A Simple Essential Oils Guide on Home, Beauty and Wellness

Essential oils tend to divide people into two (vastly generalised) camps. You either view them as nicely scented little bottles of tincture akin to Pout Pourri, used mainly to intoxicate the senses in fancy boutique shops or spas. Or you’ve come to learn about their many benefits and now view these vials of natural, deeply aromatic oils as healing aids for a slightly out of balance body. We have good news for both camps. Camp 1 – this is your eye-opening guide to the many beneficial uses of essential oils, and camp 2 – this is your go-to overview of everything we’ve written on the matter over the years. Like the mood lifting properties of a tiny ampule of lavender oil  – this is your concentrated feel good guide on essential oils and their varied uses.


Before we even touch on the healing benefits of essential oils on the mind and body, here’s a brief overview of why they are a worthy contender to many medicines, beauty products and cleaning aids in the home.

  • Plant-based: replaces toxic chemical and synthetic substances with natural extracts
  • Versatile: can be used topically and aromatically for therapeutic benefits
  • Concentrated: a little goes a long way
  • Integrative: interacts with the limbic system of the body to enhance and heal without side effects


Essential oils like orange, lemon, eucalyptus and even citronella do a marvellous job of disinfecting, cleaning and dispelling dirt, grime, grease and even unwanted insects from the home, without leaving nasty toxins behind. Find out what else they could do for the home.


DIY beauty is a growing trend for a reason. More and more health-seeking individuals are wanting to take control of the ingredients they expose their skin, hair and face too. Being able to tailor your lotions, scrubs and toners to your specific body make-up is a privilege that can be harnessed to its fullest when you know which essential oils contribute to natural beauty in which way.


Aside from the home and beauty arena, essential oils can bring balance to your life in many more ways than initially thought. Yes, it might be a subtle enhancement, but it is the kind of life enrichment that lends itself to intuitive health, listening deeply to the body and preventing rather than curing. See what else essential oils can do for you.

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