Healthy Winter Pregnancy Tips for Moms to Be

Healthy Winter Pregnancy Tips for Moms to Be

The coziness and comforts of winter make it a really special time to be pregnant, growing and bonding with that beautiful bump that’s soon to be a baby! However there are a few things moms to be should keep in mind during these chilly months, to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy. See our top winter pregnancy tips below:

Stay Active

We know, this is hard to do in winter, even for those of us without a growing bump! But regular exercise is so important for a healthy pregnancy. When it’s not raining, take a walk outdoors and get some fresh air. And because winter means fewer opportunities to get outdoors, it’s a great opportunity to join a prenatal yoga or Pilates class too. You can even exercise right in your own living room, with a prenatal yoga DVD.

Keep Your Immunity Fighting Fit

Include plenty of vitamin C-rich foods in your diet, to fight off colds and ‘flu, while also helping your body to absorb more iron. Raw fruits and veggies are always best, although you can also cook these to make vitamin-rich warming soups. Leafy greens like kale and spinach are great for pregnancy, as they boats a high vitamin C content and a high folate content – folic acid is a must-have for expecting moms.

Bundle Up

Dress for warmth and comfort with a few maternity wardrobe essentials; stretchy jeans or jeggings, a fitted blazer that can be worn unbuttoned, and a good quality maternity winter coat. Extra-long stretchy tees and tank tops are great investments too; they’re affordable, flattering and can be worn under non-maternity sweaters and tops, covering up any exposed areas between the top of your pants and the bottom of your jersey.

Focus on Footwear

Those winter walks are wonderful, but with the ground being wet and slippery you’ll need the right footwear to avoid trips, falls and sprains. Invest in a pair of warm, flat and comfortable boots, with good grip in the soles and good support around the ankles.

The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining healthy bones and strong muscles during pregnancy. A little time in the sunshine is the easiest natural way to get your vitamin D in the summer; but on gloomy winter days it becomes a real challenge. Look for healthy vitamin D food sources like oily fish and eggs, or start taking a natural vitamin D supplement.

Treat Your Feet!

Budget for a regular pedicure during winter; even though your tootsies are going to be hidden under woolly socks and sensible shoes. A thorough pedicure will include a foot and lower leg massage, which is great for the circulation, especially when you’re dealing with that extra fluid retention. Plus that extra bit of pampering will really leave you feeling good.

Moisturise & Hydrate

Your skin tends to be drier in winter, and as it stretches to accommodate the growing baby, you’re more likely to experience itching, irritation and discomfort, especially on your tummy and breasts. Use an all-natural lotion or tummy wax to keep your skin soft and hydrated, without all those nasty chemicals absorbing into your bloodstream. Also be sure to drink plenty of filtered water and caffeine-free tea (like rooibos), to stay hydrated from the inside out.

Keep warm, stay safe and enjoy this magical time!

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