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African Bliss Shea Butter Soap

African Bliss Shea Butter Soap

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African Bliss Shea Butter Soap
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  • 100g
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This is a gorgeous, creamy soap that will add a little sunshine to your skin care routine. African Bliss soap-makers have created a luscious shea butter bar with a delicious blend of Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass and Rose, to thoroughly nourish dry and thirsty skin.  African Bliss Shea Butter Soap is suitable for all skin types, and especially good for anyone with dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Sure to brighten your day with a little bit of African Bliss.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

Crafted by sustainable, proudly South African soap-makers, this blissful bath-time bar is really something special

  • Mild enough for sensitive skin & babies’ skin
  • Softens the skin & prevents dryness
  • Soothes conditions like eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis
  • Shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E, making it ultra-nourishing
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles & rejuvenates the skin
  • Protects against free radical damage
  • Reduces the appearance of scars
  • Beautifully moisturises the skin without clogging pores

Please Note: Because this is a natural product, the size, weight and colour may vary slightly

The palm oil used in African Bliss soaps is sourced according to RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) standards


1 x 100g soap


100% pure oils of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Oil (sustainable), Sunflower Oil & Olive Oilessential oils: Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass, Rose

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 171 reviews

168 out of 171 people would recommend this product

21/05/2024, By Nicky
love this product...does its job gently, thoroughly and smells delightful without being overpowering
04/03/2024, By Eunice
I recently purchased this natural soap that has exceeded my expectations. Not only is it incredibly gentle for my toddler, but it's also remarkably effective for both of us. The soap's natural ingredients leave our skin feeling soft and nourished after each use. Its mild formula is perfect for delicate skin, and the pleasant scent adds to the overall experience. I highly recommend this natural soap for parents looking for a gentle and effective option for their toddler and themselves.
22/02/2024, By Mandy
I absolutely love this soap! I have sensitive skin and it soothes it and leaves it soft and smooth. The fragrance is delicate and smells incredible.
09/10/2023, By Chela
I love the fragrance of this soap, and the shea butter ingredients makes it luxurious to the touch and feel. Purchasing this product satisfies my ethics for supporting products that are vegan, cruelty free and sustainable. Only critique is that I would love for the soap bar to be slightly bigger, otherwise it would have been a 5 star rating. :)
02/10/2023, By Anjonica
Smells amazing and the ingredients are natural
23/09/2023, By Nancy
My Mom can 9nly use 100% natural soap. It really smells awesome.
20/09/2023, By Jane
Lovely soap but does not last very long.
27/08/2023, By Tayla
Great product. Would buy it again!
14/08/2023, By Jennifer
Have bought this twice now, it has a nice smell and is gentle on the skin. Lathers well without wasting away too quickly.
17/04/2023, By Donald
Smooth on the skin and smells fresh
22/02/2023, By Eunice
Soap made off natural ingredients no chemicals, works wonders on my skin
28/09/2022, By PsychoB2
It lathers well… a gentle soap with a subtle fragrance. The only soap I use. Highly recommend. Also lasts forever.
18/08/2022, By Thembs
The soup is worth it for my me. I've had noticeable results with my acne prone skin it has helped me to put them under control. My skin is now hydrated and soft. I am using together with glutathione mixed with aqueous cream.
20/07/2022, By Raa
Doesn’t last very long. Not worth it.
18/06/2022, By Sandy
Lovely moisturising soap
17/05/2022, By Zanele
I am so in love with this soap, my skin is feeling so fresh and glowing
12/03/2022, By Allie
Wonderfully moisturising, and doesn't get soggy.
20/10/2021, By Letitia
Excellent product
20/10/2021, By Chelle
I cannot comment on long term use as Ive just discovered this product. After a weeks use I find that it cleans my skin effectively and my makeup comes off easily too which is a great bonus. So far so good !
11/10/2021, By Berlinda
Lovely soap. Smell and feel of it is very pleasant. I was a little surprised at how small the bar was though and for a family of 4 it only lasted just over a week. I will, however, continue using it as it being used for heath purposes. It would be better if it was a larger bar. But it's a lovely soap and I would recommend it.
10/09/2021, By Kirst
Lovely soap, nourishing, lathers nicely, with subtle scent. Will buy again.
16/08/2021, By FaithM
Excellent product, just got mine today and my skin is already feeling great just after one wash.
11/08/2021, By DOREEN
Love the organic natural soap.
12/07/2021, By Robs
I love this gentle soap. It does not dry, nor irritate my sensitive skin and smells so soft and lovely!
05/07/2021, By CT
Love it and will keep buying this great natural soap!
22/06/2021, By Angeline
Love it
22/05/2021, By Fufu
Great product
15/05/2021, By Mogore
My skin feels great after washing with the soap, I foresee a long term relationship.
16/04/2021, By Diana
My first time using a natural soap for my face. Moving away from face washes! It’s definitely less drying compared to my face wash. It also seems to brighten skin in combination with my Shea butter/rosehip/jojoba oil concoction. Overall the effect is superb.
The smell could use an improvement though!
Since I use it for my face only this bar could last me months n months. Value for money!
13/04/2021, By E
Love this soap, it actually moisturizes your skin where other soaps dry it out.
05/04/2021, By Christine
Great product to use on my dry and itchy face
29/03/2021, By Leigh
So luxurious you don't need lotion
13/03/2021, By Khosi
Good for eczema prone skin.
10/03/2021, By Amz
Deliciously creamy, gentle and smells really wonderful and refreshing. Have been using for years.
09/03/2021, By Leigh
Smells amazing everyone is jealous and my bathtime is like a spa very impressed
11/02/2021, By Yammy
Bought the soap for my partner as his body was looking like it was itching and forming acne-like pimples. It’s doing wonders! I’ve also started using it on my face. It leaves it feeling so smooth a d clean. I love it! It finishes really quickly though.
21/01/2021, By soap fan
awesome soap. creamy and smooth. soft on skin. no irritation
19/01/2021, By Annmaré
I love it
16/01/2021, By C
Love it and buying it again, probably my new regular soap
19/12/2020, By Elhaam
Great fragrance however it dried out my skin.
30/11/2020, By Karel
26/11/2020, By Faaria
Great soap, really moisturising
16/11/2020, By Zintle
Leaves skin feeling so smooth and clean, without drying it out.
25/10/2020, By Mien
Does a great job
23/10/2020, By T
Smells amazing, good for skin
12/10/2020, By Kayla
Smells amazing, leaves you feeling clean, and has been the only product together with natural shea butter (Important) that has calmed my eczema as well as lightened the scars significantly.
06/10/2020, By Cortney
Smells amazing.
04/10/2020, By Karen
Best natural soap
30/09/2020, By Em
Great soap
29/09/2020, By Monique
It has a subtle scent that i like, but i wish it was a bit stronger. It makes a nice lather but it does leave me with a bit of that squeaky-clean rubbery type feel after i rinse off the soap which i'm not fond of.
29/09/2020, By Yolanda
Those people who complain that the soap is sluggish, place by the window, unwrapped and let it sit for a week or so.
21/09/2020, By Abi
I cannot fault this product. Creamy, luxurious, smells wonderful!
18/09/2020, By Zintle
Smells and feels delightful on your face. Does a great job. I have dry skin and my face feels so moisturised afterwards. Would recommend.
Side note: I use this soap with one of those battery-operated facial brushes to prevent it from getting soggy because it’s such a rich soap.
05/09/2020, By Claire
It's nice to use, unfortunately after a couple of days of use the soap become sluggish. I won't buy again.
04/09/2020, By Rizo
This Soap is amazing. Works brilliantly on sensitive skin. Aids with hormone acne as well.
29/08/2020, By Nancy
Love the soap, feels great on my face and has not irritated it. Smells nice as well
24/08/2020, By Ta
21/08/2020, By Lerato
Bought 2 of these for use on my face. Have yet to use them so cannot comment on how they have been for my skin. Can say though that they are as small as other reviewers have mentioned
16/08/2020, By Paula
I love it i can see a difference in my skin
13/08/2020, By Lauren
Bought this for my Mom to try after she started suffering from Lichen Planus. It's the only soap that she's used that has helped ease the dryness and inflammation. She loves it and so does my Dad! It smells good, feels good and is super-nourishing. Buying them 6 more bars, on request! Would love a family-size bar of this soap :)
31/07/2020, By Shula
Makes a good amount of foam when mixed with water which is great.
30/07/2020, By Greenie
30/07/2020, By Lindokuhle
Wow, I have no words for feel this soap gives my skin, I even recommended it to my friend and she's hooked and asking for more.
30/07/2020, By Nkosingiphile
It left my face soft & supple.
17/07/2020, By Tendani
Good soap for a body, I tried it on my face /combination skin it dries it out. It smells good.
07/07/2020, By aamina
lovely soap, leaves skin soft and well moisturised
05/07/2020, By Fiona
Lovely soap. Gentle, sweet fragrance and holds its shape. I'll definitely buy more.
03/07/2020, By Nonokazi
Was planning on using this on my body, but it was too small. Ended up using it on my dry/combination skin. And it’s amazing, really calmed my atopic eczema and cleared my skin. Using it with Vitamin e oil and Shea butter as a night cream. My skin is glowing.
23/06/2020, By Kelly
Very nice soap. Does what it needs to without leaving the skin dry.
20/06/2020, By marika
A bit on the small side to use overall. I only use it on my face. Very good , moisturizing soap during winter leaving your face hydrated.
20/06/2020, By Amish
The smell of this soap is amazing. It leaves your skin squeaky clean and very soft.
19/06/2020, By Kate
Yes, very nice feeling, creamy but not oily. Nice smell and great value for money.
02/06/2020, By Rose
Leave skin feeling soft.
22/05/2020, By Nenty
Just love the soap leaves my skin fresh and moisturized.
21/05/2020, By First born
Good to use
16/05/2020, By Jean
A new source of soap for me, I am really enjoying this gentle natural soap.
09/05/2020, By Minenhle
Worth the money spent
06/05/2020, By Kylieee
Use it with the unrefined shea body butter and it will amaze you
28/04/2020, By Jaen
Old is gold
27/04/2020, By Robs
I LOVE this soap!! Not only is it soft & gentle on my very sensitive, dry skin but it scents my whole bathroom with it's soft, gentle, clean smelling fragrance.
22/04/2020, By Momo
amazing on the skin.
20/04/2020, By Ashira
I love this soap. best soap I have used that helps for my dry skin. no negative reactions after using it head to toe everyday to shower and wash hands. definitely recommended.
10/04/2020, By Kerusha
Absolutely amazing product, i simply love this product. I would recommend it for eczema and very oily skin. Leaves my skin fresh and gives a natural glow. I hsbe triedso many different soaps but thisis definitely a winner.
08/04/2020, By BELINDA
good value for money
11/03/2020, By Melissa
Nice and moisturising. I like that the bar is quite firm and doesn't fall apart easily. Scent is very gentle. A nice, everyday soap.
25/02/2020, By Amber
I love this soap and have purchased it multiple times, it is gentle and non-irritating to my skin and yet cleans very efficiently. I also like the scent as it is not overpowering.
06/01/2020, By alisha
love this soap. smells amazing and last longer then other natural soaps
28/10/2019, By M
A really lovely soap - and would definitely recommend it. I only wish it lasted longer.
23/10/2019, By Zee Ismail
Love love love this soap but doent last long. Smell is Great and wells work on skin.
14/10/2019, By N
Could be creamier but overall quite delightful
12/09/2019, By Barbs
Amazing soap. We only use this product it is by far my favourite. To help it last longer push a metal beer top into the bottom for it to rest on. This way you will be able to use every last bit.
04/09/2019, By Cecile
Lovely soap, foams well and leaves skin soft.
02/09/2019, By Kerryn
Lovely, gentle soap with a pleasant (not overpowering!) smell.
21/08/2019, By Kristy
Has a beautiful smell, foams well, leaves my skin feeling soft.
16/08/2019, By Danielle
Generous lather and immediately impactful - less harsh feeling than non-natural soaps in stores, skin felt softer after first use. Really soft-smelling nice scent.
04/08/2019, By Ntuthuko
Inlove with the soap
15/07/2019, By AJ
This soap lathers so well and has a gentle scent. Was surprised with how long this lasted and will definitely order it again.
09/07/2019, By Lily
Makes skin feel soft and clean,will definitely buy again.
02/07/2019, By Petra
My favourite body soap for dry skin.
10/06/2019, By Laurie
My husband uses this to wash his face and says it leaves it soft, not taut and dry like others do
14/05/2019, By Courtney
This soap smells divine. It lathers quite nicely too. I have noticed if I do not use body lotion after using this soap, my skin does tend to look quite dry. The bar lasts around 3 weeks. Would be less if more than one person is using it. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.
25/04/2019, By Jess
This soap is incredible for my skin in winter as it is incredibly nourishing. Smells beautiful! No other soap will do ever again
25/04/2019, By Rain
This soap is a must have for me and my family! It smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling fantastic!!
24/04/2019, By Natasha
The only reason it does not get 5 stars is because it runs out way too fast, and due to that it is over priced ...but I am going to buy it again!
It smells great , it makes your skin happy!
05/04/2019, By Vuvurengs
Ever since I used this soap I no longer suffer from eczema, I have saved so much from creams and dermatologist consultations. My skin is breathing and is healthy :)
27/03/2019, By Ginette
My child doesn't seem to mind it but I'm battling to make the switch over from traditional toothpaste
23/03/2019, By Mariette
I always add this to my cart. A classic!
22/03/2019, By AJayne
Really enjoying this soap bar! Lathers really well and smells good but not too fragrant - perfect for me
22/03/2019, By Michelle
Just the best soap ever. So moisturizing and cleans so well. I've stocked up and won't be going back to shower gels.
21/03/2019, By P.Jacobs
This Soap Lathers really well, it lasts long and is Good for your Skin!
19/02/2019, By Patricia
Great for skin
08/01/2019, By Andre
Love it
22/12/2018, By Tulie
Works very well. Though i feel it doesnt take away odors. My skin loves it.
18/12/2018, By Sithembele
Feels good on my skin
26/11/2018, By Tracy
Feels wonderful on my very sensitive hands.
22/11/2018, By Nthabiseng
Silky and nourishing with a great smell. It foams well so you don't have to apply a lot.
12/11/2018, By Kara
The most moisturising soap I have ever tried
23/10/2018, By Ann
Smells nice and its quite moisturizing.
13/10/2018, By Vivi
Love the scent. Quite foamy but dried out my skin after a long use (4 weeks). Guess its not creamy enough for my too dry skin. So back to my Dove.
11/10/2018, By Ragani
Love using this soap has a brush cleaner
11/10/2018, By Stephanie
This soap works beautifully. It feels thick and creamy on the skin and leaves it soft and nourished after use. You really get the sense of shea butter content in this soap - lovely for sensitive and dry skin.
11/09/2018, By Rebecca
Love adding this to homemade trail mix and good value for money!
11/09/2018, By Jeannie
I use this to make my own body butter and face cream. It’s fit for a queen! Best is that there are no nasty toxins in it. Pure and simply perfect for my soft skin.
07/09/2018, By Danielle
I absolutely love this soap! It's the first soap that I've used that doesn't dry out my skin - plus it smells amazing and lasts a decent amount of time. I will definitely purchase again.
05/09/2018, By Sanet
I've used this to shave and wash my hair and body, and it works great and smells wonderful. My very dry face seems to be less dry since I started to use this. Will repurchase.
02/09/2018, By Chelsea
I love the lean smell and doesnt irritate my skin.
29/08/2018, By Refilwe
I was amazed by this soap, so gentle and my skin feels amazing every time i use it. i will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to seriously pamper their skin.
29/08/2018, By RefQueen
I was amazed by this soap, so gentle and my skin feels amazing every time i use it. i will definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to seriously pamper their skin.
28/08/2018, By Bree
I absolutely love this soap! I use it for my face and love the creamy lather, how it's lightly scented, and how it cleans my face really well and the best part is it's all natural. I will definitely be buying this again!
15/08/2018, By Tseleng
Really nice soap. My skin gets very itchy after I bath and its really bad sometimes and although this soap does not help me completely, it has lessened the agony a little bit. It does not lather much, but it is nice and creamy and hard, which lasts longer than Iexpected
13/08/2018, By stace
Nice creamy soap, great for shaving.
06/08/2018, By Clair
A lovely scent, creamy and did not dry skin.
Lasted well, but a bit pricey
05/08/2018, By Steph
This soap gets all my makeup off my face in one wash! (I do wear quite a lot of makeup which is usually hard to remove)

This soap is also so gentle on delicate lady parts and causes no irritation of upset PH balance down there.
28/07/2018, By Simira
I'm not sure that I'm happy with the soap, although it really does the job it's supposed to...
I expected a little more smell and it seems to disappear faster than I'm used to with natural soaps. But overall, nothing "wrong" with the product.
17/07/2018, By Malissa
I use this soap all over my body, even face, during winter time. Doesn't dry out my skin like other soaps.
11/07/2018, By Keneilwe
I use it on my face, it’s so smooth and keeps my skin mosturised during Winter months. It gives off a nice lather and I Love the pleasant smell too.
07/07/2018, By Saad
Smells so good. I love the orange scent that comes through well but not too strong. And the soap is moisturizing!
20/06/2018, By Leani
This soap doesn't dry out my skin, it smells terrific and feels even better on my skin. Definitely worth it.
29/05/2018, By Rogeema
Really nice soap. Love that it has shea butter. It's natural, so keep it somewhere dry when not in use, otherwise it gets all soft and mushy.
17/05/2018, By Nadine
Love this soap. It's gentle enough for my face as well. :)
17/05/2018, By Blessing
I use this on my face, really gentle on my skin.
10/05/2018, By Johani
This product is excellent. Not drying at all, very mild scent which is great.
23/03/2018, By Presha
Most fragranced soap aggravates my eczema however this one doesn't cause any reaction.
03/03/2018, By Tshegi
This soap is amazing. It will not irritate even the most sensetive of skins. It leaves your skin soft and nourished. This is by far my best toiletry item and my number one reason for showering:)
07/02/2018, By Jess
This soap is great for eczema prone skin. I have eczema on my hands, which is a problem since I obviously need to wash my hands multiple times a day. I've tried other FTN soap bars and Earthsap showergels and while they were good for my skin, none of them has made as much of a difference as this soap has. I could literally feel the difference after the first time I washed my hands!
So I cut a couple of pieces and gave them to two colleagues whose young kids also suffer from eczema. They both came back to me with such glowing praise for this soap. They said there was such a huge improvement, they could not believe it. Every time I place an order, they ask me to order more soap for their kids too.
04/02/2018, By Bongiwe
Smells good. Not drying out skin
16/01/2018, By Hidayah
This is one of the keeper products that actually works...
14/01/2018, By kira91
Love this. Makes you feel squeaky clean. But doesn't last very long.
03/01/2018, By Sue
I have been using this for months now and intend to continue buying it going forward.
11/12/2017, By Amanda
Fantasic and very foamy-It lasts,loved the smell and great for very sensitive skin like mine.
30/11/2017, By Sam
Organic, natural, moisturizing, nourishing, soft on my skin and smells amazing.
27/11/2017, By Rebone
I have been using Dove on my face and wanted something more natural, that would help my skin feel more moisturised as time starts to take its toll on it. I am not one for long, multi-step skincare routines where I must use a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, etc. so I was looking for a simple, cost-effective solution. I think I've found it in this soap. Smells wonderful, lathers beautifully, and leaves my skin looking so plump and radiant. I looove this soap!
18/10/2017, By Fran
I love the smell of this soap and the feel of it on my skin. Leaves skin feeling clean and moisturized.
04/10/2017, By KarinN
I received a bar of this soap when attending a stork party. This is a lovely soap which smells great and leaves your skin feeling healthy and soft.
27/09/2017, By Wanjiru
This soap smells wonderful and lasts really long. I wouldn't advise it for the face, just the body
22/09/2017, By Arddy
Love this soap!
14/08/2017, By Alex Mackenzie
Amazing soap bar, definitely the best soap I have ever used. I adore the smell and luxurious lather. This bar and the olive oil soap by African Bliss leave my skin super soft.
10/08/2017, By Marelie
Lovely soap that my super-sensitive skin loves. Unfortunately it gets used up way too quickly.
05/07/2017, By Zola
My skin improved within few days of using this soap. A little goes a long way, and that's what I like most. I'm definitely going to purchase more of this!
24/06/2017, By Sulet
I love this soap! My skin became extremely sensitive recently, and this soap is gentle, has a lovely smell, and best of all, doesn't make me itch like commercial soap brands!
A little bit goes a long way and I always feel refreshed and super clean.
30/04/2017, By Steph
This is the best bar of soap I have ever used! The bar is a nice size and it lasts much longer than other soaps and smells great too. It lathers extremely well - a little bit goes a long way and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. This is a fantastic make-up remover and leaves my face completely free of make-up.
01/12/2016, By Janine
This soap seriously lathers and its so soft and moisturising. I wouldn mind a stronger scent though but I will definitely buy again. The bar is also a lot larger than I expected.
18/11/2016, By Carla
The best soap! Super soft foamy. Feels amazing to use smells good too. Easy to use till the last little bit melts away in your hands.
08/11/2016, By Sarah
Just perfect
14/10/2016, By Cynthia
I simply cannot live without this soap - amazing scent. Moisturises while cleansing - love it.
22/06/2016, By Zama
Love this soup on my skin!! Will make sure i buy more of this!!
17/02/2016, By Adrienne
I love this and pretty much all the soaps in the african bliss range. My skin doesn feel stripped and dry after using them like most other soaps.
19/11/2015, By Robyn
I highly recommend this product.
31/08/2015, By Rita
I adore this soap. Its gentle and save for sensitive skin. Lasts quite long in comparison to other natural soap bars. Smooth and creamy love it.
13/05/2015, By Charmaine
I absolutely LOVE this product; so rich n creamy n moisturising - everything as promised in the product write up! Even my pre schoolers ask for moms soap every night :)

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