Meat-Free Snacks to Fawn Over

Making the switch from an omnivorous diet to a meat-free lifestyle isn’t easy. Even the most dedicated vegans and vegetarians crave dairy chocolate or cheese from time to time. If you’re starting out, you’ll probably have to overcome your desires a great deal more initially – until you become more disciplines. All it means is that you need to be prepared for when those cravings do inevitably hit.

Luckily, the growing popularity of these eco-friendly lifestyles means that there is an extensive market of satisfying substitutes to suit your taste. Faithful to Nature stocks a number of amazing products you might consider trying.

Earthshine Nutricrisps – Sauerkraut & Black Pepper

I always hit a slump just before home time. To keep myself going until I knock-off, I’ll often reach for a packet of crisps because the crunch is loud enough to keep me alert while the quick burst of energy propels me for 90 minutes. These crisps are air-dried at low temperatures, to give you a light, crunchy snack that’s packed with goodness. Perfect for lunchboxes.

Antonia’s Nori Wands

It is believed that a craving is the body’s way of communicating that it is lacking in something. If you have a hankering for meat, your body might need iron. Why not nosh on this vegan droewors. The seaweed wands are full of healthy enzymes and nutrients for your body to absorb. Add this to the iodine, taurine, fiber, protein and Vitamin B12 packed into the faux biltong and you have a great energy boosting snack.

Antonia’s Nori Wands are a great addition to any child’s lunchbox, and might prove effective if you nibble on them before the gym.

Nakd Salted Caramel Bar

If you’re looking for an indulgence with all the decadence of a dessert, these might suit your sweet tooth. Salted caramel is a heavenly blend of sweet and salty flavours, and Nakd takes it to the next level with delicious, hearty ingredients. The Nakd Salted Caramel Bar is made with a blend of dates, nuts and Cornish sea salt, to give you an indulgent yet healthy snack that counts as one of your “five a day”!

Earthshine Botanical Bacon Cayenne Pepper

Bacon is one of the foods that make it very difficult to give up animal products completely if you are a vegan or vegetarian. You no longer have to limit your diet, as creative alternative inventions keep coming. Earthshine Botanical Bacon Cayenne Pepper is an outrageously tasty plant-based snack made with organically grown veggies and added with superfoods. It is enriched with organic coconut oil – which can help to reduce fat and lessen risk of heart diseases. Just open the pack, munch on one and enjoy.

The Chocolate Yogi Mylk Chocolate Cream

The Chocolate Yogi brings you a fun, flavourful, “better-for-you” brand of chocolate, made with plant-based mylk and free of refined cane sugar, but with all the creaminess and taste of traditional dairy milk chocolate. Cacao, coconut sugar and coconut flour have been used to make the tasty Mylk Chocolate in Cream. A melt-in-your-mouth treat with no artificial additives or preservatives. Perfect for reaching your sweetness quota without any of the worrying. 

Eden Crunchy Peanut Butter 

You shouldn’t have to give up your love of the classic PB&J just because you’re making active decisions to live a more environmentally responsible life. With no added sugar, preservatives and hydrogenated oils, Eden’s peanut butter is a crammed with all the goodness and flavour of air-roasted peanuts.

This is another great buy if you’re on lunch-making duty. Enjoy a slashing of peanut butter on an apple if you want a hassle-free snack in the afternoon.

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