Grounding Superfood Smoothie Bowl

This Grounding Smoothie Bowl was made by Amy van der Merwe of


‘Maca is the ground, a nugget of gold,

A marriage elements awesome behold

Radiant sunlight, earth steady and stable

A body tuned in, strong, responsive and stable’

The Magic of Superfoods – Peter and Beryn Daniel


Maca is an incredible Superfood that is beautifully grounding for our Root Chakra. It is specifically great for women, as a hormonal support, a natural aphrodisiac and it enhances fertility.

Paired with beetroots rich red antioxidants and hibiscus mood improving qualities this is a great one for us women.





  1. Measure out about a cup of warm water and soak your hibiscus flowers in the water while you prep your toppings. I haven’t included the toppings in the ingredients list as you can really add whatever you have – I have added the chia seeds and macadamia butter but you can also add those into the smoothie. Remember that you can have fun with smoothies.
  2. I use an Omniblend V for multiple smoothies and a Nutribullet – both of which I love for different reasons!
  3. Add the bananas – you can use frozen bananas and less water if you would like a more ice cream textured bowl – add in all the superfoods ingredients and blend.
  4. To get the patterns on mine I gradually added ingredients and took some out as the colour changes. So first I did just the bananas, water and superfoods, put some aside, then I added the blueberries, put some aside and then I added the hibiscus water and beetroot juice. You can put the different colours into squeeze bottles and make swirls of colour, then run a tooth pick through the swirls.
  5. I topped mine with dried persimmons, raw beetroot, banana, blueberries, macadamia butter, my hydrated hibiscus flowers and chia seeds. Have fun and play around!!

Grounding smoothie bowl_web1


Grounding smoothie bowl_web2


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