Treating cancer is a complex and much debated issue and after weighing up the options there are those who chose chemo and radiation therapy as a way to deal with this life-threatening illness.

Chemotherapy targets cancer cells which divide at a rapid pace and have gotten out of control, but this results in other fast dividing cells in your body also getting the brunt of the chemotherapy chemicals too, causing problems with things like your digestion and causing hair loss.

Radiation therapy uses high energy waves to kill cancer cells and can also lead to side effects such as nausea, fatigue and skin issues, as well as possible longer term effects such as lung or heart problems.

There are natural supports you can use to help your body sustain as little damage as possible while you receive treatment and Faithful to Nature has put together a pack of products to help those who would like some loving support from Mother Nature in their journey…


Good Life MSM Powder 180g, R95

sku3812-good-life-msm-largeThis MSM supplement is ideal for easing pain and inflammation, improving your circulation and even reducing scar tissue. MSM targets cancer cells and opens their ports, allowing chemotherapy to target the cancer cells more efficiently. It also helps protects your body from the damage caused by Chemo and has also been found to decrease the viability of cancer cells.

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Flora Force Carcinoguard 90 vegecaps 350mg

sku7700floraforcecarcinoguard-largeCarcinoguard is based on the original ESSIAC formula, a potent anti-cancer herbal remedy. It’s a powerful support for treatment of tumours, and immunity disorders, protecting your body from radiation exposure and cell damage, cleansing the blood and boosting immunity. It also acts as a tonic for digestive issues. The full potency herbs in the Flora Force ESSIAC formula are anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-microbial and will help your body detox and regenerate.

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BioLife Vitamin C 1000mg


sku5192-biolife-vitamin-c1000mg-largeVitamin C can fight off infection and keep your immune system strong, as your body is weakened and vulnerable when taking chemo, radiation therapy or surgery. You may suffer from mouth or skin sores too and vitamin C is a first line of defense for healthy skin and resisting infection.

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 Raw C Coconut Water 1L, R59,99


sku8117-raw-c-coconut-water-1l-largeCoconut water from young Green coconuts is an excellent blood builder that will help you deal with symptoms and damage from Chemo. It replenishes electrolytes in your blood as well as oxygenating it, while restoring the ANC count, white blood count, hemoglobin and platelets. It’s antimicrobial properties also kill off opportunistic microbes in cancer cells, helping thme to return to normal.

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Natraloe Regenerating Aloe Gel 200ml, R119


sku1299-natraloe-regenerating-aloe-gel-largeAloe vera is an extremely healing and soothing gel that contains special sugars that encourage healthy new skin growth, and are anti-inflammatory. It has the unique ability to penetrate below the epidermis, carrying its naturally moisturising, soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to dehydrated and damaged cells, and has proven to regenerate damage cells 8 times faster than normal! Apply to areas where you may have radiation burns for soothing relief and regeneration.

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sku4133-ALIVE-FRENCH-GREEN-CLAY-BOX-Large-jpgAlive Products French Green Clay 250g, R110

Radiation may target cancer cells but can also burn and damage your skin and leave radiation in your body. French Green clay is an excellent “mopper-up” that clears radiation and toxins from your body, as well as soothing and healing your skin externally. You can take it both internally and use externally as an after-treatment once your radiation and chemotherapy sessions are done.

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Flora Force Dandelion 60 vegecaps 300mg, R97,90


Dandelion is a superb tonic for your liver, gallbladder kidneys, bladder, pancreas, spleen and stomach. It can help you nourish and detox these organs after your course of chemotherapy is over.

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FloraForce Slippery Elm 90 tablets, R160

sku8953-floraforce-slippery-elm-largeSlippery Elm is so soothing for an irritated gut and relieves the painful symptoms of indigestion, heartburn and ulcers. It has a mucous-like consistency that forms a protective coating along your stomach and gut that allows for healing. It contains flavonoids and sesquiterpenes that have an anti-inflammatory effect and tannins that tighten the bowls, helping to lessen diarrhea which could lead to dehydration.

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Health Connection Psyllium Husk 200 vegecaps 500mg, R152

sku2336-health-connection-psyllium-husk-vegicaps-largePsyllium husk capsules contain fibre that can help relieve constipation and promote a regular, healthy colon, supporting you with intestinal disturbances caused by cancer therapies and illness. It can also help alleviate diarrhoea. It’s not absorbed into your bloodstream so should be not interfere with chemotherapy drugs.

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Tulsi Tea Licorice Spice 18 teabags, R65

sku3573-Licorice-Spice-Large-jpgThe emotional and physical stress of going through chemo, radiation or surgery can take its toll on your adrenal glands which play a vital role in regulating stress hormones. When these glands are overstimulated you can either feel very wound up and stressed, or eventually, exhausted. Adaptogens like Tulsi tea and liquorice are ‘intelligent’ plants that know how to balance your stress hormones and help restore your emotional balance and energy levels.

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Natura Rescue Tablets 150 tablets, R131


Rescue Remedy is a wonderful aid as it is such a gentle, subtle and safe way to calm anxiety before treatment. It treats fear, emotional shock, anxiety, grief, sleeplessness, and feelings of desperation (contains lactose).

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FTN Chemo Support Pack, R1219



Faithful to Nature has specially gathered all 11 of the above products in one pack for your convenience.

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With Love, Faithful to Nature