5 Champion Oils for Anti-Ageing Hair Care

From disastrous haircuts to delightful highlights, sexy styling and whimsical hairdos, as you go through life, your hair is a part of you that constantly allows for new expression, colour, and style.  As you get older though it also begins to go through some changes of the more involuntary sort, caused by changes in your hormones and a slowdown in your body’s rate of renewal in general, as well genetic factors.

As we pass our forties our hair can become finer and more limp, dull and brittle as the follicles start shrinking. The colour can also change – darkening or greying due to changes in melanin.

These days as we are becoming younger older people, your age doesn’t need to mean that you give up on lustrous healthy locks. And you don’t have to wait until you go purple either. There a number of things you can do for a shiny mop you can be proud of, amongst them some super plant oils that make superb, natural, non-toxic hair treatments and are renowned for their splendid anti-ageing, growth-enhancing hair benefits.

Take a peek these fantastic anti-ageing hair care oils, and some tips for renewing your hair’s lost and sumptuous youth.

Our Top 5 Hair Care Oils

When you want to give your hair some special loving care that will blow it backwards and give it a new lease on life, you can’t go wrong with natural oils. They’re one of those beauty secrets that just work because they are naturally suited to your body. Your skin and hair just love healthy oils, because they are nature’s version of your very own body oils. By using natural oils to anti-age your hair, you also avoid adding the excess burden of more additives and toxins.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been prized since ancient India for its ability to boost hair growth and health, and still holds its own.

  • Boosts hair growth: Antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin K and iron, will coax back your hair’s softness and lustre.
  • Stimulate blood circulation in the scalp – you can spoil yourself with a coconut oil head massage too.
  • Conditions: Fatty acids bind to hair protein, protecting both the roots and strands from breakage. Lauric acid easily penetrates the hair shaft to smooth it.
  • Hydrophobic: it repels water and helps your hair retain valuable moisture, also protecting it from heat.
  • Smooth: an excellent treatment for dry brittle hair and those frustrating frizzy hair moments.
  • Anti-Dandruff: The various fatty acids present in coconut oil are effective for dandruff.

Encourage Hair Growth with Coconut Oil

  • Warm coconut oil by placing a jar of warm water, don’t destroy its precious structure by microwaving okay?
  • Dampen your hair with warm water
  • Apply oil to hair and directly to roots with fingertips
  • Massage
  • Cover with Shower cap or towel and leave for up to half an hour, or even overnight

Baobab Oil

Our next hair hero is from the fruit of our quirky local friend the Baobab Tree.

  • Shine: Although it’s oil, its effect isn’t greasy. It moisturises your hair and gives it a lustre that will brighten your day
  • Deeply penetrating: Baobab penetrates your hair deeply, so it has a wonderful effect on elasticity and suppleness
  • Hair food: Vitamin E protects hair from environmental damage and has an impressive fatty acid profile that creates a protective film on the hair’s surface. This detangles and shines your hair as it seals in moisture
  • Fragile dry hair: All the nourishing and protective properties mean that Baobab oil is particularly excellent for fragile, dry and damaged hair

Castor Oil

Don’t think horrible thoughts about being made to down a tablespoon of castor oil. This stuff is good and really works well for thickening and plumping your hair back to happiness.

  • Increases hair growth and controls hair loss with Ricinoleic acid and omega- 6 essential fatty acids which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, encouraging the growth of copious thick locks
  • Anti-dandruff and anti-bacterial properties fight off the beasties such as dandruff
  • Smoothes frizzy hair and split ends: Because it penetrates so deeply, it smooths the hair cuticles and helps to make quite a dramatic difference in the little hair foible of frizziness, helping regain lost shine and texture. It can doctor split ends too
  • Natural conditioner and moisturiser: Castor oil leaves a coating on the hair shaft that locks precious moisture in
  • Apply some castor oil in your hair at least 15 minutes before using a shampoo. Leave this on for half an hour before a thorough wash

Argan Oil

Argan oil is sometimes called liquid gold and is wowed by hairdressers as a magic bullet for hair, whether as a nourishing treatment, or for styling it to a smooth, flawless finish.

  • Essential fatty acids and nutrients: Argan is a fount of fatty acids and vitamin E, the usual skin and hair suspects, which do amazing things for damaged, dry, coarse or unruly hair
  • Frizz: Its most popular application is smoothing that frantic frizz down, for shimmering flowing, manageable hair
  • Antioxidants: Boosts scalp cells and encourages them to produce healthy hair as well as regrowth
  • Style: Argan tames your hair and makes it easier to manage and style. It absorbs easily doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It makes hair oh-so-soft and shiny
  • Conditioning: locks in moisture and protects your hair
  • Healing: good for dandruff and also can help reverse the damage done by artificial chemicals
  • Non-irritating

Some Argan Style

Give your hair an immediate gloss and tame your frizz by smoothing a pea-size amount of argan oil through it when you style.

Shea Butter

Shea butter rounds off our champions with a potent punch in the young hair department. Shea butter is a wonder for restoring hair growth and shine.

  • Growth: Shea butter stimulate hair growth
  • Rejuvenates the scalp and so promotes super-thick fast-growing hair
  • Remedies falling hair
  • Conditions with fatty acids and is rich in vitamins
  • Non-clogging and Soothing for dandruff and dry scalp
  • Vitamin A: supports healthy hair oil production

Treat your Hair

Melt some shea butter and working through your hair. Cover with shower cap or towel and leave on for 30 minutes or longer. Wash out with a natural shampoo.

Some General Anti-Ageing Hair Care Tips

Good Nutrition

Hair is one of those things you can feed from the inside and out. Firstly make sure you get plenty of:

  • Protein
  • Silica found in cucumber, mango, green leaves, beans, celery and also in the herb horsetail
  • Zinc is high in pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts and eggs
  • Vitamin A is needed by the body to make oily sebum which provides a natural moisturiser and conditioner for a healthy scalp
  • Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin of the B complex, encourages hair and scalp health found in nuts, brown rice and oats
  • Also, make sure you have enough iron in your diet

Once your hair is out there, there are taking care of and maintaining it on the outside is the next step. Hair renewal is a bottle away, and not only that, there are natural solutions that are pure natural goodness. Harsh chemicals in many hair care products build up on your hair, and worse, can be absorbed into your scalp, creating more damage by interfering with your hair’s own natural functioning.


Use a water filter on your showerhead to avoid excessive minerals and chlorine.


  • Washing your hair too often can lead to dried out hair and an imbalanced scalp
  • Don’t overburden your hair with too much shampoo
  • Use a good non-toxic shampoo that doesn’t dry out your hair
  • Be gentle with your hair when it is wet as it is more fragile, detangle it gently with a wide tooth comb while it has conditioner in it


  • Use a less damaging ionic hairdryer if you are going to heat-style your hair.


Like never before, there is a choice of some lovely and effective non-toxic natural hair dyes for you to brighten and flatter your beautiful face with. Choose colours that are softening and suite your skin tone.

Here’s to many a happy hair day!

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