Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum

Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum
Bee Natural Liquid Gold Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum
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A precious natural skin serum formulated to help turn back the clock – with a little help from that natural treasure trove, the beehive. Bee Natural’s Liquid Gold serum is a blend of skin-loving oils that work to protect, hydrate and regenerate the skin, to keep your complexion looking youthful and radiant. These oils have been added to a luscious golden base of beeswax, pollen, propolis and raw honey. Use a little of the Bee Natural Liquid Gold every day to give your skin a gorgeous youthful glow that’s sure to leave you feeling like the “queen bee”!

  • Natural
  • Vegetarian
  • Proudly South African
  • Easily absorbed into your skin
  • Protective, hydrating & nourishing
  • 100% natural
  • Chemical-free, preservative-free
  • Perfume-free

The raw honey, beeswax, pollen and propolis are wonderfully nourishing and protective, feeding your skin with essential nutrients and warding off the environmental damage that causes visible ageing.

This natural blend is full of essential oils with anti-ageing properties:

  • Carrot oil: Moisturising, antioxidant-rich, source of vitamin A & E; protects against UV damage.
  • Neroli oil: Stimulates new cell growth, balances oil production; reduces wrinkles, fine lines, capillaries & scarring.
  • Lavender oil: Anti-inflammatory, lightens age spots & regenerates skin cells.
  • Fennel oil: Source of vitamin C, which fights free radicals & promotes collagen production. Fennel softens & hydrates the skin.
  • Chamomile oil: Antiseptic, promotes healing & soothes irritation.
  • Geranium oil: Natural astringent; promotes cell regeneration & healing. Great for reducing blemishes & puffy eyes.


  • Apply the serum to clean skin in the morning or evening; wait a few minutes for it to fully absorb before applying your usual day or night cream.
  • For best results, use this serum for at least one month twice a year, although you can use it continually.


Beeswax, non-irradiated raw honey, pollen, propolis, cold pressed avocado & sunflower oil, anti-wrinkle essential oils: Neroli, lavender, fennel, chamomile, geranium, carrot seed oil

Overall Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars from 34 reviews

30 out of 34 people would recommend this product

31/03/2017, By Leilani
This would be a lovely product, if it wasn for the terrible smell! So much for fragrance free. I literally had to get out of bed last night and wash my face and hands because I couldn sleep. Very strong smell, trust me if you do not like perfumey smells this is NOT for you.
04/02/2017, By Irmina
Had to stop using it at night as my boyfriend couldn stand the smell, Im also not a fan of it. It made my skin feel soft and nourished but only for the first week or two and then it seemed to have lost its effect. Definitely won be buying it again.
03/02/2017, By Paula
My first time getting this product and for sure not the last. My skin feels so good after applying this product every morning, smooth, moisture and with a natural glow.
11/01/2017, By Shari
Really love this product. Got this as a sample and it really is liquid gold in a bottle. It rejuvenates tired and dull skin and makes you look young and fresh again.
18/12/2016, By Anet
It made my dry skin feel soft and hydrated. Not a fan of the smell, though.
11/12/2016, By Clair
I use this product daily in winter, and twice a week in summer. It really helps to keep my skin radiant and moisturised, and is absorbed quickly. I use very little at a time so a bottle lasts for ever.
29/11/2016, By Petro
Got a sample of this oil and from the first application I could feel and see the difference!!!
16/11/2016, By Liz
This stuff is amazing! I got it as a sample in one of my orders, and Im hooked! Super affordable, amazing smell and feel on the skin, and you wouldn believe how long 100ml lasts! And it makes your skin glow without an oil slick!
04/11/2016, By Sharmila
Having hit my 40s my skin seems to be getting drier, to the extent that I have had flaky skin around my mouth. This product just soaks right in and my skin is loving it! No more tightness or itching.
01/11/2016, By Nicola
Awesome product, just love it. Makes your skin so soft and smooth and gives it a lovely glow :)
28/10/2016, By Rozalia
The smell is just divine! Leaves my skin feeling like silk and absorbs quickly.I got this product as a sample. Love it! Thanks!
27/10/2016, By Lisa
I recieved this product as a sample with previous purchase- when i put it on my face the first night i instintly loved it the feel and smell can be a bit overwhelming but as it absorbs it not as bad. But obviously i had to buy this peoduct! I love it! I have very dry skin and used bio oil etc on my skin and still dry patches! After my first sample use the dry patches was 100% better! You wont be disappointed with this product! Absolutely LOVE
26/10/2016, By colleen
My skin is looking so healthy. In fact, I am glowing. I truly love this product! :)
07/10/2016, By MIchelle
I love this product. It is a must-have for any ladys face routine, especially if you suffer from dry skin.
26/09/2016, By Selma
I cannot comment yet on the anti-wrinkle claim, but it feels lovely on my skin. Absorbs quickly and smells divine. I apply it to my neck and décolletage and it doubles as a perfume. Will keep buying.
23/09/2016, By lani
I love this product - the texture, the smell.... I cannot fault it at all. Im thinking of stockpiling. It feels so luxurious
18/09/2016, By Natalee
Lovely on the skin.
If you love the smell of essential oils and honey then this is wonderful!
02/09/2016, By Sharon
Ive used essential oils in a vegetable base for 30yrs and am always keen to experiment with similar products. Your serum packaging is fantastic and works incredibly well - no mess and controlled amounts . Secondly, the texture of the oil is really fabulous - thin, silky and absorbs well. i usually put my own mixture on top of yours - i prefer jojoba as a base for skin, together with evening primrose. So i guess Im getting a wide range of oils for my skin. The only slight hesitation I have is the strong Neroli smell, but it doesn last too long. so not a major criticism. I would definitely use this oil again. its a great product.
01/09/2016, By Jenna
I am loving this product - the smell took a bit of getting used to but now I look forward to applying this serum. Leaves your skin feeling like silk definitely improves the texture of ones skin. Would definitely recommend this product
31/08/2016, By Ruth
I reacted badly to this product...took days until the allergic reaction subsided
23/08/2016, By Samara
Very lovely smell, however I have been using it for a few weeks without any real obvious difference. Pro is that the bottle is very large and one only needs a few drops....will see if there are any improvements over continued use.
18/08/2016, By Lesley
Tried the product and at first was thrilled, skin felt nourished and then my skin reacted. I had the worst attack of eczema, stopped using the oil for awhile giving the skin a chance to heal.
Tried using the oil again and within just a few hours my skin started itching and become inflamed.
Has anyone else been effected this way.
12/08/2016, By Christine
Love this product, fantastic - love the results, texture, quick absorption, and amazing smell
08/08/2016, By Delani
I bought this product simply because it was on special and was pleasantly surprised by the size of the product, I think it will last quite a while. Been using it for almost 2 weeks now only at night and it is heavenly, my skin feels wonderful and the smell is divine. I will definitely continue using this!
05/08/2016, By Anel
I use this serum mostly at night, and a different product as a day cream. Its very effective in nourishing my dry skin. It also doubles as a perfume as it is quite a concentration of essential oils that smell divine. Despite it seeming a bit pricey, the bottle is quite large and you only use a small amount. Will definitely keep on buying this product.
14/07/2016, By Lyn
I really wanted to love this product. It is quickly absorbed, a little goes very far and it does feel lovely on your skin; it made my skin feel so smooth.
But the smell!
It is seriously strong and overpowering.
I have never been able to handle certain distinct smells, like incense or some very strong perfumes. I tend to get a headache and feel nauseated.
And the cloying sickly sweet smell of this product made me react in the same way.
And it wasn just that the smell was strong, it also lasted nearly the whole night. I could still smell it on my face for hours afterwards.
Although I had read the reviews and noticed that someone else had commented negatively on the smell, the majority of reviews on the smell and overall product were really good, so when I saw it on special I thought it was time to try it.
If you are not easily affected by the smell of your products, this might be worth a try. I think it would work well on most skins, even sensitive.
But if like me, you know that you might react badly when your products smell like a stick of incense, stay far away from this one!
08/03/2016, By Heather
I have a very dry mature skin and am moving towards using natural products because I do not like some of the chemicals used in most other serums. I have been using this face serum every night for about three weeks. I find it absorbs well, and does not leave a sticky residue. It works well under my moisturiser and makes my skin feel soft and smooth and has shrunk the size of my pores.

On the down side it does have a strong, although not unpleasant, smell which I think is from the essential oils (geranium?) which I have got used to.

I experienced a problem with the pump dispenser and it was replaced easily and very quickly.
12/02/2016, By Petra
Smells lovely and feels like a treat for the skin... even though its oil based, it doesn feel oily and absorbs quickly.
28/01/2016, By Janine
The smell is so addictive, its just divine. Leaves my skin feeling like silk
23/06/2015, By Wendy
I am enjoying using the Bee Natural Liquid Gold Serum and can already see a difference in my skin.
20/06/2015, By Yvette
I am so disappointed, the bottle says fragrance free and I thought just that! It must be the combination of the essential oils - but I put this on my face last night and find the smell unpleasant, overpowering and nauseating. I am so sorry I bought this product...
15/05/2015, By Carol Anne
Wow this is beautiful. Seldom does a skincare product live up to the manufacturers claims - this one exceeds them. Glides on like silk, smells simply divine and skin feels silky when it has absorbed. I put quite a lot on then do a facial massage with it. Try using their hydrating facial balm over it - stunning.
27/03/2015, By DrKnow
This is truly an amazing product! You only need a little bit as the oil spreads easily. It Works before your eyes! Been using it for a week or so and it has decreased bad, deep frown lines. Gives skin a healthy glow. Get unbelievable results from a product that keeps it promise! My elderly mom with paper (hypothyroidism) has been amazed at how it has rehydrate and decreased her skin!
22/01/2015, By Carissa
It has a lovely smell and absorbs quickly. Only have to use a little bit, this bottle will last for a long time. I love all Bee Naturals facial products.

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