Practicing the following four simple Yoga poses daily can help provide a profound sense of relief and calmness to the mind and body. Spending at least 5 minutes in each pose and focusing on taking full, long deep breaths will allow one to really submerge into the pose, and unlock the physical and mental sensations and benefits it has to offer. The beauty of these poses is that they are accessible to everyone; no specialised equipment, particular skill, supervision or flexibility is required. 

Grab your mat, wear comfortable clothing, perhaps light some incense or candles, play some soothing music or binaural soundscape and perhaps incorporate the use of one of the quality essential oils for a real sensorial experience. Practice one of the poses individually, or string as many of them together to create your own sequence in any which was you please. 

Remember to enter these poses with a sense of compassion and non-judgement, realise that disruptive thoughts may arise, but all you need to do is bring yourself back to the present moment through focussing on the details, depth and texture of the breath.

Face masks are a mandatory inclusion in life going forward, and one of the biggest defenses we have against the spread of the virus. The truth is - now listen closely because it is only fools who turn down good advice - a mask will 1) hugely limit the transfer of saliva FROM one individual to another and 2) create a barrier for anything COMING INTO contact with the individual. Basically, your odds are (significantly) better.