My Top 8 Favourite Faithful Buys

In a desperate search for skincare products that wouldn’t aggravate my skin, I landed on the Faithful to Nature (FTN) homepage for the first time about three years ago. I remember scrolling through the facewashes, moisturisers and eye serums and feeling like I’d just struck gold. Ever since that fateful day, FTN has been the absolute go-to for all my skin-related needs. However, over time it’s also become my favourite spot to shop for items to make my home cosier and more eco-friendly. Here’s a list of my 8 favourite faithful buys over the past few years:


Beaucience Cleansing Gel

Beaucience Cleansing Gel

Since I have very sensitive skin that is prone to all sorts of imperfections, finding face products that really work is a bit a nightmare.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon the soap-free Beaucience Cleansing Gel about a year ago and have never looked back. Since I started using it, unpleasant breakouts have been few and far between and I’ve even noticed that the little red splotches on my chin, nose and

forehead that used to bug me endlessly have almost disappeared entirely.

PLUS, it’s packed with all sorts of anti-ageing properties, which is a huge bonus. Apart from this, it’s also cruelty-free, locally made, organic and contains no palm oil – all of which are of the utmost importance to me.


Bee Natural Rich Rehydrating Face Balm

Bee Natural Rich Rehydrating Face Balm

Even though I have oily skin and normally avoid anything with the word ‘rich’ in its name, for some reason I decided to give Bee Natural’s Rich Rehydrating Face Balm a whirl.

I ended up using it as a night cream and loved how it made my skin look plumper and more dewy upon waking up in the mornings. The fact that it’s completely natural (containing only raw honey, beeswax, propolis and pollen) and has no scent also gets me really excited! Having said that, I am quite careful not to overdo it and only use this lovely balm during times when my skin needs the maximum TLC (when I have a heavy workload, many social engagements in a single month etc) and rotate it with other night creams in between.


Nautica Organic Rosehip Oil

Nautica Organic Rosehip Oil

Which brings me to a next favourite – Nautica’s Organic Rosehip Oil.

I started out using it purely as an eye serum in the evenings, but over time started experimenting with it over my whole face. It was amazing how my skin just soaked it up and that it didn’t leave a greasy residue that would rub off on my pillows. As with the face balm mentioned above, this organic rosehip oil has me waking up fresh-faced and glowing every time I use it.




Natraloe Anti-Cellulite Cream

Natraloe Anti-Cellulite Cream

Although I do my best to love every single part of my body, I have to admit that the dimples in my thighs get me down more often than I’d like them to. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies – from dry brushing and drinking apple cider vinegar daily to doing intensive leg exercises and vigorous coffee scrubs – and probably have to start accepting that the orange peel simply ain’t going anywhere.

I first started using Natraloe Anti-Cellulite Cream as part of one of these desperate attempts to rid myself of this burden and was initially a little disappointed that it didn’t seem to work. However, I soon became attached to its fresh scent, slight gel-like texture and the refreshing tingle it leaves on my skin. So, even though it might not be the miracle cellulite cure (it never said it was), it’s still my favourite body lotion!


Tiptoe Totes Reusable Fresh Produce Bags

Tiptoe Totes Reusable Fresh Produce Bags

Earlier this year, I decided it was time to get serious about cutting down on plastic while shopping (even though it often feels like a battle lost from the outset). So, to go with my army of reusable shopping bags, I ordered a couple of packs of Tiptoe Totes’ fine mesh fresh produce bags.

They have made it super easy to buy all my fruit and veg without having to unroll a single one of those awful little flimsy bags!





Indalo Plain Terracotta Standard 2-Piece Ceramic Burner

Indalo Plain Terracotta Standard 2-Piece Ceramic Burner

One of my more recent purchases, this adorable little ceramic burner is my new favourite thing!

Apart from the fact that it keeps my home smelling delicious all the time, it’s also been a huge help in keeping my sinuses clear this spring. I love its rustic look and the fact that the bowl is separate from the body – this makes it much easier to keep clean and refill.


Soil Essential Oils

Of course, I can’t have a ceramic burner without anything to fill it with! So, I also stocked up on a couple of Soil Essential Oils at the same time. I have two favourite combinations right now, which I like to call:

  1. Breathe easy: A couple of drops of peppermint and a couple more of eucalyptus to help keep my sinuses clear.
  2. Christmas cookie: A few drops of cinnamon leaf, clove and sweet orange for a festive little wind-down ritual at the end of the day.

Goddess Menstrual Cup


Goddess Cup

If, however, I had to pick my ultimate favourite FTN buy of all time, it would have to be my Goddess Cup. Since I took the plunge and bought a one little more than a year ago, my periods have been a lot less traumatic and I’ve also saved a good deal of money on store- bought personal hygiene products.

Plus, I love the fact that I’m no longer sending tampons and pads into landfills. If you want to know more about the benefits of using a menstrual cup, read this great post.

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