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Nu-Eco Dishwashing Liquid

Nu-Eco Dishwashing Liquid
Nu-Eco Dishwashing Liquid
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  • 750ml
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Get those dirty dishes clean and sparkling using the natural Nu-Eco dish detergent, packed with natural citrus cleaning power. Gentle but effective, with a fresh citrus scent, this dish detergent effectively eliminates grease and grime, while killing harmful microbes without using toxic chemicals. Nu-Eco products are free of parabens, PEG and other chemical compounds that would pose a risk to humans or pets. This dishwash liquid is water course-friendly and safe for septic tanks; plus it’s kind to your skin. The combination of lime and orange peel oils will leave dishes squeaky clean without pesky leftover residue. 

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Kills germs without using harsh chemical toxins
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Contains naturally antibacterial & antimicrobial citrus oil
  • Natural citrus cleaning power cuts through grease & grime
  • Skin-neutral pH; hypoallergenic & gentle on your hands
  • Safe for water courses & septic tanks
  • Has a fresh, clean natural fragrance
  • FREE of parabens, petrochemicals & propylene glycol


Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


Water (aqua), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Citrus sinensis (Orange) peel oil, Potassium sorbate, Sodium Benzoate*, Citral, Limonene

*Ingredient Notice: Sodium Benzoate is listed as a nasty in our pocket guide when used for food, so why do we allow it in some of our cosmetics and cleaning products? Firstly, the amount of Sodium Benzoate used in cosmetics or cleaning products is much smaller than that used in food as a preservative. Furthermore, the Sodium Benzoate molecules are too large to be absorbed by your skin. This preservative has been allowed by ECOCERT, the Soil Association and BDIH; it has been ranked by the EWG as having a low risk of 1. However, there are reports circulating online that warn against usage of Sodium Benzoate even in cosmetics. We believe it is still one of the safer preservatives, but as always, we wanted you to fully informed and empowered. The choice is yours to make.

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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 373 reviews

364 out of 373 people would recommend this product

22/07/2024, By Dani
Smells great, good quality
12/06/2024, By Sandy
This is my 'go to' dishwashing liquid.
08/04/2024, By Alex
It was my first environmentally friendly dishwash liquid. I have found it not to be soapy enough. The suds disappear quite quickly. Perhaps I need to adjust my expectations. Smells nice. Soft on hands. Cheaper than some other products.
29/03/2024, By Beverley
I love the smell of this product. Only issue is the bottle top get clogged continuously.
12/03/2024, By Ally
This is the best dishwashing liquid and lasts a lot longer than other brands I think!
11/02/2024, By K.
My husband washes the dishes (I know im blessed), and he does not like natural products that won’t work. We have used Sunlight historically and have been trying to find a natural alternative. This met his expectations and he was happy with it! Big deal! We’ll be buying this product going forward. Suds really nicely. Concentrated like normal dishwashing liquid and not watery.

If you are like my husband or are married to someone like my husband that is picky about their soaps this is a good choice! If this describes you I highly recommend not wasting your money on buying stuff that isn’t meant to be dishwashing liquid, like castille soap or natural all purpose gels. I tried and it just isn’t as nice.
04/11/2023, By Presh
A great purchase! I'm super happy with the efficiency & scent of this product. I dilute it to make it last longer, and it still works great
02/11/2023, By marmee
Bought this because it is eco friendly but it is sooo efficient and easy on the hands
30/10/2023, By Sandy
I only use this dishwashing liquid, it is constantly on my repeat order.
18/10/2023, By Natalie W
This as well as other Nu-Eco products have found their way into my home and I am feeling like an eco-warrior and oh, so happy with the results.
12/10/2023, By Christine
Fantastic effective product
12/10/2023, By Aletheia
Smells good, foams up well. All round great product was recommended by a friend. Happy with it
07/10/2023, By Carol
Excellent product. Cleans really really well!
22/09/2023, By Liz
love the product, my hands stay soft when using it and don;'t get rough and sore like they do with other dish washing products
15/09/2023, By Yolanda
I love this product. Washes well. And no overwhelming smell like Sunlight Liquid, which I hate.
14/08/2023, By Sandy
This is my 'go to' product and I buy it regularly because it works well.
06/08/2023, By Marie
It works really well, and my sensitive hands has no problem with this dishwashing soap. I've been using it for years now.

06/08/2023, By Beverley
I love the fresh smell of this. Definitely a favorite
28/07/2023, By Sarah
This is great for washing the dishes. Does the job and doesn't make hands smell bad or weird.
28/07/2023, By Charlotte
Smells lemony fresh and cleans well.
30/05/2023, By Taryn
Effective, smells great, and gentle for the planet: win-win
25/04/2023, By Sandy
Great product which is always on repeat order. Works well!
12/04/2023, By Cand
Love this product. Does the job. Lovely scent. Not runny. My hands don't feel dry after.
12/04/2023, By Ruth
Priced in line with some of high ticket supermarket products, this gives you better cleaning power with a lovely fresh smell. Value you for money plus friendly to the environment - what more can you ask.
12/02/2023, By Shan
I have to use a lot of product.
30/01/2023, By Lauren
Great product and cleans dishes well
16/01/2023, By Sandy
Works well and is economical to buy.
16/11/2022, By Sandy
Consistently good quality product.
18/09/2022, By Ashleigh
This is a marvelous dish liquid. It is reasonably priced for a natural product, it smells wonderful, and you don't need to use too much for a good lather. Try it!
08/09/2022, By Susie
Does the job while protecting the environment, my hands, and smells great. A little on the pricey side
29/08/2022, By Sue
The smell is nice and it cleans well, Economical if you use sparingly.
16/08/2022, By Sandy
I only buy this dish washing liquid. It is excellent.
15/08/2022, By pitic3d
It has a pleasant scent and cleans very well.
26/07/2022, By Annette
I've been ordering this product over and over again for more than a year already.
it's eco-friendly, great value for money and love the smell.
06/06/2022, By Sandy
Washes well, economical purchase.
01/04/2022, By Noeks
Love this citrus smell. It cleans well, is gentle on hands, its eco-friendly. Great product!
24/01/2022, By Christine
Great product gentle on the hands, cleans very well and good price it ticks all the boxes !
18/01/2022, By Gill
Cleans dishes well. Lovely smell. Gentle on skin. A larger size would be good.
13/12/2021, By Roux
Lovey quality cleans super well.
13/11/2021, By Zelswa
I'm already on my second bottle. It's gentle on the hands and the scent is amazing. Also cleanse the dishes really well.
05/11/2021, By Sandy
I repeat order this product. It is good and economically priced.
11/10/2021, By Sandy
A good product which washes and foams well.
27/09/2021, By Mixi
Works amazing with my sensitive hands and love the lemony smell.
14/09/2021, By Judith
Effective product
01/09/2021, By Lisa
love the smell and consistency, cleans well
31/08/2021, By Sandy
This is my first time using this product. It is more economical to buy and washes the dishes well.
19/08/2021, By Roux
I have very sensitive skin, can't use anything with heavy chemicals. Luckily this is all-natural and works wonderfully.
07/07/2021, By Yumna
This is my 2nd purchase, happy with this product. Has a thick consistency which last me about 2 months.
24/06/2021, By FerrisBueller
Cleans most dishes well and smells good too. I love that it is eco friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals. My only complaint would be that it doesn't last as long as some of the other brands.
16/06/2021, By Sandy
I prefer this dish liquid to the Earth Sap as it is thicker & is more economical. It doesn't just run out. Love the fragrance as well. Great product.
07/06/2021, By Jane
Happy with this dish wash. Does the job and is eco friendly
25/05/2021, By Liana
My favourite eco-friendly diswashing liquid! The smell is great and it cleans well.
16/05/2021, By B
Great product, works well and good to know it’s safe for septic tanks.
07/05/2021, By Yumna
It lathers well, makes my dishes squeaky clean and it's all natural!
06/05/2021, By Anelda
The product works well, but the smell is nauseating, that's just my personal opinion.
04/05/2021, By marlene
Gentle on my hands but tough on dishes
03/05/2021, By Jo
Out of all the dishwashing liquids that I've tried, this one is by far the best. Gentle on my skin, but cleans well.
01/04/2021, By Caroline
Lathers well and is gentle on my sensitive skin
26/03/2021, By Steph
Fab, lathers well.
16/03/2021, By Kylie
I'm so glad I tried this. The other dishwashing brands make my hands feel gross, but Nu-Eco dishwashing liquid doesn't do that and it makes my hands feel clean after washing dishes. The smell is nice and clean and it really cleans the dishes well. This is definately my new dishwashing liquid favourite!
24/02/2021, By Kay
I’m never going back to other commercial brands
07/02/2021, By Marie
Very good product, it works really well. And I don't have to wear rubber gloves anymore.
04/02/2021, By Sandy
Brilliant product!
03/02/2021, By Tracy
great product. works well
03/02/2021, By sherele
Was very disappointed with the previous eco dish liquids I've used. This one actually works and it's very gentle on my hands. Will definitely buy again.
03/02/2021, By Charne
Such a great product, gentle on my skin and dishes come out extra sparkly
31/01/2021, By Reeds
Works really well, even on oily dishes. Absolutely love the smell. I like that it has that soapy/foamy feel you expect from dishwashing liquid.
15/01/2021, By Jenny
One of my favourites. I also like the So Pure dishwashing liquid.
12/01/2021, By Steph
Love it love it love it! Cleans well and soft on hands!
04/01/2021, By glendyr
Love it easy on the hands and does the job without harmful soaps and chemicals..
29/12/2020, By Beth
I tried a few other natural dish washing liquids and have come straight back to Nu-Eco. The most effective brand I have tried.
20/12/2020, By K
Decent amount of foam
14/11/2020, By Naledi
13/11/2020, By Naledi
11/11/2020, By Wendy
Foamed perfectly and smells great.
27/10/2020, By Aaminah
Fantastic product
26/10/2020, By Leeanne
25/10/2020, By Mien
Leaves dishes sparkling
22/10/2020, By Sarah
I recommend this product to all my friends.
Absolutely the best. Cuts the grease and yet gentle on your hands no nasty chemicals.
15/10/2020, By Romy
Really like thiamin product, it’s soft on my hands whilst thoroughly cleaning the dishes. It smells fresh and lovely. Will definitely buy it again.
08/10/2020, By Tanya
Love all Nu-Eco products. This dishwashing liquid cuts through grease easily and has a nice smell.
02/10/2020, By Deborah
I can't rave enough about this cleaning liquid. Not only does it smell divine, it lasts forever. It is very thick so I dilute it half and half with water. It cuts through tough grease and grime. Don't use it like the conventional commercial brands and pour it into the sink. Douse your cleaning sponge and clean your dirty items and then rinse. This is my second time buying it and I doubt I will change brands.
24/09/2020, By Sandy
Foams well and washes well!
20/09/2020, By Susan
Love this dishwashing liquid. Smells great and cleans well. Have been using it for a while now and will continue using it.
10/09/2020, By Daria
Smells great works great
22/08/2020, By Teresa
Love the smell and cleans well.
20/08/2020, By Heather
Always love using this product. Love the scent, cleans effectively.
20/08/2020, By Candice
Leaves dishes fresh and shiny.
16/08/2020, By Kim
I like this a lot. Love that it’s natural, smells good and cleans well. It’s also affordable. You do require quite a bit for foam but this is quite normal for natural products as they don’t have sulphates
05/08/2020, By Joy
Lovely fragrance but didn't cut grease as much as I hoped. Overall a decent product though.
29/07/2020, By Ocean
Lovely smell
21/07/2020, By Annette
Have tried various dish-washing liquid from FTN and I think this one is the best!
17/07/2020, By Ambrosa
06/07/2020, By Deborah
This is a lovely product, highly recommend it. It has a wonderful clean lemongrass fragrance, soaps well and cleans well, even through the toughest grease. Will buy again.
03/07/2020, By Anel
Compared to other natural dish washing liquids I bought/used in the past, this one foams really well, without having to add a lot; will definitely order it again.
23/06/2020, By Rina
I am very happy with this product ! not only eco friendly but efficient!
22/06/2020, By Liesl
This dish washing liquid foams really well compared to other natural products and smells amazing! Will definitely order this again.
17/06/2020, By Penny
I have been using this product for a few months and absolutely love it. It does a good cleaning job, foams well, and has a pleasant smell. I won't use any other dish washing liquid again.
09/06/2020, By Goodness
Leaves a wonderful fragrance
08/06/2020, By Emily
Cleans well, smells delicious and its eco friendly!
08/06/2020, By M
Works well and is gentle on the hands.
30/05/2020, By Rosalee
Works really well and is kind to the environment and my hands. Won’t ever buy anything else.
28/05/2020, By Rock
Was trying it out. Very foamy and no itchy hands
22/05/2020, By Brooke
Works great!! not as many bubbles as sunlight for example but that doesn't mean its not getting just as clean. love using this and knowing that the ingredients are clean
22/05/2020, By Ness
Love this. It works so well, foams up, cleans nicely and is kind to my hands. The citrus smell is also amazing.
21/05/2020, By Brenda
Love this product! Great smell, also use it to wash my fruits and veggies. Highly recommend.
18/05/2020, By John
08/05/2020, By Real
With this liquid a little goes a long way
08/05/2020, By Kyle
I like it
28/04/2020, By Happy
Nice and neat
27/04/2020, By Candy
26/04/2020, By Chonky_Raccoon
I love how safe this is for my skin. Works perfectly well by being squeezed onto the sponge instead of trying to disperse it through water only.
15/04/2020, By Jarel
works well
13/04/2020, By VanessaL
Great smell, works just like any shop detergent, even better.
07/04/2020, By Luane
Always happy with ALL Nu Eco cleaning products. Value for money and good quality.
04/04/2020, By Blue
Lovely dishwashing liquid
31/03/2020, By Winner
Nice and soapy
31/03/2020, By Kasia
Delightful citrus fragrance and does an excellent job of cleaning dishes. Decent price for the quality and quantity.
19/03/2020, By Veganshmegan
Really good foamy dish washing of nasties
04/03/2020, By Chonky_Raccoon
I put it directly onto the sponge when washing dishes so that it foams more than putting it into the water instead. Grateful for a gentle product that works well.
26/02/2020, By Heather
Love the smell of the product and it is effective. My domestic worker has says she prefers the regular brands. I will continue to buy it.
23/02/2020, By Nikki B
Reviews got me very excited, with claims that it is as good as Sunlight. Sadly this is not true in my opinion. But having tried many other eco brands of dishwashing liquid, this is definitely the best and for that reason I would buy it again
21/02/2020, By Eco
21/02/2020, By Samantha
Works very well, smells nice and gets out the tough grease and marks! Is the best eco friendly dishwashing liquid I have used so far! Definitely buying more and in bulk next time!
18/02/2020, By Karen
Cleans really well and the fragrance is great as well.
Just need to get used to the lesser amount of bubbles.
03/02/2020, By Cecilia
Cleans well, Love the fragrance
03/02/2020, By Cecilia
Cleans well, Love the fragrance
30/01/2020, By Jennifer
Effective, fresh smelling and it goes far. It doesn't make the same bubbly foam like Sunlight would but it cleans everything perfectly. The scent is lovely and naturally fresh and one bottle lasts a long time.
18/01/2020, By esma
Cleanse well. I love the smell.
15/01/2020, By Lara
It’s the best of the best. I did a fairy test and it’s the same. Removes grease so easily.... my hands smell fantastic and no chemicals. My hands no longer peel
14/01/2020, By Support
Job done
13/01/2020, By Mandi
I like this product, especially since it's safe to use. It smells nice although doesn't bubble as much as other detergents I've tried. But it cleans well.
19/12/2019, By kandis
16/12/2019, By Sonskyn
This is the ABSOLUTE BEST dishwashing liquid I have ever used and will continue to use forever. Bought this product 4 times already and still loving it! It removes dirt and grease just like Sunlight Liquid and smells just like lemongrass or zesty orange peel. So natural! Would DEFINITELY recommend!
11/12/2019, By Gretch
Lovely smell. Works well. Would recommend
18/11/2019, By Riana
It works well, but I find that (comparing it with regular "unhealthy" dish-washing liquid) I need quite a bit more to have the same effect. Compared to the DIY recipes I already tried (using safe ingredients only), it's nice to have some foam, since the homemade ones have no bubbles (perhaps a psychological thing, but I like the foam). And it's good to know that it's safe, and it feels good on my hands.
13/11/2019, By nathalie
Does its job. Plus you get the bonus of the smell whilst doing the chores.
11/11/2019, By Lily
Love this product, smells great and works really well, i am glad i found it and will definitely order again!
11/11/2019, By Mandi
Really nice product. Cleans well, smells nice. Great price for a safe product. Would recommend.
08/11/2019, By Lara
I like the smell and it doesn’t leave grease behind
08/11/2019, By Heather
Happy with this product and find it is effective in cleaning greasy dishes etc unlike some other brands. It also has a pleasant smell.
08/11/2019, By Natalie
I love the smell of this product and the container is also very robust. It cleans as well as any regular liquid.
05/11/2019, By Chelle
It does clean the dishes beautifully. Foamy soap lasts all day too.
Removes all odours and cleans without much hassle.
Far superior to the sunlight dishwashing liquid which has become watered down over the years.
04/11/2019, By Fran
It is a good product. Different from the ones in the shops, but if I keep in mind that it is better for my skin and for the environment, it is definitely recommendable.
01/11/2019, By CLARA
Love this dishwasher. Gentle on the hands, economical and great fragrance
29/10/2019, By D
Smells great and is gentle however don't expect the same results as conventional diswashing liquids.
29/10/2019, By Joelene
Great dishwashing liquid! USed it first and ended up buying another brand from checkers, Simply Truth - but that didn't even foam up and so got finished real quick! Won't be trying out any other eco dishwashing liquid again.
25/10/2019, By Vaw001
Soap residue requires a bit more water to wash away. But otherwise I'm quite impressed. Cleans well, foams well, great smell.
25/10/2019, By Cez
Love this product, recommended to me by a friend who has been using it for years. Smells amazing and cleans great. Found that swishing water whilst it’s running helps create lots of bubbles which last. Runnier than conventional dishwashing detergents so need to make sure don’t squeeze the bottle too hard when putting into sink
25/10/2019, By Pierre
Very good, cleans nicely, but if too greasy use very warm water
19/10/2019, By Tania
The only dishwashing liquid I use and have done for years. Smells divine and foams beautifully.
16/10/2019, By Sarah
Great for washing dishes. Smells good and not like chemicals you find in other dishwashing liquid.
15/10/2019, By Martell
Me new favourite! Love this product.
08/10/2019, By Abigail
I have tried a few and found that this one works well. I have even used it in our dishwasher when I have run out of dishwasher powder and it did the job. Value for money. I would also like to see a 5L option.
17/09/2019, By Joy
Works really well
11/09/2019, By Nelia
really like this product
07/09/2019, By Sandy
Brilliant product - safe and easy to use and it washes well!
31/08/2019, By Anneen
I love this stuff. Best natural dishwashing liquid I have used. Foams really well and dishes are clean and no residue
03/08/2019, By Vanessa
Great price for a great product
27/07/2019, By John-Paul Johnson
16/07/2019, By Sherissa
Please source this in a larger qty from the supplier e.g. 5 Litres - to save on plastic bottles. We'd like to order a bulk qty. Thanks!
15/07/2019, By Jason
Lots of good reviews here
10/07/2019, By Hlengiwe
She is 16 and looks forward to washing dishes with this one!
07/07/2019, By Sunelle
Nice product. Smell nicely. Will buy again.
05/07/2019, By Linda
Yasss!!! Best product ever, the foam and great smell.
05/07/2019, By Hanlie
Works well for me
01/07/2019, By Cris
Definitely one of the best natural dishwashing liquids I've used. Smells great, gets the job done, and only requires a small amount. Great at degreasing too.
24/06/2019, By Amiena
I've been using Nu-Eco Dishwashing liquid for a while, it does not dry out my hands and smells fresh too. It's worth it because a little goes a long way.
08/06/2019, By Elizabeth
Smells good, not watery and dishes are clean. Well worth it.
01/06/2019, By newgirlharper1
Excellent product. Does its job.
01/06/2019, By Daniela
Does not foam very well. I didn't find that it cleaned well.
31/05/2019, By Elmi
This is definitely my favorite dishwashing soaps. I’ve been using it for a while and will never buy another.
19/05/2019, By cherryl
not sure why everyone is raving about this product, it has no cleaning power unless you want sparkling glass only, cannot wash my pots and does not get the grunge off my cutlery, does not foam at all and one needs to use a ton load if one wants anything clean, very disappointed in this product and I am finding the sentiments expressed to be totally opposite to my experience.
19/05/2019, By cherryl
not sure why everyone is raving about this product, it has no cleaning power unless you want sparkling glass only, cannot wash my pots and does not get the grunge off my cutlery, does not foam at all and one needs to use a ton load if one wants anything clean, very disappointed in this product and I am finding the sentiments expressed to be totally opposite to my experience.
11/05/2019, By Jordana
This dishwashing liquid works well for sensitive skin as well as suds up well. It also cleans my dishes well. Win win.
26/04/2019, By Caro
Best dishwashing liquid I have ever tried and its earth friendly. My hands used to peel after washing the dishes and they don't anymore
25/04/2019, By Tracey
I am exceptionally happy with this dishwashing liquid
08/04/2019, By Tania
After trying lots of different brands, I found Nu Eco and looked no further. It smells great, foams beautifully and washes perfectly every time. Its the only brand I use and have done for years.
22/03/2019, By Natalie
Foams nicely and smells lovely. However I found that it doesn't tackle greasy dishes very well.
21/03/2019, By Aoife
One of the best natural dishwashing liquids. Foams well and cleans all stains. Most of them hardly foam at all and you have to use lots
20/03/2019, By Keen
Works very well, nice smell and doesn't give me eczema! I would highly recommend as better than the shop bought versions.
04/03/2019, By Ayesha
Bought this based on the reviews. I am not disappointed at all! it foams well, is thick and smells pleasant, definitely does the job. It is very gentle on my hands, ordinary dish soap dries my skin and irritates my eczema, this does not at all- i washed ALL my dishware this weekend before packing into cupboards as we moved and I did not have to use much liquid or changed the water too much.
20/02/2019, By Chene
I really love this product it! it does smell amazing even if you use a small amount works well with the dishes
18/02/2019, By Kim
I love this product. One of the best on the market. PLEASE make in a bulk supply bottle so that we can save on having to buy 750ml plastic bottles.
13/02/2019, By Kimi
Great product!
07/02/2019, By Danielle
I am really so impressed with this dishwashing liquid. It degreases BETTER than shop bought products.
03/02/2019, By Janine
This is by far the best and most affordable dish washing liquid. It lasts for such a long time and foams, cleans and smells wonderful. My only wish is that it came in a 5l so we didn't have to use so much plastic.
29/01/2019, By Sandy
Washes well, I am a repeat customer. It foams and washes well.
16/01/2019, By David
Proper thick juicy goodness, not weak and runny.
31/12/2018, By CRS
My skin is very sensitive to dishwashing liquids, but this product does not affect my skin. I also like that it is lightly fragranced - sometimes a product can have too much of a citrus smell, but this one is subtle.
31/12/2018, By Jackie
Very happy, first time using natural dishwasher liquid and very impressed. Nice smell.
28/12/2018, By Lauren
Cuts through grease and muck easily, foams better than most eco friendly dishwashing liquid and smells lovely
22/12/2018, By liisi
We like it, has a nice citrus smell.
12/12/2018, By Lucy
Works really well too. Very pleased
01/12/2018, By Elmi
I’ve tried a few different eco dishwashing product but this one is my favorite.
25/11/2018, By Sandy
This product does the job! Highly recommended!
24/11/2018, By Nix
Greatx product. Lasts long and cleans effectively. Smells nice too. Also not tested on animals! Definitely won’t go back to using mass produced commercial dishwashing liquids.
19/11/2018, By Nikki
I really like this product
18/11/2018, By Lisa
Everyone comments on how great my dishwashing liquid smells! It works well and I love knowing that my dishes are being washes with safe ingredients.
17/11/2018, By Zuleika
Works effectively and smells nice.
16/11/2018, By Mia
Smells great and works well. I really like the new cap, makes the product much easier to use.
12/11/2018, By Telsa
This is definitely my favourite dishwashing liquid. It smells divine, foams nicely and cleans really well. It is also very reasonably priced in comparison to some of the other, less effective, dishwashing liquids available.
29/10/2018, By Leonie
The only dishwashing liquid I use
Does what it claims to do
Love the smell
25/10/2018, By Glen
Recieved this as a sample
10/10/2018, By Sandy
This dish washing liquid works well; it foams and cleans the dishes well and it is a little bit cheaper than the previous natural cleaner that I was using. I will certainly order this product again.
05/10/2018, By Telsa
This is by far my favourite green dishwashing liquid. Cleans well, smells lovely, price is good ... love it.
27/09/2018, By MK
I've been making the transition towards only using earth friendly products in my household. I have a 5 month old baby, which means I am washing baby bottles at least once a day. My trusted brand of many years dried my hands out terribly with the regular use (I also have a dishwasher, so the items I usually wash by hand are minimal). This might be a bit more expensive than my old trusted brand, but it doesn't dry my hands out, foams nicely and cleans my baby's bottles just as well. I've been using this for two months and am still on my first bottle, so it last longer as well!
27/09/2018, By Colleen
We love this detergent. It goes a long way, cleans dishes well and is so soft on our skin (in addition to feeling great about its credentials)
25/09/2018, By Caroline Hickson
For years I have washed dishes with gloves because my hands would peel when using ordinary liquid. I am happy to say this does the job and doesn't hurt me or the earth in the process
17/08/2018, By Hazel
I have very sensitive skin in the winter months & this dishwasher is so soft & gentle on my hands
25/07/2018, By WillowWitch777
This is the absolute best natural dishwashing liquid I've EVER used. EVER!!!! It actually makes more foam and lasts longer than the nasty most popular commercial brand (you know which one I'm talking about). It might be a bit more expensive, but I can almost guarantee it's going to last longer. Will never move away from this! I've been converted for life. And the smell.. WOW! ♥
24/07/2018, By TJC
Does a good job
24/07/2018, By Li
This has got a great smell and foams well. Would prefer a pump action rather that pour.
23/07/2018, By Judy little
Lovely smell
Cleans well
A little goes a long wau
21/07/2018, By Silke
It works very well and smells lovely of lemon
20/07/2018, By Tracey
I love this product. It would be perfect if it came in a pump dispenser (its easy to pour in too much) with a refill option.
12/07/2018, By Monique
Great product!
09/07/2018, By Simone
This stuff is great. It foams well, cleans well and smells good and I feel great that I am using a more eco-friendly product
09/07/2018, By Simone
This is one of the few green dishwashing products that actually produces enough foam to clean my dishes and eliminate grease. The smell alone is enough to make washing dishes a pleasant task. This is the only dishwashing liquid that I've been using for the past year.
06/07/2018, By Brooke
Love this stuff! Best I've found. Lasts a long time, cleans well and smells great.
28/06/2018, By Janine
This is the best dish washing liquid for the price! It works really well and smells great too.
17/06/2018, By Samantha Jayne
This dishwash liquid is divine. It smells incredible and works just as well as any commercial product on the shelves. Foams up well and doesn't dry your hands out after use. Love love love and will be buying again and again.
30/05/2018, By Tania
I was looking for a dishwasher soap that can be thrown out with the water over my plants. I am happy with this product. It really smells very good and does it's work. It works best with warm water, but also still washes clean in colder water. I am sticking with this product for my dishes.
30/05/2018, By Janisha
Foams well and the scent is fantastic
25/05/2018, By Kelly
Absolutely delicious smell and works as washing liquid is supposed to work
22/05/2018, By Claire
Love this dish washing liquid! Smells amazing and cleans fantastically. I dilute it in a plunge bottle to 50% strength and its still great!
22/05/2018, By Ashleigh
This stuff smells like heaven, and a little goes a long way!
21/05/2018, By Tracey Joy
19/05/2018, By shirley
This really is the best Dish wash liquid. It goes so far.
17/05/2018, By Nadine
This is such a great product. Works really well and smells great :)
16/05/2018, By Roxy
Excellent product! Cleans well and smells great and is not tested on animals!
14/05/2018, By saamiyah
this product ensures that it is a pleasure going organic. It washes an entire sink of dishes easily and effectively. I am easily converted to an Organic with this product. Awesome.
10/05/2018, By Carla
Cleans really well. Smells great. One of my favorite products discovered on this site.
23/04/2018, By Roxy
Smells realy nice and works well
23/04/2018, By Vanessa
def our go to for dish washing. Effective and great price
10/04/2018, By Else
I love this dishwashing liquid, unlike other biodegradeable, earth-friendly dishwashing liquids this actually cleans well and doesn't stop working after only a few dishes.
09/04/2018, By Kerrin
Am very happy with this product and will continue using it!
04/04/2018, By Martina
Best eco-friendly dishwashing liquid! It cuts through grease easily, easy on hands and skin, smells refreshing and one bottle lasts really long. Best one I've found so far - great product, excellent value for money!
03/04/2018, By Hilary
Love this dishwashing liquid. Smells good and cleans dishes very effectively.
28/03/2018, By Vanessa
It works well, but I do have to run a second sink halfway through a big pile of dishes.
19/03/2018, By Libby
I've been through several bottles of this and I love it. Not sure why some battle with it cutting through oil, maybe they aren't using it with hot water? At least for our big family, it's super effective!
16/03/2018, By Nathalie
This is the best eco friendly dish washing liquid one I have found so far.
12/03/2018, By Louren
I am absolutely addicted to this dishwashing liquid. There are so many benefits, it would be too long to list. It smells amazing and feels so good on my hands and dishes. It does struggle to cut through oil, I won't lie, but nothing some scorching hot water can't help with!
11/03/2018, By Lisa
I am trying switch over all my household cleaning products to eco-friendly ones, but I am not sold by this product. It struggles to cut through oiliness, and takes a lot more than conventional products to get through the dishes. Going to have to try another brand.
09/03/2018, By Ace
Produce enough foam. easy on hands and healthy too. Smells clean.
08/03/2018, By Jeannie
Amazing smell - I look forward to washing the dishes now! (Well, almost, haha). Doesn't dry my hands. Wish it would foam a little more.
06/03/2018, By SunStar
Kind on the hands, smells great and cleans dishes easily.
28/02/2018, By Leonie
Need very little to do the job
27/02/2018, By Alison
The best natural dishwashing liquid - fresh smell, a little goes a long way and kind to hands too ...
21/02/2018, By Jessica
This is the winner of a number of dishwashing liquids I have tried. It has a great amount of foam, cleans really well and smells amazing! Love it!
19/02/2018, By Hanlie
So kind on my hands!
19/02/2018, By Hanlie
Highly recommend!
19/02/2018, By Hanlie
I never use any other dishwashing liquid!
18/02/2018, By Paige
I have tried a number of the different dish washing detergents but since coming across this one, I have re-ordered just about every month --cleans well, smells lovely and is very easy on the skin - added bonus for me - it isn't poisoning the environment when it goes down the drain
13/02/2018, By fishyfairy
I have bought several bottles of this and recently bought the entire range to try. The smell is great, there are enough bubbles that I feel like things are getting cleaned and my plants don't die when I put the dishwater on them.
09/02/2018, By Lauren
Smells great, really easy on skin.
07/02/2018, By Taryn
Works really well, foams more than other dishwashing liquids I use and I only use a small quantity at a time
07/02/2018, By Livia
I'm always looking for products which are natural and cruelty-free, but it must do its job properly. This product is definitely one of them! A clean, fresh smell and it washes away all the oil and fat, even in colder water. Love it!
02/02/2018, By Michelle
So happy that I found a dish washing liquid that is easy on the environment, my hands and my wallet! Cleans really well. I'll definitely using from now on.
01/02/2018, By Hanelle
I love this dishwashing liquid!! It creates a generous amount of foam (in the past I have found that some eco friendly liquids create little to no foam), and it smells lovely as well. Now I know that my dishes are squeaky clean and that the remaining water is safe to use as grey water.
30/01/2018, By SunStar
Effective, smells fresh & clean & is gentle on my hands & the environment. Just wish we could buy the 5L container available elsewhere.
27/01/2018, By Ashleigh
Lovely scent. Makes washing the dishes quite enjoyable.
26/01/2018, By Tania
I can highly recommend this product
22/01/2018, By Victoria
Lovely. Gentle on my hands when washing, lovely smell and cleans well. Will buy again.
12/01/2018, By Jena
I am pleased with this product, it works well, is reasonably priced and it does not irritate my skin, certain products give me eczema on my hands.
09/01/2018, By shirley
This has to be the best enviro friendly washing liquid I have tried.
I don't like wearing gloves, and my hands are fine after using this product.
08/01/2018, By Sarah
Excellent product....the best i have used so far.
I wipe my greasy pan with a little liquid and it just cuts the grease. Then i add water to continue the wash. So no need to buy a degreaser as well. Very economical
05/01/2018, By Gail
The best dishwashing liquid I've ever used so and squeaky clean dishes.
03/01/2018, By Sue
Definitely my new preferred dish washing liquid. Just wish the bottle was see through so that I could more accurately assess when to order my next one.
30/12/2017, By CariM
Super effective - just a little goes a long way! Smells gorgeous, foams like mad and kind to my hands. What's not to love?
29/12/2017, By Katlego
Good product. It doesn't dry out my hands or leave them flaking, which is great. My hands peel a lot with the usual big supermarket brands. Has an authentic citrus smell. But doesn't last long, or foam as much as I'd like. Will try others before I buy it again.
19/12/2017, By Aj
Great and best value for money. Lasts long.
05/12/2017, By Tandy
Smells great and works well. Good value for money
21/11/2017, By Janneke
Makes dishwashing a pleasure.... washing just to smell the citrus aroma!
20/11/2017, By Jane
Very happy with this product. Light lemon aroma and bubbles, cleans perfectly. Helps save water as non-toxic and I don't need to rinse as much.
20/11/2017, By Fishyfairy
Brilliant product. Makes bubbles but not too many, cleans wonderfully and smells great!
19/11/2017, By C
Received a sample and I think it's a good alternative.
14/11/2017, By Melanie
I life saver! Not having a dishwasher you have to wash with your hands! And this really helps me!
13/11/2017, By Marceau
So I find that Nu-Eco Dishwashing Liquid is better than I expected. Being natural I was a bit concerned that this product wouldn't do the same as Sunlight liquid, but wow!!!!!! Also gentle on the hands, which I love, and totally safe. I don't need to worry about chemical residue on my dishes. Love Nu-Eco!
30/10/2017, By llika
Smells great, lasts long, safe for everyone. Could've come in sustainable packaging (read biodegradable bottle) perhaps?
24/10/2017, By Anon
Really does not cut through grease. Does not last long. Does not foam well. Need to ise al lot to get the dishes clean.
24/10/2017, By Hanlie
Never use any other dishwashing liquid
20/10/2017, By Hanlie
The only dishwashing liquid for me!
19/10/2017, By Helen
This dishwashing liquid is really good. As good as sunlight but better because it has no harmful chemicals. My glasses are clean and streak free.
13/10/2017, By Zelda
It works well with hot water. I am still trying out a few different brands but this is definitely one that will stay on the list. It lasted my family of 4 for 2 months.
12/10/2017, By moira
Smells gorgeous and cleans like a dream without all the nasties!!
03/10/2017, By Presha
Best laundry gel I've used and is the first one that doesn't cause my skin to dry up
02/10/2017, By Hanlie
So kind to your hands!
01/10/2017, By Clova
Fantastic dishwashing liquid. I just wish the brand would bring out dishwashing tablets too for the machine....please!
29/09/2017, By SunStar
Soft on the hands, cleans really well and a lovely scent all in one bottle. But I agree with the review that says it doesn't go quite as far as some of the other products.
27/09/2017, By Alta
Fresh citrus scent, a powerful cleaner and yet gentle on the hands.
24/09/2017, By Ryder
Good , but doesn't go that far
23/09/2017, By Rhett
very good product!
22/09/2017, By Nettie
This product is a really nice replacement for ordinary dishwashing liquid that you buy in store with all the chemicals in it. And is so soft on you hands! No need for hand lotion afterwards. I can really recommend it!
17/09/2017, By Beatrice
Great product
14/09/2017, By Nataliya
Highly recommend this product! Smells amazing I just can't get enough of it, made my whole kitchen smell fresh and washes off your dishes way easier than sunlight liquid! Plus it fights grease better than sunlight! Also, one bottle lasted me for over than 5 months.
11/09/2017, By Hanlie
My favorite diswashing liquid!!
11/09/2017, By Marika
I love it! It has an amazing scent and works so well! Not harsh on hands.
10/09/2017, By Karin
Works really well - perfect alternative to the conventional products
09/09/2017, By Alet-Marie
Absolutely Love the smell & knowing I give my family the healthier option
28/08/2017, By Leo
I love this product! Everything that I expect from a dishwashing liquid!
28/08/2017, By Ruth
This dishwashing liquid foams well, cleans well and smells nice and fresh. It is also nice and thick and not runny, which means that I don't end up squirting half a bottle into the dishwater every time. A little goes a long way and it is worth every cent.
15/08/2017, By Kaeli
Although I know that (despite what Sunlight aould have us believe), foam does not equal cleaning power, Nu-Eco produces enough foam to satisfy those of us who were raised thinking that it had to be sudsy to work.
Smells nice and neutral, lasts long enough (we always have two spares under ther sink anyway) and has cleaned anything we have thrown at it.
10/08/2017, By R.Kirsten
Really great product. Nice soapiness and cleans really well but didn't seem to last very long.
08/08/2017, By Lauren
Absolutely love this! Smells amazing, foams and cleans well, and is well priced. Will definitely be ordering it again!
01/08/2017, By Jenny
Best organic dishwashing liquid; especially since we don't rinse our dishes. Has a lovely smell too.
01/08/2017, By Linda
The dangers of sodium laurel sulfate alone is the reason to keep buying this. Does the job, great smell.
30/07/2017, By Tracy
This is a really fantastic product. I use much less than some of the other products Ive tried and its much cheaper too. Really happy to have discovered this!
27/07/2017, By Alweri
Great smell, cleans the dishes and is kind to your skin.
25/07/2017, By Kat
Love this, been using it for a year now. I would love to beable to buy it in bulk to avoid the use of the heavy plastic.
24/07/2017, By Melanie Coetzee
I love using this dish-washing liquid, it is value for money and it truly gentle on my hands! I know there are others, but this is the most affordable one.
18/07/2017, By Shandee
So happy with this product, works really well, gentle on hands, and works well on baby's bottles. Good value for money.
17/07/2017, By Janneke
Love this product
14/07/2017, By Tara
Used this dishwasher once and will not be using it again. The liquid does not foam very well and it is useless and cleaning greasy dishes, pots and pans.
13/07/2017, By Nathalie
Its a great product, I have been using it for a few months now.
12/07/2017, By Megan-lee
I was so surprised by this product. I have been buying the more expensive dishwashing liquids on FTN, to my surprise my friend had this dishwashing liquid and I gave it a try, it works just as great!
10/07/2017, By Sarah
I can't fault this product. It works very well, cuts through grease, is nice and thick. A little goes a long way!
09/07/2017, By Elsabe
Love the smell. Cuts through grease. My domestic loves it because it's gentle on her hands
09/07/2017, By Elsabe
Smells great. Cuts through grease. My domestic loves it on her hands
07/07/2017, By Mignon
This is a lovely lightly scented dishwashing liquid. I use a diluted mixture so it also lasts for ages.
02/07/2017, By Lauren
Cleans dishes well. No more itchy hands.
29/06/2017, By Candice
Love this product. Best value, goes a long way, foams very well and cleans dishes (even greasy ones) with no problems. Works as well as 'conventional' products but I know it's safer for us and the earth.
29/06/2017, By Leonora
I love the dishwashing liquid - it does the job and has a fantastic fragrance, and no residue! Shiny dishes!
23/06/2017, By Rizqa
cleans thoroughly, economical, smells great, dishes are sparkling
16/06/2017, By KS
Works well, and so much better than conventional products.
12/06/2017, By Christine
I don't think any natural product will ever foam as nicely as Sunlight - but this product does foam better than the EarthSap I have used before. It cleans nicely when used in hot water. I do have to rinse all the dishes at night before leaving it in the sink to be washed the next morning, as the soap is not strong enough to wipe through grease like Sunlight. But it is a very good natural product which I will definitely use again.
12/06/2017, By Elijah
It smells nice, foams quite well, as long as you add it to running water, but its grease cutting power is average and could be better.
06/06/2017, By Kaeyla
The best of all the green dish liquids I've tried. Definitely worth it.
05/06/2017, By Nicki
This is good value for money. Lovely scent and foams well. Highly recommend it
05/06/2017, By Niki
I have been using this product for a few months now and it works well, cleans dishes nicely and lasts
01/06/2017, By Nicola
This is the best Dishwashing Liquid I have tried, I use it to wash my little ones bottles, it foams a lot and a little goes a long way! Will def add this to my favourites list.
26/05/2017, By Karla
Smells lovely, cleans well and is economical. I will buy it again and again!
25/05/2017, By Jenna
Great consistency and smell, does the job, lasts long.
25/05/2017, By Jenna
Great consistency and smell, does the job, lasts long.
24/05/2017, By Kim
This stuff goes a long way. It's safe to use the water in our veg garden and it cleans the dishes well. And the price is right
24/05/2017, By Candice
Very cost-effective and removes all grease etc. One of the best green dishwashing liquids I've ever used. Now a firm favourite.
04/04/2017, By Jenna
While slightly watery in consistency, this foaming washing liquid is cost effective and works like a charm.
26/02/2017, By Karmen Nadine
Ive been using this product for almost a year now, it is effective and has a lovely scent! Absolutely love it!
11/01/2017, By Shari
Won buy again and a bit disappointed with this product as it did not foam for me and i had to use a lot of it to get any results.
19/12/2016, By Marguerite
Beste skottelgoed seep ooit!
17/12/2016, By Colin
This product seems to foam just as good as sunlight liquid...
15/12/2016, By Allison
Definitely the best green dishwashing liquid I have used, and I have used many. Compares well with sunlight only thing missing is the foam, which is to be expected.
28/11/2016, By Lynda
Have tried others but this is my favorite dish washing liquid.
18/10/2016, By Jeane
Works great, it smells lovely and does the job. I only find that I have to use a lot when it comes to greasy items, so it does
t last long, but the price is great.
10/10/2016, By Morgan
Nice product - cleans well. Have used with good success to remove soap scum from glass shower doors!!
07/10/2016, By Judith
Im always wary of the effecacy of the healthy option...conscience vs effectiveness of the cleaning products. This one does foam, but I do need to add more
14/09/2016, By Melissareid
This is the best natural dishwashing liquid Ive tried...great smell too!
13/09/2016, By Avril
Great product, great long lasting foam and does a great job
26/08/2016, By Nicole
Love the smell of this! Don love how much I have to use to get a good foam.
19/08/2016, By Michelle
Hands down this is the best eco-friendly dishwashing liquid that I have bought to date. Just added it to my shopping list.
15/08/2016, By Margot
Love this! Smells great and makes bubbles!
11/08/2016, By Correne
The product has a fresh, clean smell, the liquid is thick and it forms nice soapy bubbles if you pour it in while the hot tap is running. Leaves dishes looking and feeling clean and sparkling!
29/06/2016, By LIZELL
Sparkling clean glassware , nice thick consistency, smells great, lathers well - very nice and soapy - just pour while the water is running and shake up big foam .
28/06/2016, By Erica
This is a nice product, but it doesn soap well so you need to add a lot more product than you would normally - which makes it a little bit on the pricey side.
However,I would still prefer to use it than Sunlight liquid, which is the only chemical product that soaps well in any case :)
27/06/2016, By Magda
Absolutely love the fact that the water can go straight onto the garden! Love the colour, the consistency and the fact that it foams well. The added bonus for me - it leaves no streaks on my floor, which sunlight liquid used to do. I am sold!!
21/06/2016, By Kaeyla
Ive tried a few and now have happily settled on this product. Very happy with it.
21/06/2016, By kate
Ive tried a lot of natural dish wash liquids and was impressed by this one - it works very well and smells clean and fresh!
25/05/2016, By Tiahnah-Leigh
I really enjoy this product. Nice smell and foamy
20/05/2016, By Teev
Smells great, cleans well, can use it in my grey water system and it gentle on my hands. It is also not runny so it doesn get used up too fast.
28/04/2016, By Cristina
My search is over, i have FINALLY found the dishwashing liquid that i can live with! It smells absolutely divine and it works wonders with the dishes!
Love it!
21/04/2016, By Yaksha
Better earth still my top dish washing liquid
20/04/2016, By Marna
This was a nice surprise for me – lovely scent, very effective and a definite must buy from now on!
20/04/2016, By Tania
After trying a few different brands, my search is over. This smells great, foams beautifully and cleans like a dream. Love it.
15/04/2016, By Tamara
This product is a bit thicker than many other green dishwashing liquid brands and foams really well. It also smells absolutely wonderful and I will definitely be buying it from now on.
My only complaint has nothing to do with the product... I wish that eco suppliers could somehow make their dishwashing products the same green as Sunlight because for some unknown reason, everyone in my household other than me seems to think that if its not green, you need double the amount when washing up (which is not the case with this product). I may just have to mix some green food colouring in ;-)
12/04/2016, By Meeresbriese
This is an excellent dishwashing liquid. It cleans the dishes easily. It makes a soapy lather and has a lovely lemon scent.
03/04/2016, By Claire
Love this dishwashing liquid. It smells amazing and does a great job!
23/03/2016, By Keen
I can use normal dishwashing liquid as it gives me eczema. Ive tried another one and, while it worked, I needed to use a lot of it and it was very rough on my hands. After reading reviews of this products, I decided to try it and Im thrilled with it. It is soft on my hands, cleans so well and, as it is a thick gel, you don need to use a lot at all. I have a Cobb braai and it is so dirty after we have braaied, I always battle to get it clean. This time I tried this dishwasher and it came clean so easily I was amazed. Definitely the best, better than commercially available dishwashers and the best organic one Ive used. I will definitely buy this again.
16/03/2016, By Santie
I adore this dish washing liquid! It is super foamy and works really well. As an added bonus, it smells good enough to eat.
02/02/2016, By Christine
I like my sponge to be foamy...and this dishwashing liquid does just that. Great product!
01/01/2016, By Nicolene
Smells great, does the job perfectly!
10/12/2015, By Marie
This is the first eco-friendly dishwashing liquid that I have truly loved, not just tolerated. Works brilliantly, lathers well and you don need a lot. Price works for me too.
12/11/2015, By Angeline
Great product, now a staple in our green cleaning arsenal..
15/08/2015, By Leigh
Works really well. Nice scent, gentle on hands and gel consistency so you only need to use a little at a time. Will definitely buy it again!

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