Pure Simple Castile Liquid Cleaner

Pure Simple Castile Liquid Cleaner

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A versatile liquid cleaning solution that can be used "as is" for washing babies' clothing, wool, silk and other delicate fabrics, or as an ingredient in homemade household cleaners. Formulated to clean thoroughly, this castile cleaner is not suitable for use as a face, hand or body wash. If you are looking for one for your body, try Pure Simple Fragrance-Free Castile Body Wash (also available in naturally fragranced variations).

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Proudly South African
  • Cruelty Free

Did you know?
Caustic potash (also called lye or potassium hydroxide) is used to turn oil into liquid soap but once it has been thoroughly mixed with the oils (4 - 6 hours) the caustic potash is neutralised - no more oil - no more caustic potash - just pure mild safe-to-use liquid soap. All PURESIMPLE liquid soaps are sequestered for 2 - 3 weeks before being sold.


Water, olive oil, caustic potash.

Please Note:

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Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 25 reviews Write a review
23 out of 23 people would recommend this product

  • Pure and simple - but very powerful
    11 Oct, 2016, By Melanie Coetzee I use this detergent on shirt collars. Normally I use a little brush and soap to scrub the collars and cuffs before putting them in the machine; so now I use a little of this to do the scrubbing, and the dirt comes off so quickly! Better than any other laundry detergent I used on those tiresome collars and cuffs!

  • It doesnt get any better than this!
    10 Feb, 2016, By Sunae I like to make my own all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, tile cleaner and so on. This castile soap is so concentrated, it really goes a long way and I dilute a lot when I make my cleaning products. Its fragrance free and I scent it with my own essential oils and it cleans perfectly good.

  • perfect for babys clothes
    10 Feb, 2016, By Grace I use 60ml per load of washing + a drop of lavender EO and clothes come out fresh clean. Adding a bit to the nappy bucket helps a lot!

  • Gentle wash
    02 Feb, 2016, By Christine I am happy with this product as a washing liquid for my clothes. Tough stains need to be treated before the wash but I find that is the case with every washing liquid. A little goes a long way.

  • Not bad
    26 Jan, 2016, By Lyn Not bad, but didnt do any wonders for me.

  • Near Perfect Natural Product
    15 Oct, 2015, By Michelle I bought this product to use as an ingredient in natural homemade beauty products, and found it works great for a lot of household purposes as well. As far as natural, chemical free goes, its near perfect!

  • Best Ive ever used.
    09 Oct, 2015, By Terry That Castille soap is one of the best Ive ever used. I even used it (with some soil Lavender essential oil and coconut oil) as a doggy shampoo, and its wonderful. It has a multitude of other uses of course, but one of my German Shepherds has rather a sensitive skin, and this is the only product that has not left him itching for days after a bath!

  • Works well
    01 Sep, 2015, By Casper No complaints from my wife or domestic worker so far. Just add some vinegar to the rinse cycle as a softer.

  • Great for cloth nappies
    01 Sep, 2015, By Amanda I use cloth nappies on my toddler and have tried different brands of washing soap, being mindful of the different materials that are used in cloth nappies. This soap is fantastic. I don get a build up of soap on the nappies or too much foam in the machine and the nappies come out smelling and looking clean and fresh.

  • Good Product
    28 Aug, 2015, By Carmen I bought this product for use in making up my own natural cleaning products and liquid hand soap. Its a good versatile product. It has a faint olive oil smell.

  • not a clean it all product
    13 Aug, 2015, By lucinda I was hoping to make this into many different cleansers, for dishes and laundry as well as house hold. The product is a bit on the oily side. This makes it perfect for cleaning the floors and i found the combination that works in the dishwasher . but terrible for dishwashing, and bathrooms.

  • Works
    14 Jun, 2015, By Anton Works perfectly in just 1 wash! Removes stains even locked in stains provided you follow the instructions.

  • Great Product
    29 Apr, 2015, By Janine I use this product to make my own household cleaning products. Works really well and goes a long way.

  • Nice pure problem
    03 Mar, 2015, By Suzanne I think that this product would work very well for someone who has lightly soiled washing - Im afraid that ours was a bit too dirty for this soap to be effective in the amounts directed. It smells nice and clean.

  • Good product
    25 Feb, 2015, By Chantell first time trying earth friendly product and it worked good.
    I don like the smell and had to add few drops of ess oil.
    I also find I have to pre treat stubborn stains. (Have a 9month old baby boy)
    But leaves clothes lovely and soft, I don even need to add vinegar.

    Will maybe try different product next time.

  • Great versatile soap!
    20 Feb, 2015, By Cindy Love this soap! It works really well for so many things - laundry, hand-soap, dish-wash, floor cleaner. Gentle and mild with a faint olive oil smell. Added drops of essential oil to the hand soap and laundry wash to add some fragrance. And really good value for money too! Great product!

  • This stuff works!!
    19 Feb, 2015, By Monique I was sceptic at first but after 4 wash loads I must admit that I am impressed :) I use it with a tablespoon Londa bio bleach an the whites are nice and bright.

  • Lovely natural laundry liquid
    16 Jan, 2015, By Samantha Ive really enjoyed this pure and simple product as a laundry liquid. I haven tried adding apple cider vinegar yet but even by itself it cleans things really well with my washing machine and is so gentle on my hands when hand washing items. Only thing is that it has a very strange neutral smell and leaves laundry smelling of nothing which I suppose is a good thing.

  • Love the result
    10 Dec, 2014, By Susan I have used other earth friendly laundry soap etc before. This is one the best I have used so far. I also have these white uniforms that are very expensive and they get dull after a few washes. With this soap I am impressed with how much cleaner they look and even brighter!

  • So useful
    02 Oct, 2014, By Janice Seems a little runny at first, but I use it for so many things from mixing up a recipe for hand soap to cleaning the floor. At this price, value for money

  • Superb for hand washing
    04 May, 2014, By Sharon Recently started using this for my Laundry and am impressed with it. Clothing is soft and if used on 40 degree wash cycle no residue.

  • Life Saver
    15 Apr, 2014, By Karen I wash ALL my laundry with Pure Simple, after a long and diffucult battle to find a product compatible with my chronic allergy to perfume.

  • Liquid castille soap
    25 Mar, 2014, By Megan I have bought soap nuts before, they did not work as effective as the Liquid Castille soap. This is a better buy.

  • Awesome product! I make my own doggie shampoo and all purpose cleaner using this liquid soap and its the best ever.
    09 Aug, 2013, By Bronwin Awesome product! I make my own doggie shampoo and all purpose cleaner using this liquid soap and its the best ever. Cost effective and safe enough for my dog who now has the whitest coat ever.

  • I love my rented loft, but cleaning the expansive shiny tiled floor is no joke!
    By Adele I love my rented loft, but cleaning the expansive shiny tiled floor is no joke! With 10ml Pure Simple Castile Liquid Soap, a few drops of SOIL Tee Tree Oil and a micro fibre mop I have a streak free, fresh smelling, fly repelling end result! Happy cleaning at last!

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