Author: Astrid Field

Chocolate Mint Panna Cotta with Chocolate Soil

Not many desserts can claim to be impressive to look at and unbelievably delicious, yet easy to make. This Chocolate Mint Panna Cotta is exactly that. Just perfect in it’s simplicity – a silky-smooth and creamy dessert that looks gorgeously tempting, but is created with just a small number of ingredients with hands-on time of a matter of minutes. Even so, I couldn’t resist adding a crunchy chocolate soil on the side. This is not the chocolate soil of the crushed biscuit variety, this is actually something quite magical – crystallised chocolate. Don’t be intimidated by the sound of...

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Real Red Velvet Cake

Back in the day, Red Velvet cakes were made with fresh beetroot and not food colouring. Since April is Earth month it seemed like a good time to test out that earthy beetroot flavour and make a real Red Velvet Cake. What put me off until now is the messy process of grating the beetroots and staining my counters and hands pink in the process. But this is no longer an issue since some clever folks concentrated all the colour and goodness of beetroots into a beautiful crimson beetroot powder! Something I discovered rather quickly is that beetroot only maintains its gorgeous colour...

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Traditional Easter Poppy Seed Roll

Recipe by Astrid Field of Sweet Rebellion Easter is such a lovely time of year. The scorching heat of summer is gone but the days are still pleasantly warm. In my life, Easter also means lots of baking time. In previous years I’ve gone the route of making many cute decorated Easter cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies. This year, I decided to go a little more… grown-up. In my search for some Easter inspiration, I came across this beautiful Polish recipe called Makowiec, which is traditionally served at Easter and Christmas time. I just love the contrast of the swirly dark...

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Easter Cherry & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Recipe by Astrid Field of Sweet Rebellion Raisins are not really my thing. Hot Cross Buns however, are. A bit of a dilemma for me. My solution to this problem in the past has been to pick each and every raisin out of my hot cross bun before I can enjoy it.  A better solution of course is to make my own hot cross buns. I’ve been keen to do this for ages, and naturally thought of going the chocolate chip direction. Even though I’m not mad about raisins, I think Hot Cross Buns need some kind of fruit to...

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Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies

Recipe by Astrid Field of Sweet Rebellion I had a lot of fun making these Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies! Once you get the hang of the folding and curling, they are very easy to make. And you get to write your very own personal message for your loved one to receive as a sweet surprise! I used a good quality almond extract for the flavour and it really adds something special. The cookies actually taste great without the chocolate too, but in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I felt they needed a little “bling”! INGREDIENTS 2 large egg whites 45ml...

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