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Bee Natural Eczema Cream

Bee Natural Eczema Cream
Bee Natural Eczema Cream
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Price From: R174.99
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Find natural relief from eczema with Bee Natural’s special soothing balm, which was specifically designed to treat skin ailments. Dryness, rashes and inflammation are just some of the troublesome symptoms of eczema. This ointment is made with a therapeutic blend of ingredients that will help you heal. These include beeswax, a natural source of cortisone that soothes rashes and inflammation. The balm also includes tea tree oil and propolis, which both have antibacterial properties. Trust Bee Natural’s Eczema Cream to liberate you from the discomfort of skin ailments.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.
  • Beeswax contains natural cortisone and helps with inflammation.
  • Raw honey has antibacterial, healing properties.
  • Bee pollen nourishes your skin, keeping it healthy.
  • Propolis helps to keep bacteria away.
  • Tea tree oil disinfects and soothes skin irritations.
  • Cold-pressed avocado oil is packed with essential nutrients to keep your skin healthy.

Bee Natural is committed to caring for your skin by creating only the purest chemical-free products. Bee Natural Eczema Cream contains no lanolin, petroleum, aqueous cream, chemicals, colorants, castor oil, perfumes or preservatives.


Warm a small amount in your hand, and apply to the affected area twice daily.


Do not use synthetic cortisone with this product.


Beeswax, raw Honey, Propolis, Pollen, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Tea Tree Oil.

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Overall Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars from 134 reviews

127 out of 134 people would recommend this product

06/11/2023, By Aneesah
I've been suffering with eczema around my eyelids for a few years and I've tried over the counter creams which included steriod creams as well as creams containing cortisone and nothing was helping.
I then tried this product and I am amazed. The eczema is not completely gone, but there is a noticeable difference and it is also reducing the dark marks.
01/11/2023, By Naadhirah
The best for eczema, I have a 1 year old daughter and nothing worked for her eczema, I applied this once and it took away the inflammation and is clearing her skin
19/11/2022, By Jenna
I think this cream works but it wasn't for me. It works much slower than a cortisone one you get at the chemist and the marks stay longer. I saw an improvement after about a month but the mark was still there so I went back to pharmaceuticals. It's nice to have something that has a nice smell, though, and not just the usual. I've used it for lip balm and that's fine, too.
28/09/2022, By T
I've had ecezma for a few months now and I didn't want to use over the counter steroid creams. So I did some research and found this product. It keeps the infected area moisturised and the dark marks lightened after about a month of using the product. I'm really impressed.
04/07/2022, By Kim
I have been using this product on my baby's eczema for a week now and have noticed a major difference. She has had eczema on her face since she was 2 months old and I've tried almost every natural product I could to treat her eczema. My doctor told me that we will have to go the steroid route if it doesn't clear up. I was not keen on it. Then I found the Bee natural eczema cream and her skin is clearing up. I sent my Dr pictures of her skin and she was amazed.
Because I am using this product on a very busy 6 month old, I apply the cream to the affected area and cover it with cotton gauze and secure it with micropore tape. Doing this allows for the cream to soak into the skin and not be rubbed off immediately. I apply a fresh coat every morning and evening before bed time. Definitely purchasing this product again.
21/03/2022, By Suna
I have eczema (bumps) between my breasts and discoloration as well, within three days of applying this cream, the bumps and discoloration has significantly decreased.
01/09/2021, By Melissa
This is to date the only product that has worked on the excema around my eyes - it calms and soothes when it flares up which is exactly what I've been looking for. It takes a few minutes to work so just be patient, and you have to keep applying when it gets itchy and irritated again, but so does any other product.
19/05/2021, By Tilana
It's a very rich balm, soothing irritated skin
04/05/2021, By Romyne
Helps soothe the flare-ups but not for too long.
28/01/2021, By Adri
Third time buying this. The first time it completely soothed any flare ups - overnight! The second pot I gifted to a friend. The latest purchase I found it is a great overall moisturiser, but it does not seem to be as affective with eczema flare ups as the first pot, and sometimes worsens the itch. Perhaps a new recipe? But still, recommend as daily moisturising cream/oil.
25/01/2021, By Talia
Love this eczema relief cream. Does as the jar says. Super moisturizing.
19/12/2020, By Elhaam
It's a great product, however it caused my eczema to get really itchy, which led to me scratching more often. I think it is the tea tree oil that didn't agree. I would definitely buy again if they remove the tea tree oil
20/10/2020, By FRANCIS
20/10/2020, By FRANCIS
05/10/2020, By Meryl
I wish to give you positive feedback regarding your Beenatural eczema and skin ailment treatment. I have had a chronic skin condition on my hands for the past 3 years which has had a negative impact on my work, driving and travel. The medical fraternity diagnosed eczema, contact dermatitis or an autoimmune disease citing stress or chemicals as the trigger. I have been prescribed cortisone orally and topically on and off for 3 years which provided temporary relief with long term side effects. I tried various natural remedies without much success. With the onset of the pandemic, I had a severe reaction to sanitisers so have had to wear nitrile gloves for a large part of the day.
On the 17th of September I bought a jar of your product. I applied it before putting on my gloves each day and reapplied regularly when my gloves were off.
The difference after 10 days was totally amazing!
07/09/2020, By Amanda
We are on the second jar of this now and it's really helping my husband with his eczema.
25/08/2020, By Nabila
This worked very well for me. I had an itchy rash and this got rid of it in a few days.
24/08/2020, By Nics
Fantastic product. Been using it on my eczema and it has really been helping. Recently my mother then discovered it and uses it on her extremely dry hands that have been cracking due to sanitiser-she can't get enough!
22/06/2020, By Ipeleng
I bought this product for my scalp eczema. It immediately irritate my scalp, caused a red rash. I now realise now that it's the tea tree oil in the product.
I bought this product in 2019 for the same problem but i didn't have the same reaction so I'm not sure if the tea tree is a new addition on ingredients or they added too much.You can just smell it when you open the container. Tee tree oil is not good for eczema I thus dont understand why is it one of the ingredients.
11/06/2020, By Joely
Works great for me!
01/06/2020, By Talent
Have this at home, always comes in hand
11/05/2020, By Cherie
I use this on chapped lips and dry corners of the mouth and it sorts them out quick sticks. Love it.
29/04/2020, By Happy
14/04/2020, By Michaela
I didn't have the greatest experience with this. It's difficult to apply and isn't practical because it doesn't sink into skin nicely. I also wasn't a fan of the smell.
18/03/2020, By Bee
Absolutely amazing product! The only cream that was able to clear up a stubborn rash under my baby's eye in a few applications, now any time he has a flare up I put some on and in the morning it's gone.
10/03/2020, By Zovuyo
I just applied it the rash on her face and neck and her neck became red immediately. And she just started itching. Thinking of throwing it away because my baby won't stop scratching herself
02/03/2020, By Taryn
Not just for eczema, a super product, for many skin ailments!
14/02/2020, By Lize
This is the first cream I've found that makes a difference to my eczema. Wonderful stuff!
08/02/2020, By Karen
Don’t like this at all, won’t use it on eczema, it stings and burns - suspect it’s the tea tree oil. Unsure how tea tree is good for a compromised skin barrier. To finish the jar it goes on my heels now.
02/01/2020, By Helper
Well done
30/11/2019, By Snow
Brilliant product for my daughter's eczema. Been using it on her hands everyday. Remarkably difference. Was skeptical at first but it's really helping with the management of her hands. Quick absorbing and easy to apply. Many thanks for another great product.
22/11/2019, By Stacey
Awesome product, within in two days I could see the difference. My son has a mild case of eczema and he scratches a lot. The itchiness has reduced and his skin is much smoother now.
30/10/2019, By Stacey
I wish I knew about this earlier, it has helped me so much with my troublesome spot with acne, dry spots, itchy spots, even helped with my mom's infection on her arm. Will most definitively order again for me and my mom.
22/10/2019, By Chantelle
Great product , second time purchasing , works wonders for my son's seasonal eczema .
22/09/2019, By Joy
Just started using this, haven't noticed a difference yet, but still early days
17/09/2019, By Tammy
We used all the expensive creams and balms for our baby’s eczema and it always came back, but this is honestly the best product ever and baby hasn’t had a single recurrence of eczema since we started using it. Love, love, love!
12/09/2019, By Jen
I love this stuff. I actually use it as a lip balm, which works especially well during the harsh JHB winters. Only need to apply once or twice a day.
12/09/2019, By Kleopatra
BEST! LOVE it so much. It has helped with my itching and uncomfortable rashes.
10/09/2019, By Mokomane
this is the best cream
19/08/2019, By Tumi
its an amazing product, I used it on my 4 month old baby for eczema and the results are wonderful.I love it
21/07/2019, By Nadine M
I have already used up jars of this miracle cream. No shop bought antifungal cream works this well on my son's ringworm. Applied this natural ointment to the ringworm and within four days... The ringworm was gone! Brilliant healing and soothing for itchy skin. Love this product
21/07/2019, By Nadine M
I have already used up jars of this miracle cream. No shop bought antifungal cream works this well on my son's ringworm. Applied this natural ointment to the ringworm and within four days... The ringworm was gone! Brilliant healing and soothing for itchy skin. Love this product
20/06/2019, By Tammy
Great product. Relieves all sorts of skin rash itches. Definitely recommend this product.
29/05/2019, By Joanne
Although it didn't clear my son's eczema, it really reduced the itching! And it smells great!
16/05/2019, By Lané
Such a gorgeous product. Especially on flexire points like inner thighs and armpits during winter.
07/05/2019, By Natasha
Great relief for itchy skin from eczema.
28/04/2019, By Suné
I have severe eczema. This doesn't help with the itching but it sure does help heal my skin nicely when it's irritated or when I've scratched too much.
06/04/2019, By Lara
Love this product!
14/03/2019, By Mal
Relieved the itching but didn't reduce the eczema
06/03/2019, By Tamsyn
Late onset excema and psoriasis. I gave up all my cortisones in exchange for this instead. Now I use it all over my body. Nothing leaves my skin softer!
01/03/2019, By Michaela
So soothing and speeds up skin recovery time immensely
15/02/2019, By Mari
Best product I have ever used for relief. Will buy again
12/02/2019, By Dee
Got this as a gift for my daughter. Stopped the itching immediately. Does not cure eczema, but reduces the symptoms. Great for mild eczema.
08/02/2019, By Lara
Love this product! Definitely works!
08/02/2019, By Amy
Great for mild eczema. Can be used on kids sensitive skin.
02/02/2019, By Helene
I never thought this product would work as well as it did. Put it on at night and in the morning my rash had totally disappeared. For mild eczema it is great.
30/01/2019, By Dom
I have been struggling with Eczema on the side of my foot for months. Apparently this is a common side effect of the medication I am on but the really expensive cortisone cream that I keep getting prescribed dies nothing long term. When I first used it, it looked as though it wouldn't rub in easily but I was so wrong. I have been using The Bee Natural cream for less than a week and the difference is nothing short of magical!!!
28/01/2019, By Leanne
Have battled with acne and eczema my whole life. This is the first range of products that helps both. This one is particularly good for both.
22/01/2019, By Nikki B
Definite improvement after 3 days, I believe it will only get better. Bee Natural's range is so amazing, I'm hooked! :-)
22/01/2019, By Anon
Perfect for mosquito bites. Any itchy skin problems. Helps itching and heals and protects
21/01/2019, By P
The product is excellent for mild and severe eczema. It provides great moisturisation and reduces itching considerably.
13/01/2019, By Tania
Very impressed with how well this works. My 4 year old has eczema patches due to allergies and within a week, the swelling was down and the area was smooth again. No more itching!
11/01/2019, By Carolyn
Yes!!! The inflamed area is looking much better after three applications. So far, I'm super impressed with Faithful - I placed my Order before 07:00 yesterday morning and the product was delivered before 13:00 :) Many thanks.
18/12/2018, By Zarinah
This is a brilliant product! I've tried many eczema creams before and NOTHING works like this balm. Saw results within 2 days. Would definitely purchase this product again!
15/12/2018, By Chellie
10/12/2018, By Nikki
Works almost instantly
10/12/2018, By Nikki
Very very good, even great for babies!
02/12/2018, By Jen
I have been using this for a while and love how effecive it is without having all the usual rubbish that eczema creams usually have - it works brilliantly.
01/12/2018, By Maydene
Helps with the itchiness and dryness. Makes skin feel smooth
30/11/2018, By Son
This cream really helped when I had a major eczema flare up recently. I didn't want to use anything with cortisone so decided to try this all natural cream. It soothed the irritation almost immediately and after 3 days my skin started to return to its normal colour and texture. I have just ordered a second bottle!
30/11/2018, By Amy
Great for mild patches of eczema
30/11/2018, By gail
Helps for dry itchy skin. Use it for Lupus skin problems.
30/11/2018, By Margaret
This cream is amazing.I bought it for an employee at my work.
Amazing stuff.
29/11/2018, By Marsel
Works wonders! Have been struggeling to find something to deal with my winter hands and extreme dryness. This is amazing!
27/11/2018, By Romyne
It does a good job of soothing my eczema but does not fix the problem.
26/11/2018, By Sheila M
Excellent product for all skin ailments.. From an ichy bite to a bump to a scrape..
20/11/2018, By Nikki
Very very good, helps almost instantly
19/11/2018, By Leanne
Brilliant product. Really relieves itchy skin.try it.I received this as a sample.
07/11/2018, By Nuraan
Cleared up my eczema after two days, great product
06/11/2018, By Sasha
I love how it serves as a protective layer on the skin, which is a big problem for eczema sufferers- there is no protection from irritants and allergens. Helps soothe itchiness and provides relief from any burning or stinging.
01/11/2018, By P.Jacobs
Works Wonders for Eczema. Great Buy!
31/10/2018, By Anonymous
I received this as a sample. Really helped with bites rashes. Soothing and stops itching.
20/10/2018, By Mari
VERY soothing and calming
18/10/2018, By Angie
I have stressed induced eczema and I suffer from daily flare ups after a long day at work. Honestly this is not the first product I run to to ease the itch, dryness and inflammation because I feel like it's very oily and you need to apply a lot on to even feel a difference. I am not really convinced this product really works for someone who has daily flare ups. Maybe for someone who as allergies...
06/10/2018, By Laura
I received a sample of this product with an order and kept it in my bag as a go to for my eczema when I’m out. Needless to say it really helped my skin that I had to order the full size.
12/09/2018, By Marcelle Chuter
I received a sample of this with one of my previous orders. My daughter has been on so many cortisone creams. Frustrated I thought let me try this sample on her. WOWZERS!! Her skin looked amazing after just one day. I had to order a big tub which I got this week. So excited to bring some relief to my princess. Great product.
24/08/2018, By Marlena de Villiers
Excellent quality product. Using it to treat very itchy rash on my legs and it sooths the itching. Good all round product to keep in the home. Would like to try other products in this range too.
07/08/2018, By Annette
This cream really works! 2 days and the stubborn eczema around my eyes had cleared up after months of irritation and various other eczema creams that didn't clear it. The consistency is hard, but, a little warmed in your palm liquifies it and a little goes a long way. Very good value for money.
06/08/2018, By Leanne
I have seriously problematic skin, with eczema and acne everywhere, and bad reactions to all other products I've ever tried. These products have been life-changing. My skin is the clearest and most comfortable it's ever been, and I can even wear a little make-up now and then without too many bad consequences.
26/07/2018, By Mila
Love this product this is the only product that keeps my eczema under control
03/07/2018, By Yolande
This really helped to get my eczema under control. It keeps my skin soft and helps heals the affected areas.
25/06/2018, By Newgirlharper
Really good. Kept my daughters sensitive skin nourished.
08/06/2018, By Megan
This is an excellent cream that helps my sensitive skin.
31/05/2018, By Suné
Update - I've used this with rosehip oil for 2 weeks now and my skin looks much better!
30/05/2018, By Jackie
nothing worked I spent so much money on doctors and medicine so glad I found this my eczema is clearing up
28/05/2018, By Suné
I've had a massive eczema problem for more than a month. This product has helped keep the area very moisturized and has improved the itching tremendously and I've only been using it for a week!
21/05/2018, By Nonhlanhla
Peace of mind and sleep is what I can say concerning this eczema cream. No more scratching and sleepless night and skin recovering well.
19/02/2018, By Nicole
Whenever I get extremely stressed small itchy bumps appear ALL OVER my face.
I have bought so many expensive creams (recommended by doctors and dermatologists) that are supposed to help, but just ends up aggravating the eczema and making it more red and itchy.
Then I got this miracle cream... on the first application there was instant relief, and I woke up with 90% of the itchy bumps disappeared!! After 3 days the eczema was completely gone...WITH NO SCARRING OR REDNESS. Truly amazing cream. And a little goes a long way.
14/02/2018, By Anon
I do not have Eczema but used it on my skin and it cleared my pimple marks within days. Very moisturising.
13/02/2018, By Tamsyn
I was using cortisone creams for my chronic auto immune illness (psoriasis) without much success. Shaving my legs caused more patches so for years I have been hiding my legs behind long pants even on the hottest days. I started using this product and I swear the patches are unrecognizable. It doesn't even look like psoriasis anymore. I am also able to use a hair trimmer on my legs without getting any new patches. And for the first time this summer, I felt comfortable enough to wear shorts and dresses. My Dr and my mom who suffered with psoriasis all her life, are rather amazed. That being said this product is versatile enough to use for just about any skin ailment and I whomever I have shared this product with, has only seen positive results (rashes, eczema, minor cuts etc). This is a staple for my cupboards. Haven't touched the cortisone for almost a year now.
05/02/2018, By Jennifer
I'm not sure if my eczema is just extra strong or if this product doesn't work that well. It has helped a little bit but hasn't completely cleared it. I will keep trying for longer.
30/01/2018, By Chichi
It is a good product. Cleared up my eczema that I had tried using some doctor prescribed creams with no change. Within 2weeks of using this, itchness had gone.
29/01/2018, By Nicole
I like it as it is all chemicals.
23/01/2018, By Nelly
I bought it for my one year old son and ten year old daughter, though it doesn’t clear it up but it makes my baby’s skin that was so dry very subtle even without rubbing it now got two days the skin isn’t dry anymore though the eczema patches are still there.

Though you should consider changing the bottle container to a plastic because the one I bought nitvup to ten days is gone is it fell and I couldn’t even rescue a drop cos there was particles of glass all over it.
12/01/2018, By Meg
Been struggling with eczema under my arms for a while and this really helps to soothe it and take away the niggly itchiness. I need to use it more often than recommended so sometimes my clothes get a bit yellow from the cream.
23/12/2017, By Astra
It cleared up the spots and infections on my flatmate's legs so well. He uses it EVERY day.
20/12/2017, By lindie
Not very effective in reducing/removing eczema. soothes and keeps in moisturized though.
07/12/2017, By Sadiya
bought it for my mum and sister in law
07/12/2017, By Sadiya
bought it for my mum and sister in law
05/12/2017, By Tougieda
I am using the product ( Bee Natural Eczema Cream) on my 7year old daughter with the hope to prevent flare ups, instead it made the Eczema really bad, it is all over her body, face and she is itchy and scaly all over now, where as it was only on her hands and back of knees
In her case the product is not helping at all . I have been using it for 2weeks almost. maybe she is allergic to one of the ingredients.
05/12/2017, By KimmieAB
I like the smell and feel it leaves on the skin
01/12/2017, By Shakirah
This is an excellent product. I started using it after my 2 year old son got bitten by an insect that left big, swollen, blistered, red, itchy, welts on his neck and upper back. The next day there was a huge improvement. And I reapply every time it itches and it gives him relief.
01/12/2017, By Kate P
I have struggled with very bad eczema on my hand for a long time, and nothing has really helped for more than a few hours. I started using this cream maybe a week ago, and I can already feel the difference. My hand is more supple and less itchy for longer. I'll keep on using it, and hope this is finally the solution I've been looking for...
26/11/2017, By Catherine
I've struggled with Stress Induced Eczema for years and have been using Advantan for extended periods of time. This Eczema Cream eases the discomfort and itchiness within a few days of applying it twice a day without becoming dependant on it like what happens with Cortisone Creams- I will recommend this to anyone struggling with discomfort of eczema.
24/11/2017, By Max
I have a recurring rash that was previously diagnosed as pityriasis rosea, however, second & third opinions over the years were so frustratingly varied -
stress to allergies to fungal infection. I've treated each one according to however it was diagnosed and it never improved. I got a sample of this and used it when the rash had spread from patches on my neck to my one eyelid, majorly depressing, :-( and in two days both areas had healed. So it's amazing & super soothing & I'm purchasing a full size jar now. It even works better than comfrey cream.
10/11/2017, By DrKnow
This cream is a miracle worker. If you suffer from eczema and you have skin fungal infections the problem is exacerbated 100 fold! This cream allowed the skin to heal, calm down and zapped the fungus! Well done. It also helps heal skin fast...cuts healed quickly when I used this.
07/11/2017, By Teresa
Really soothes and helps stop the urge to scratch
22/09/2017, By Heidi
I bought this for my baby as he had red patches on his arms and legs. I applied a generous amount and the next day the red was greatly reduced. I use it for his dry face too.
07/09/2017, By Sharon
I have bad eczema, after 1st application, I noticed the next morning, all redness had gone, and skin was not so dry. Skin feels softer and more nourished.
14/08/2017, By Schumelle
I definitely recommend this product. I have been battling with eczema on my face for months and nothing really seemed to help. It's been 2 weeks since I have started using this and I can already see and feel a noticeable improvement.
10/08/2017, By Londiwe
I like the fact that after just one application my son's skin stayed hydrated the whole day! Al ready I'm impressed.
30/07/2017, By Damiana
The cream is good but it works extremely slowly. It should be used if you have mild eczema, but you should probably resort to something much stronger if you have a stronger case of it. But it does, however, work very well for dry skin!
06/07/2017, By Dave
Results were almost immediate, an easy to use and no mess product. Will recommend to anyone for eczema
25/06/2017, By Annie
Have not tried this products as yet, bought it for one of my sons to try.
25/04/2017, By Mali
it truly works wonders for eczema.
09/09/2016, By Tammy
This product is natural and free of cortisone, it helps my daughters eczema and she scratches far less. She likes the smell and doesn fight me putting it on at all. I would recommend it.
11/08/2016, By Simone
I bought this for my Mom and she said that this cream definitely helps with her Eczema - mild but effective!
18/01/2016, By Mpho
Bees Wax for Eczema and other skin ailments worked wonders for my little boy. He had eczema since infancy and I tried many prescription ointments that did not work! He used to scratch to a point of bleeding and his skin was scaly. I started using the product in November 2015 and we are now in January 2016 with a scratch free 2 year old. You cannot even tell he had eczema. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I confidently recommended the product to my cousin who has a 6 year old that suffers from eczema. As the expression goes... you won believe your eyes! I still can .
17/01/2016, By ELIZA
Love the results of this balm. My toddlers rash and mild eczema has all vanished in just a few days of using this. Customer satisfied
11/01/2016, By Titilayo
My oldest daughter developed a bad skin allergy after we moved to South Africa that was first attributed to the heat. We took her from one dermatologist to another and none was able to pin-point the cause. Shes done skin and blood allergy tests and nothing came up. The first cortisone cream that was prescribed to her made her whole face blow up like a balloon. Finally she got one that helped but it was clear that cortisone was not a long-term solution.

Desperate, I scoured the internet for natural products and from two natural products stores, I ordered anything that was meant for eczema and skin ailments. Of everything I ordered, this was really the only thing that worked. It doesn work as quickly as cortisone but it stops the rash from getting worse and then gradually decrease, eventually disappearing within a week.

Then my daughters rash started appearing in winter as well which means its definitely not (only) triggered by the heat. The doctors say that she will most likely outgrow it but it is now something we can better live with, knowing that there will be no side effects like with cortisone.

In the meantime, my youngest daughter (3) was diagnosed with neurodermatitis last month. Again, the doctor prescribed cortisone. I used Bee Natural Ezcema and kept the cortisone, just in case. My daughters rash disappeared within a week.

Lastly, a German friend who is in Cape Town for 3 months developed a bad swell on top of her right eyelid. She attributes it to stress but said it itches badly. She tried everything she could but nothing worked. I gave her the cream to try and her eyelid immediately stopped itching. She has now begged me to buy her two jars, one for her and one for another friend.

I can only say that this cream has worked wonders for my daughters and for those Ive recommended it to. Very happy and grateful to have found it.
02/12/2015, By Sheralyn
After trying for many months to deal with my sons eczema with other creams, four days of applications with this and it was gone... lol should have bought a small bottle. But sure it will have other amazing uses too
30/09/2015, By RODNEY
Excellent product. After spending a lot of money on other creams that I have been using for very many month my condition cleared up after 5 days. And then I only used it once a day and not twice as they recommend.
19/12/2013, By Aneta
it works wonders for my daughter eczema. nothing worked as well as this balm.
28/11/2013, By Monique
My baby has eczema and this product seems to provide more moisture for his skin than other creams specifically designed for eczema - this product will prevent his skin from drying as quickly when compared to most other creams. It does nothing to relieve the eczema in any way though, its still red itchy.

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