such as memory loss, ADHD, hyperactivity and insomnia.

 Viridian Maximum Potency Rhodiola Rosea, R195

Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen that helps the body adapt to mental, emotional or environmental stress. It also acts as an antidepressant; improving the passage of serotonin precursors through the blood-brain barrier, and having a balancing effect on serotonin levels.


Metagenics Mag Glycinate, R258

“I alternate with the Mag Citrate and my anxiety is lower, my night muscle cramps have gone and I feel more able to get through each day. Metagenics are very good quality.” – Tanya

Viridian High Five B Complex with Magnesium Ascorbate Capsules, R125


This supplement contains the complete array of B vitamins, with added vitamin C and magnesium. B vitamins are essential for relief from stress or depression. This formula is especially high in vitamin B5, known as the anti-stress vitamin; B5 supports the health of your body’s adrenal glands.

Gaia Organics Magnesium Chloride Massage Oil Solution, R105

sku8904-gaia-organics-magnesium-chloride-massage-oil-solution-200ml-largeMagnesium oil is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to absorb this important mineral into your body. Chronic magnesium deficiency can result in nervous symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness and insomnia.

Pakmed Epsom Salts, R15


Soaking in  a hot bath with a few tablespoons of epsom salts, which is magnesium sulphate, is a wonderful to ease tension at the end of the day that will help relax your nervous system and send you off into rejuvenating sleep.


SereniT Sceletium Capsules, R115


Sceletium Tortuosum, or what locals might know as Kanna, Channa or Kougoed. Traditionally used by the Southern African people as a mood enhancer and cognitive enhancer, recent studies have proven what they knew- sceletium is a wonderful aid for those suffering from stress, anxiety and even depression.

Sceletia Sceletium and Honeybush Tea: “This is the best thing I’v ever come across after trying sooo many different products for stress and those blue days in between. It helps keep me calm and focused to complete my work when it’s those days where I have a huge workload deadline… as well as to uplift your spirits keep you cheerful and happy when feeling down… A cup every morning and evening helped me a great deal in pulling through a tragedy that occurred in my family..” – khadeeja


Allis One Tissue Salts – Rescue Synergy Blend, R105 (with lactose-free base)

Rescue Synergy contains the equivalent of seven individual tissue salts for a natural de-stressing and stabilising tissue salt remedy: Kali Phos, Kali Mur, Mag Phos, Nat Phos, Silicea, Calc Phos and Nat Mur.

sku2912-Tissue-Salts-Rescue-Synergy-Blend-Large-jpgBetter sleep and lower stress
17 Nov, 2014, By Tamsin I have been taking these tissue salts for a few months now, and I can definitely feel the difference. Conventional stress relief medication has some funny side effects and sleep aids such as melatonin can give you nightmares. I have tried everything and Rescue Synergy is the one I will stay with and recommend.

Flower Essence Rescue Remedies

Rescue Remedy is a blend of the reassuring vibrations from precious flower essences of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Rock Rose, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem, gently soothing your spirit and emotions and helping you find your centre, whether you are in shock or fear, or are agitated or anxious.


Acupuncture Energy Mat, R415

sku5431v1-billythebee-acupuncture-energy-mat-black-largeIt works wonders!
26 Aug, 2015, By Tracy I bought this Acupuncture mat for my husband who sometimes struggles with back pain due to stress and being in front of a work-desk all day. We both use it daily and my husband has not had any back pain since. Best used before bedtime to help relax the muscles and ease away stress. Also great for tired feet: just sit down on a chair and put your feet up onto the mat for a few minutes, it works wonders!

The Swedish Acupressure Spike Mat, R359


“I have always suffered from back pain that has been attributed to poor posture and stress. Apart from yoga this is the next best thing I have found to bring me sustained relief during the day! You have got one very happy customer as a result :)” – Annette


Sfera Maca Extra Strength Capsules, R171


“I am so happy I found this product. My boyfriend has a very stressful job and as such our love life has suffered for it. After taking the lowest dose for less than a week he has become less stressed and his virility has returned with a bang!!” – Jeanne-Marie


 Take It Easy Lozenges to Help Ease Anxiety, R77


This natural anti-anxiety formulation has been created to relieve all types of anxiety and nervousness quickly and effectively. Lactium, the key ingredient in Take it Easy Lozenges is clinically proven to reduce stress symptoms.

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