Your winter wonder planning pack

Your Winter Wonder Planning Pack 

As we ring out what’s left of the warm weather, it’s important that we also make preparations for our coldest season of the year. According to weather reports, winter in South Africa will begin on Saturday 20 June, 2020. That gives us just over a month to dust off our coats and woolen blankets – if we haven’t already.

We’ve also outlined some winter essentials I stock up on, just in case you need some reminding on any important items you might’ve forgotten.


You should be eating whole foods regularly, to help your body with the vitamins and minerals that come from organic fruits and vegetables. During flu season, your body will certainly appreciate the extra assistance in maintaining its immunity. This is why taking multivitamins is encouraged.

Activated charcoal is also great for getting rid of any toxins that build up in your body during these months. You can make the tonic from the powder, and some water, to drink on an empty stomach as often as you need to.


Anyone who suffers from chilblains in winter will understand the pressing need for thick clothing. My fingers tend to swell, itch and blister so gloves are always the first thing I purchase (because they seem to go missing every year). Keeping your feet warm is also important, those with poor circulation will know how far a decent sock can go. 

You’ll also want to layer up to keep your body heat at a happy median. Leggings or long johns are a great foundation to load your jeans, sweatpants, coats, jerseys onto. 


Most of us can’t function until we’ve had our first cup of coffee or tea in the morning. In winter, we might need a little more coaxing to get out of bed and into the swing of work.

Making a flask of hot chocolate or chai encourages me throughout the day, you might prefer to fill yours with some java juice. Either way, having a piping cup of your favorite winter beverage is a seasonal essential. We can all agree that it feels like a hug from inside.


The winter chill and dry air can be harsh on the skin. To keep yours soft, supple and moisturised you’re going to have to rethink your skincare routine. Thicker creams, serums and hydrating skin masks need to be added to your winter schedule. 

A tip we picked up: if you’re not using moisturising soap that coats you as you clean yourself, you should pat yourself after your shower and lotion while my body is still damp. This locks the moisture of the shower in under the body cream and keeps your skin absorbing the moisture for longer. 


If you are, or live with someone who gets sick often, you’re going to want to stock up on as many winter essential oils as you can store. Eucalyptus oil is a trusted friend as it has antiviral properties. It also clears your airways of congestion effectively, if you apply it directly to your chest or under your nose with a bit of bio-oil or petroleum jelly.

Cinnamon and ginger are two great oils you can add to your diffuser. Not only do they smell delicious, both clean your air of bacteria; helping ensure any flu virus is stopped dead in its tracks.

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