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Africa Organics Kalahari Melon Body Lotion (Sensitive)

Africa Organics Kalahari Melon Body Lotion (Sensitive)
Africa Organics Kalahari Melon Body Lotion (Sensitive)
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Price From: R139.00
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This sweet, citrus scented body lotion will leave your skin feeling beautifully nourished and moisturised. It’s enriched with Kalahari melon known for its powerful anti-ageing characteristics. Added Rooibos, rich in antioxidants, is fantastic for nourishing your skin. Africa Organics Kalahari Melon Body Lotion is a 100% natural, sulphate free, light lotion that will leave your skin feeling pampered.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

All Africa Organics products are made from 100% natural African plant Ingredients and are all Ecocert accredited. All ingredients are free from harmful chemicals and animal products, as well as being gluten and sulphate free. This means that you’re guaranteed a product that offers nothing but the best in terms of natural simplicity and quality.

The fresh, invigorating Kalahari Melon Body Lotion gets its intensive moisturising and anti-ageing qualities from the high levels of phytosterol and Omega-6, found naturally in the Kalahari Melon. Kigelia African Fruit extract brightens the skin, while the pre-biotic Inulin enhances the natural functioning of the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and revitalised. 

The natural, long lasting hydration nourishes and replenishes the skin of lost moisture, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing with health.


Water (Aqua), Aloe Barbadensis (Vera) Leaf Gel*, Ethanol, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Citrus sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil*, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Caprylate, Isoamyl Laurate, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Citrullus lanatus (Kalahari Melon) Seed Oil, Inulin*, Glyceryl Stearate, Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract, stearic acid, Citric Acid, Cyclopia genistoides (Honeybush) Leaf Extract*, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid, Tocopherol, Vanilla planifolia Extract, Linalool**, Limonene**, Geraniol**

*ingredient from organic farming

**component of natural essential oils

100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin

22% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming

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Overall Rating
4.3 out of 5 stars from 106 reviews

98 out of 106 people would recommend this product

08/03/2024, By Jacqui
I've been using this body lotion for a few years and love it! Goes on easily and not greasy. Lovely fresh scent but not too strong. great for sensitive skin.
31/05/2022, By Cristina
I love the fragrance but do not find the lotion moisturizing enough and have scaly legs for thd first time in many years. I have added Jojoba oil in the hope that my skin will become soft again. No real improvement yet so will try adding more oil.
22/06/2021, By Anelda
Absolutely love this lotion!

Soft and light on skin, amazing!
No need to constantly re-apply, last long.
03/06/2021, By Freda
This lotion is great! I have very dry and eczema-prone skin and this is amazing. A little goes a long way and the smell is so soft and clean. It's just amazing and I am absolutely in love with it!
26/03/2021, By Jacqueline
Absorbs quickly. Light and non greasy - lovely smell. Been using it for a few years.
21/03/2021, By Beatrice
I keep coming back to this body lotion. It is not quite nourishing enough for my skin but I love the smell and how easily is spreads.
18/12/2020, By Karabo
16/11/2020, By wee
its the only one my husband will use, it adds moisture with no oiliness
06/10/2020, By Cortney
Love Love Love.
28/09/2020, By Kelly
FINALLY!!! I found a good - AN AMAZING - vegan-friendly body lotion!!!!!!! And it smells THE BOMB.COM!!!!!
12/08/2020, By Abby
I've been using this product for a few years now and I've never looked back.
11/08/2020, By Yolandi
Love the smell and consistency.
02/08/2020, By Helene
How nice
24/07/2020, By Candice
Awesome South African product with a lovely smell, I'm planning on getting more!
06/07/2020, By Erryn
I really like this lotion - it's not greasy or thick, it is light on your skin. It has quite a strong citrus/orange smell so if you're not keen on that then I wouldn't recommend you get it, BUT I think the smell is refreshing and would recommend this product :)
06/06/2020, By Shany
This lotion smells very nice. It has a sticky texture when applying it on my skin. I wish the smell was more dominate. But other than that very nice product.
24/05/2020, By Cortney
This product is my new go-to lotion! I mix it with my favourite essential oils.
18/05/2020, By ngwedi
I bought this for my chronically dry hands but I dont think it is as hydrating as I hope it would be. Its very. light...
24/04/2020, By Cris
Bought this for my hubby because he likes a no-nonsense skincare routine, and hates feeling greasy after putting on lotion. This is light, absorbent, and smells ssooooooo good!! (That is, if you like fruity, happy smells).
24/04/2020, By Lea
I like the smell.
29/03/2020, By Zakiyyah
Helped calm my eczema flare ups
15/03/2020, By Green
Not messy
14/03/2020, By Nicky
I really like this cream as it is light and moisturises my skin.
I would recommend it for summer months and suggest adding a thicker cream in winter. The smell is subtle and does not bother me like others who have reviewed the product.
12/03/2020, By Zakiyyah
This has really helped my eczema. I highly recommend it!
19/09/2019, By Selina
Very good for sensitive skin. I came across this by chance, and have now placed my first order. Somewhat fluidy
17/09/2019, By Guinevere
Moisturizing, but personally did not like the smell. Some may like it though (difficult to describe)
21/08/2019, By Beatrice
Lovely smell, good for the whole body but not moisturizing enough on my dry legs
06/06/2019, By Saffyre
Perfect for summer. I use this for most of the year and it's perfect for my dry skin, smells great and a little goes a long way. But I do find I need something a little richer in the colder months (hence the 4 stars)
07/03/2019, By Cheri
Love the smell, light on the skin, can be applied from head to toe, Divine, even ordered some for my sister to try out
25/02/2019, By Daphne
Unusual but delightful fragrance. Light and really lovely to use. Well priced. I use it myself and the are good as gifts for friends and family overseas.
01/02/2019, By Kimberley
Smells like a dream. Nice, lightweight cream, absorbed quickly. Great that it's local and vegan. Onto my second bottle now and will definitely be buying more in the future.
03/01/2019, By Megan
Got this as a sample and just had to get more! I LOVE this product. It's great for sensitive skin and super moisturizing. Also, it doesn't love an oily feeling after applying, it absorbs fast and leaves the skin smooth and soft and dry.
09/12/2018, By Pat
This is such a great alternative to conventional deodorant!
03/12/2018, By Will
Love the orange scent makes you feel fresh and clean
25/11/2018, By Mohammed Abdeen
Not massively moisturising, I still feel dry a few hours later. The smell is a bit too sweet for me.
28/10/2018, By Anonymous
I love this product it's totally organic. It smells so gud makes you want to eat it. Makes my body feel refreshed. Great size options for travel purposes and bulk gor great savings. In my hand bag, in the bathroom. In my cupboard.
26/09/2018, By Nik
The moisturiser is rather light and smells amazing.
26/08/2018, By Nicky
This is a very light but effective moisturizer. People with dry skin may need some thing a little heavier
23/08/2018, By Maxine
Don't particularly like the smell or feel on my skin. Not very moisturizing and a bit runny. Love the price though.
21/08/2018, By aqeelah
I would recommend this products if you don't prefer a thick cream. The smell is lovely but I didn't find it moisturizing
27/06/2018, By Becs
Beautiful scent, absorbs and moisturizes so well
25/05/2018, By Carika
The smell of this lotion is out of this world ! I really like it!
13/05/2018, By Sarah
I LOVE this product. I have re-bought several times. It smells lovely, is not too thick, and absorbs really well.
13/04/2018, By Gcins
Smell is too overpowering
10/04/2018, By wendy
lovely smell, light and the only one my husband will use. I have just ordered the 1 L bottle
21/03/2018, By Kim
I am not a huuuge fan of body lotions but if I have to use this is my lotion of choice. Works quickly, absorbs fast, and doesn’t leave my skin with an oily resedue that takes ages to “absorb”.
05/03/2018, By Lucille
It is simply not moisturising enough for my skin.. It does absorb quickly and I would recommend it for a hand lotion in the office or at your desk. LOVED THE SMELL, though and hubby couldn't get enough.
25/01/2018, By Phyllis
Lovely smell. Have also ordered for my daughter who loves it. Light and mosturising but not sticky
22/11/2017, By Danielle
Worth buying the largest bottle, smells wonderful - pair it up with the wash
21/11/2017, By Zest
My favourite body lotion by a wide margin, but I'm not prepared to pay this price for 1 litre of lotion. Will keep searching for a cheaper natural alternative...
17/11/2017, By Jo
I'll recommend it as a hand cream for my friend's handbag. I didn't love it, but not bad. SMELLS DIVINE - even hubby commented on it. I liked that it absorbed fast, but I had to reapply it on my dry skin, and after using it for 3 days, had to go back to a winter's cream. It just wasn't adequate, even now in the warmer months.
17/11/2017, By Bridget
Very reasonable cost and has a wonderful scent. But need to make sure you are properly dry or doesnt absorb easily
27/10/2017, By Chris
I love this body lotion, it smells great and absorbs fast.
08/10/2017, By TJ
Lovely. Light & smells amazing
03/10/2017, By desiree
I have sensitive skin and struggle with bouts of eczema. This works like magic. And the amazing fragrance is an added bonus.
22/09/2017, By wendy
after washing and drying hands its so convenient to pump some of the moisturizer onto hands. Smells and feels lovely and ..... I think I'm addicted.
19/09/2017, By Dinette
Love this product. Smells amazing!
28/08/2017, By Monique
This is an effective body lotion for both men and women. It is not too watery/thin but not too thick either - a perfectly balanced body lotion. A lovely subtle natural scent too.
24/07/2017, By Zee
nice product. easy to slip into ones handbag but a bit too small as a gift.
18/07/2017, By Nat
I am so happy I bought this cream and I see it as excellent value for money. It really is a light lotion that will leave your skin feeling pampered. Will try more products from AFRICA ORGANICS!
13/07/2017, By Sizwe
I bought the 1L bottle and I am one happy chap. My aunt smelled the lotion and she immediately wanted to bath just to be able to use it. As they say 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating', the lotion does what it claims to do. Thumbs up...
12/07/2017, By Megan -lee
I purchased a small 40ml tube to see if it will agree with my skin, mostly my hands, and it does. I wash my hands a lot during the day, which leaves my skin very dry. Love the scent as well
28/06/2017, By Megan
A beautiful, lightweight body lotion with a subtle scent. Application wise, a little more is needed during the winter months when skin is most prone to dryness. I usually buy the 1 litre pump bottle for convenience, and it also lasts for ages! It's great to stock up on the sample sizes for travelling..
26/06/2017, By Fran
Love it. When applied it goes right into my Skin. I would say it is more suitable for summer than winter. A bit too dry for my winter skin, I need more moisturiser. I do love the smell! Overall a very nice body lotion.
13/06/2017, By Phee
Gorgeous and light. Silky soft skin without any oiliness, the scent is energising and fresh and a little goes a long way.
12/06/2017, By Susie
Great body lotion, for both winter and summer. And it has a lovely clean and fresh smell. Great value, too, in the handy 1 liter pump bottle, which makes it super easy to dispense.
07/06/2017, By Shez
Am onto my second one litre pump bottle. Keep it in the bathroom and at first thought it way too watery but hey, bought it so had to use it. My skin soon got used to it and found it perfect for Natal summers.
Hubby uses it too as citrus scent not too girly.
Prefer something a bit heavier for winter though when humidity drops. No skin irritation and I have very sensitive skin.
06/06/2017, By Maryxtina
The size is great for my handbag and the smell is great. The product wasn't useful for my dry skin. I'd rather recommend it for use during summer time and not winter.
27/05/2017, By Jacqueline
Lovely body lotion - I find it hard to find the right product for my skin - this is it. Absorbs really well and has a lovely, fresh scent.
05/04/2017, By Lynette
I bought the 200ml at first at a Dischem store... Wasn too sure about the smell but got to LOVE it. I then bought the 1litre pump bottle next and its really so handy.

I found the lotion a bit on the thin side, but once its on your skin, it IS very, very nice!!!
11/01/2017, By Suzanne
Use this product when I go away or after I have shaved and my legs need a little re-hydrating.The smell is something I have had to learn to adjust to however. It is definitely moisturising which is what a person wants.
11/01/2017, By Shari
Wouldn buy this again as it is not moisturizing and has to be massaged properly into the skin as it goes on white. Maybe it can be used as a summer cream but not in winter as it does not help.
12/09/2016, By kheNZI
i have very dry skin so the lotion is not that moisturing as a body lotion but its perfect as a hand lotion its silky and smells great.... must have in the handbag!!!
05/09/2016, By Kristen
As many of the other reviewers have commented, this lotion smells fantastic, like a creamsicle! I personally love the consistency--definitely not watery and also not so thick that your skin is greasy afterwards. Also love the range of sizes it is available in. The small one is perfect for your purse.
01/09/2016, By Nicola
My friend bought me the 200ml last month for my birthday, this cream has been an absolute lifesaver!

I suffer from a skin condition called Dermographic Urticaria, its a very unsightly and incredibly itchy condition cause by heat, cold, pressure, pollens, pretty much anything.

This is the first cream that I have used in ten years that is actually helping my skin! Ive recommended it to everyone I know, specially those with skin allergies. The smell is divine and it absorbs so well that it doesn get grease on my clothes.

Just bought the 1l bottle as I know the little bottle is almost up and can possibly go a day without this cream!

So thank you, Faithful to Nature, this has really made such a difference to my life.
26/08/2016, By Nicole
This cream smells so amazing! It is not awfully moisturizing but it is great for keeping in your handbag.
28/06/2016, By loren
this stuff smells like those kief orange ice-creams ... I think they were called Minute Maid?
16/02/2016, By Catherine
I tried this lotion only recently, and I love it! When you rub it it in, does first turn quite white, but is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin super soft. The smell is just delicious, and yet not too strong. A fab product with a super fab price :)
07/01/2016, By Candice
I bought the 1 litre pump bottle, as Id tried this cream before when it was given to me as a gift.

I find it is one of the best
atural body lotions that Ive tried up til now (although I don buy the more expensive lotions, so I can say how it compares to the expensive brands).

atural lotions have disappointed me as they are either too watery, and feel like they rub away to nothing, providing little moisturisation; or else they are too thick and make my skin feel oily all day.

I prefer my body lotion to be quite light, especially in the summer heat, (Im not a fan of body butters) as I moisturise my whole body after every shower. Although this Kalahari Melon lotion takes quite a while to rub in, it feels light and doesn leave my skin feeling oily, yet I feel well moisturised.

The smell is quite strong (sweet), but I like it, and my husband doesn seem to mind it (hes using the lotion too). If you are worried about not liking the smell, rather try a small size first.

If you like it, I recommend the 1 litre bottle as it can sit on your bathroom counter for easy use with the pump.

I will continue to buy this product for years, I think.
06/01/2016, By Jacqueline
This is a lovely body lotion. Not sticky. Absorbs fast. No rashes or itches afterwards, only soft skin. I would say an ideal lotion for summertime - when rich creams is not necessary. Also great for the kids as they hate creams which always seems like forever before absorbing. I will be testing this lotion come winter time (on me and the kids) to see what the results are as well. A very nice orange fragrance but it fades quickly.
06/01/2016, By Debbie
I love this product. I thought the size would make it go quickly but I was deceived. Not much is required as a little goes a long way.
11/11/2015, By Rensche
I love the smell and a little goes a long way. Works well.
23/07/2015, By Anita
This body lotion is absorbed easily into the skin and has a delightful citrus fragrance. Just right to use after a morning shower. I am ordering a second one to keep in my sports bag. After showering at the gym, I am always in a hurry and do not like dressing with my skin still sticky. Good value too!
03/07/2015, By Monique
This lotion really is suitable for sensitive skin and has a lovely subtle citrus fragrance. The 1L is fairly good value for money too.
29/06/2015, By Stephanie
I don like this lotion so much, it has a slight burning sensation on my skin. I then saw that there is alcohol in, won buy it again.
17/06/2015, By Suzanne
Regtig n lekker lyfroom en dit ruik heerlik nes regte lemoene. Dis egter nie baie ryk nie (daarom net vier sterre) en soms sit ek tissue oil by as ek dink dit is nodig. Dit is al my tweede bottel en ek hergebruik nie produkte wat nie werk nie ;-)
28/04/2015, By Gabrielle
I am bad at using lotion, I don like to wait for it to absorb into my skin and I don like feeling sticky, this one is just perfect and I have used it after every shower/bath since purchasing! I love the uplifting scent and the fact that it is quickly absorbed and doesn leave a greasy residue. Will definitely purchase again! Price isn too bad either.
09/04/2015, By Charissa
Im a fussy lotion-user. I care about the consistency, how absorbent it is, and how nice it smells. This one ticked the boxes for me, and Ill definitely be using it again.
03/04/2015, By Suzanne
Ek het jare gelede (voor ek FtN ontdek het) hierdie produk by
ketting-apteek gekoop en ek besef nou dat dit
ou of foutiewe produk moes gewees het - die reuk was net af en die tekstuur korrelrig. Die room wat ek van FtN bestel het, ruik hemels (die ene lemoene) en, soos die ander dames geskryf het, is
ligte, maar voedende room. Boonop vergelyk die prys uitstekend. Dit is
nuwe gunsteling.
02/04/2015, By Josline
I found the orange zest scent of this lotion too overwhelming.It absorbs quickly but i do not like the sticky feeling after applying it onto skin.It does however moisturize the skin fairly well.
21/03/2015, By Lelanie
Makes my skin soft, and don leave any sticky feeling behind. Feels like it absorbs all the way. Can deal with the strong orange smell.
09/02/2015, By Wilmie
The whole Africa Organics range is amazing. The body lotion leaves my skin moisturized without feeling sticky or dry.
03/02/2015, By Marlize
This is the best moisturiser! I love the smell, it soaks up quickly without leaving my skin feeling sticky. You don have to use tons of the product. I love the packaging and is easy to use. Wish there was a body butter for pamper days though:)
31/12/2014, By Natasha
I love the whole African Organics range, but this lotion holds a special place in my heart and I was thrilled to find a huge pump bottle, as I moisturise after every bath/shower.

It smells a little like chocolate and oranges, or perhaps dried citrus fruits. Absolutely divine. It absorbs very quickly and a little goes a long way.

I was using coconut oil as a body moisturiser, and this is a really lovely alternative.
30/12/2014, By Gabriella
This cream absorbs easily and is nourishing and moisturising. It doesn have a strong smell but I personally didn like it though so won buy again.
30/09/2014, By Alma
I absolutely love the smell of this product and that you don need to use as much as with other products but Im not so happy with the sticky feeling.
26/08/2014, By Jonathan
It smells so refreshing and zingy and absorbs really fast
01/07/2014, By Zest
This sweet and fresh lotion smells like fruity Wine Gums or some other yummy treat! I love it, and it works very well. Its sticky for a minute or two after applying, but after that it gets absorbed and moisturises very well. I only need to use very little, and no need to reapply often either. Lovely!
05/06/2014, By Cordelia
I simply love this body lotion! The smell is amazing, I think of sweets every time, and the texture is just right, thick and creamy. Another great thing is that you only have to use a small amount, it really goes a long way. And it keeps your skin moisturized, even in the dry winter.
22/04/2014, By MIRIAM
I adore this line of products.
They smell fantastic and make your skin feel great!!
Highly Recommend this lotion! :)
04/03/2014, By Tracy
This cream is just yummy. It smells beautiful, absorbs really well and leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and fresh. And its priced well :)
02/10/2013, By Kiara
I don enjoy the smell of this one, and its quite sticky for a while after applying, my skin did feel moisturized though, but still not my favorite!
29/09/2013, By Fathima
Love this lotion. I have extremely dry skin and this lotion keeps my skin moisturised all day long.
03/09/2013, By Masadi
Everything about this lotion is great...except the smell! I like my body lotions subtle, this one is a bit too obtrusive.
30/08/2013, By Janice
I am in love with this lotion; the smell is heavenly and a little goes a very long way!!
08/08/2013, By Janie
This is a refreshing lotion with a subtle citrus scent and moisturises well enough. Not bad for the price. I am happy to repurchase.

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