Make Your Own Organic Blowing Bubbles

Make Your Own Organic Blowing Bubbles & Magic Bubble Wands

I don’t know about you, but bubbles evoke my inner happy child every time – since when did we develop the belief system that sitting in the garden blowing bubbles is for kids only?



  1. Pour the castile soap and water into a mixing bowl or plastic container
  2. Add the thickener which is the 1/2 cup of sugar; corn syrup or glycerine
  3. Put the lid or cap on the plastic container and shake until completely mixed. We suggest you repurpose a reusable plastic container or a mason jar and designate it for making soap bubbles. If you are using a big bubble wand it may be easier to pour the mixture into a shallow pan.
  4. Psst: You can also make this the night before and let it sit out for even better bubbles.


Make your own bubble wand

  1. Find 2 bamboo poles and some strong cotton string.
  2. Cut 3 equal lengths of string that will form the top part of the wand hole.
  3. Cut 3 slightly longer lengths of string to form the bottom part of the wand. These lengths determine how big the bubbles are.
  4. Tie an end to the 3 shorter strings; attach to one side of the pole; and then braid them and tie them to the other pole.
  5. Tie the 3 longer strings close to the pole on the top string; braid them and tie them to the other side of the top string.

Did you have fun making your own organic blowing bubbles and magic bubble wands? Thanks to this awesome blog for the image!


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