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Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous Cream 250ml

Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous Cream 250ml
Oh-Lief Natural Aqueous Cream 250ml
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  • 250ml
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This amazing skincare product is the first of its kind in South Africa; an aqueous cream for newborn babies that contains no petroleum jellies or mineral oils! Instead, Oh-Lief has combined some of Mother Nature’s most special healing remedies (like beeswax, natural clay and coconut oil) to take care of your precious angel’s sensitive skin. Use it as a wash-off cream for newborn babies, and as an all-purpose lotion for the whole family.

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What’s in Oh-Lief’s pure natural aqueous cream formula?

  • Coconut oil is full of essential fatty acids; miraculous when it comes to healing and hydrating the skin.
  • Olive oil is packed with nutrients that keep baby’s skin soft, moisturised and healthy.
  • Beeswax forms a thin protective layer over the skin, keeping it safe from harmful environmental factors.
  • Vitamin E is an important skincare ingredient that “feeds” the skin cells and helps them regenerate.
  • Bentonite clay is a potent but gentle remedy that heals skin complaints and irritations.
  • Recommended for sensitive, dry, itchy and problematic skin types.
  • Contains no pore-blocking mineral oils or petroleum jelly.


  • Use as a gentle cleansing wash on your new baby's skin during bath-time, or as a soothing moisturiser for the whole family.


  • 250ml


Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa
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Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 83 reviews

81 out of 83 people would recommend this product

16/10/2023, By Susan
Ideal cream for babies sensitive skin. My grandchildren use it all the time. The ideal cream for eczema prone skin.
03/10/2023, By Gina
Rich and absorbent.
24/09/2023, By Lina
This Creme healed my baby's very dry skin/eczema. I love it!! Buying over and over again and use it for myself as well.
04/09/2023, By Erika
This is the best cream we have ever used, my daughter and I use it as a facecream, because we both have sensitive skin and it is truly amazing, have been using it for a while
23/05/2023, By Fatima
Perfect for Jhb's dry winters.

Initially started using it when a dermatologist was recommending topical steroid cream for my 2yr old's dry skin. Used oh lief instead and the issue went away!
22/05/2023, By Amanda
Lovely product with no nasties
10/12/2022, By Mandy
Really good at keeping in the moisture. Skin doesn't dry out as the day progresses
24/08/2022, By Shakeelah
My 4 month old has eczema. Using this alongside “Honeyguide beeswax ointment” is the perfect combo for eczema. I wish was using this from the very beginning and not those toxic commercial products. I saw a massive improvement with his skin and overtime he began to itch less. Until one day i gave him antibiotics and it caused a flare up. I will never again listen to doctors and nurses. Natural is best and will continue to use these as they are working.
12/07/2022, By Mandi
Here I am, still coming back for more!
09/06/2022, By Judy
This product saves our skins every winter. Always have a generius supply for the whole family.
10/01/2022, By A Jennifer
I received this as a sample and was instantly hooked. I use it as a moisturiser. I have rosacea so I'm quite limited wrt what I use as anything too strong irritates my skin. This doesn't irritate AT ALL and does not trigger my rosacea 'pimples'. It also makes an excellent base for mixing essential oils into - I like to make up a little pot of soothing cream for when my skin flares up, which it tends to do in hot weather (I add a few drops of Chamomile and Patchouli oil). Has a very neutral fragrance. I cannot live without this stuff!
18/02/2019, By Nicole
I have used this on my boys for ages now. They used to suffer from Eczema every winter but it has not reoccurred since using this product.
12/02/2019, By Claire
Great for bathing baby and for moisturising. It's just expensive.
11/02/2019, By Michelle
This is my no1 for body lotion for my kids. Both having sensitive skin and easily irritated- we have tried many different brands- this is the one must have in our health care range at home. We use it everyday after bath and in between, especially in the drier winter months, keeps skin soft and hydrated.
07/02/2019, By Johani
I have been using this product for my baby at bathtime since she was born. It is light, smells lovely, absorbs quickly into the skin and soothes any irritation. Great for baby massage. While it is expensive for a product that gets used up quite quickly, I'm happy to pay the premium to keep dangerous chemicals away from my baby's skin.
03/02/2019, By Stef
This cream has a very light but pleasant fragrance. It has a fairly rich consistency, but it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling so lovely and soft. This has become a self-care staple!
03/02/2019, By Sam
This aqueous cream is absolutely divine. It's so rich and creamy yet not greasy at all. It absorbs quickly and moisturises thoroughly. Best!
29/01/2019, By Ruth
I received a sample with my last order and I am so mad at myself that I didn't buy this earlier! Great as a moisturiser, body wash and even for shaving! Has a very nourishing feel and nice neutral smell. I will definitely be buying more of this stuff!
29/01/2019, By Monique
Received a sample - it's a nice light moisturizer that's not greasy at all. Nice for general moisturizing, even for my face.
21/01/2019, By P
The product provides great moisturisation and is excellent for sensitive skin.
21/01/2019, By J
This product is very gentle on the skin and moisturises my skin well. The texture may initially feel a bit "too thick", but it gets absorbed very quickly and is not oily at all. I use the product for my face. May not be recommended for people with dry skin. The product also smells so natural, which I love!
16/01/2019, By Fatima
coconut smell lovely. Perfect to use after a warm shower but need apply quite a lot to my toddlers to moisturize them completely
15/01/2019, By A
I like the oh Lief products and this Aqueous cream is another one to add to my shopping list
To make things better I purchased the special and got one free
09/01/2019, By Janine
This is a nice rich product and perfect for shaving. Will still try it out as a body moisturiser and a wash or adding it to my body wash as my skin is so dry.
10/12/2018, By Shihaam
I have been using this product for a few weeks now. I have very dry, flaky skin and the product seemed to have worked for the first few days....thereafter my dry patches decided to pitch up again. So i decided to try the pomegranate seed oil underneath the oh lief. These 2 products together works amazing but oh lief on its own....not so great.
07/12/2018, By Jenny
Used by my whole family from top to toe! Great product.
03/12/2018, By Monique
Neutral smell and soft moisturising feel.
02/12/2018, By Safiyyah
Smells amazing and goes on well. Works while it lasts which is not very long.
30/11/2018, By Lee
Great cream for the whole family. Can even be used as a 'body wash'!
22/11/2018, By Gretch
A great light cream, that applies easily and worked great on my son's sensitive skin
11/11/2018, By Marsel
Perfect for my baby. Makes his skin super soft and smooth.
09/11/2018, By Charmaine
Our pediatrician recommended that we use aqueous cream to wash our baby, instead of soap. This aqueous cream works amazingly well, and we even use it as a moisturiser for body and face (for adults).
06/11/2018, By Sasha
I live with eczema and this is great for everyday use when I'm not using my other topical creams. I find it great for the whole family. Slight oily residue but after a few minutes all is absorbed. Great for my face as well- my face is soft and glowing.
31/10/2018, By Claire
This is not moisturizing enough for my baby, as his skin is very dry. But it's great for me--I use it in my body and it's moisturizing but not greasy. I tried using it during pregnancy but it wasn't rich enough for my belly--the tummy wax was great though. It's a great every day body moisturizer. I just wish it came in a bottle so it was more hygienic.
25/10/2018, By Gen
Love oh lief
18/10/2018, By Leigh-Anne
The founder of Oh Lief recommended this cream for my face due to my very dry skin. It works really well and I have immediately noticed the difference. Great to use as a primer for my foundation without have to use an extra primer before applying makeup.
09/10/2018, By Michelle
The best product I have found for young sensitive skins.
09/10/2018, By LillySky
Leaves me itching like crazy every time I use it! Very disappointing. Bentonite clay is not supposed to stay on your skin for long, it is super absorbent.
18/09/2018, By TSL
Love this cream! It is very hydrating without being oily. I would highly recommend.
05/09/2018, By Izelle
Best Aqueous Cream I've ever used. So natural and gentle on baby's skin. Been using it since birth.
09/08/2018, By Mary
A staple in my bathroom cabinet. Lovely on its own, but also a great neutral base for mixing my own body butter by adding essential oil or richer, fragrant body lotion. It also works brilliantly as a cleanser.
06/08/2018, By sam
The most hydrating body butter I have tried. It is not greasy but lasts all day. A real skin saver in winter. However, I have a real problem trying to get used to the smell.
02/08/2018, By Mieke
The ultimate moisturiser, perfect for daily use. I have dry skin, especially in winter and this product leaves my skin soft without a sticky or oily residue.
30/07/2018, By archilulu
LOVE this! It's not all watery like Aqueous creams often are, and leaves your skin feeling nourished. I use it as a body wash for my baby, and the "oiliness" of it works beautifully for that purpose, leaving her skin hydrated from tip to toe!
23/07/2018, By Therita
Beautiful product!!! Great for baby and whole family.....even dad can use it
17/07/2018, By Linda
Very moisturising ! Added a few drops of rose geranium essential oil to scent it lightly.
17/07/2018, By Heidi
So rich and moisturizes very well. The only body and hand cream I use during winter.
12/07/2018, By Tee
I love love love this aqueous cream. I have really dry skin and this cream has sorted me out. I no longer get itchy like I used to especially in winter. Sticking to this one.
11/07/2018, By Jodi
Although this cream is ultra moisturizing, it smells like dust.
Added some essential oils to mask it and it has done the trick.
10/07/2018, By Melissa
Love this aqueous cream! Very calming on the skin and has a neutral scent, nothing too overpowering. Used it throughout my pregnancy as it doesn't contain any essential oils. Add some argan oil during winter for greater moisturisation!
06/07/2018, By Kathy
This is honestly the best body cream I have ever used and my whole family agree. It is thick and creamy but not oily and leaves your skin moisturised all day.
24/06/2018, By Hanri
Love this cream! Only cream I use for all over. Even hubby approves and he hates any kind of cream.
13/06/2018, By LALA
This IS the best aqueous cream I have ever used! It took me months contemplating if I should purchase it AND I AM GLAD I DID! I have been using it for 4 months now and the results are just astounding honestly. I initially purchased it for dry and sensitive eczema prone skin not only does it moisturize extremely well , it soothes irritated skin , lasts ALL day and the best part? it has cleared up dark pigmentation all over my body due to previous chronic eczema, I did not even expect it to do that. EVERYBODY has been commenting on the appearance of my skin and asking what have I been using to get rid of pigmentation that is basically gone! My skin is really smooth , healthy and glowing. I also use is as a facial moisturizer, perfect.
Smells divine!

29/05/2018, By Baby & Pops
Tried & tested, this is a staple product in our household, it's great with everyone's skin being really dry in winter.
18/05/2018, By Kelly
Amazing product and will rehydrate your skin in just a couple applications - LOVE!
07/05/2018, By Mihlali
So soft, love applying it on my son’s skin.
04/05/2018, By Therita
This is the only cream I use on my body and my face, as well as for my two toddler girls. I love it's rich, creamy texture, but it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily.
01/05/2018, By Nedri
A smooth cream, even use it for my face! I love it!
11/04/2018, By Zee
This is a fantastic creamy aqueous cream! I love this product and am very interested in trying some of this company’s other products!
01/04/2018, By Nadine
We use it for our entire household. Baby included. It's lovely. Gentle and really makes your skin soft. It's really affordable too. Love it!
26/03/2018, By Megan
The only thing my daughter of ten will tolerate on her skin when it's dry and eczema-ish. Really gentle for sensitive skins. I have on occasion used it on my face when I've forgotten my moisturiser and it doesn't clog my pores either (though it wouldn't be my first choice for my face, as it's pretty thick). Very good product. Reliable quality.
22/03/2018, By Healthy Girl
lovely product
22/03/2018, By Healthy Girl
affordable for the quality
22/03/2018, By Carla
This works beautifully on my baby's skin. It is so gentel
18/03/2018, By sam
Thick and moisturising. Hydrates well and lasts the whole day. Not too thrilled about the fragrance, but this is the best body butter I have come across.
17/03/2018, By Lee
This was a great aqueous cream to use during bath times for our newborn.
12/03/2018, By Regina
Don't like aqueous creams because of all the harmful things they add to it. Thankfully I found Oh Lief's Aqueous cream. So natural and so amazing. Makes your skin feel soft and perfect! Amazing thing is that it is not oily at all. It penetrates fast, but not like you can''t feel it anymore. I have very dry skin and it feels amazing on my skin, without being oily.
06/03/2018, By Naomi
love this so much!
28/02/2018, By Lize
Most amazing product. I mix it with the bee natural gold serum and my skin feels amazing.
07/02/2018, By Natalie
this cream is so moisturising. Just takes a little while to be absorbed, but love using it on baby.
03/02/2018, By Sandra
Received this as a sample with my order and OMW! Been using it as a FACE cream and my skin is so soft. Definitely purchasing the full-size version.
31/01/2018, By Nicola - Mindful Health and Wellness
This is the best body lotion I've ever used. My skin is very dry and most natural creams do not moisturize enough but Oh Lief's aqueous cream does and it's amazing! I use it every day as does my daughter and I give it as a new baby gift often too. I can't recommend it more highly!
13/01/2018, By Stephanie
Cannot sing the praises of this cream enough! Very good for sensitive skin, moisturizes and heals. Great base for mixing with essential oils.
05/01/2018, By DinDin
When my daughter was 6 months old she appeared to have some sort of allergic reaction all over her mouth and nose after some kissies from her aunty..she was red in the face. The first thing in my mind was to rush to the doctor obviously but something just told me to apply the oh lief cream all over the affected areas before going to the doctor and just ask God to help me. Now the doctor is only 5 minutes away but by the time we reached reception the reaction on her face disappeared. This cream must have been my answer from God.
04/01/2018, By Tammy
No fragrance and very nourishing perfect for sensitive skin
27/12/2017, By Ginny
I and my daughters have used this for years. Love this product and what they stand for. An amazing team of moms who run this company. Now my daughter will be using it for her baby.
20/12/2017, By Naz
Gorgeous cream. Looks and feels natural. Leaves your skin feeling beautifully moisturised. I love it, my little one loves it and so does Grandma.
01/12/2017, By Tandy
My skin feels amazing when I use this cream!
28/11/2017, By Mary Lynne
One of my favourite creams for baby and me. So gentle.
26/11/2017, By Kaeyla
Love this cream - it feels rich without being oily or sticky.
24/11/2017, By Mareli
What a fantastic product - nice and creamy; not oily at all. Neutral smell.
23/11/2017, By Yusra
Love it. Very subtle smell. I use it for my baby, toddler and myself. Highly recommend it. Great South African product that's free from all the bad extras.
21/11/2017, By Mika
Best body/face cream by far!! So thick & creamy and no oily residue. Absorbs & moisturises so well. Use it for myself & baby.

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