Christmas inspired smoothie

Christmas-Inspired Smoothie

Makes 2 large smoothies or 3 medium



  1. Blend everything together for a delicious smoothie!

I made this extra beautiful by making different layers and shapes. But if you want to make the shapes here is how you do it:

  1. Put an empty egg carton in the freezer ready for you to put your glasses onto. In the blender add 1 large banana with ¼ cup oat milk and the cinnamon and blend. Then tilt your glasses to the side and pour in half the mixture into the side of the glasses. Then carefully place the glasses, keeping the liquid in the corner of the glass, onto the egg cartons in the freezer. Leave for 10 minutes.
  2. Then in the blender add 2 bananas, the orange juice and a dash of oat milk in and blend until smoothie. Take your glasses out the freezer and make sure they are set. Then split the mixture between the 2. You can place the glasses back in the freezer if you want a clear line between the next 2 layers.
  3. Then to make the last layer add into the blender 3 bananas, the carob powder, nutmeg, ¼ cup oats milk (add more if needed). Blend and pour on top.
  4. Top with some nut butter, bliss balls and chocolate.

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