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Naturals Beauty Rooibos Vanilla Facial Crème (Dry/Mature Skin)

Naturals Beauty Rooibos Vanilla Facial Crème (Dry/Mature Skin)
Naturals Beauty Rooibos Vanilla Facial Crème (Dry/Mature Skin)
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  • 50ml
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Naturals Beauty Rooibos Vanilla Facial Crème has been infused with sesame & vitamin E oil to nourish and protect the skin. It is suitable for dry, damaged or mature skin. A rich and hydrating cream with a deliciously delicate natural vanilla fragrance.

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  • Made with natural rooibos & vanilla extracts
  • Suitable for dry and mature skin types
  • Rooibos is antioxidant-rich & therefore has great anti-ageing properties
  • Beeswax has a protective effect on the skin & helps to seal in moisture


**Please Note: Ethylglycerin is derived from Vegetable Glycerine and is used as a natural preservative. It’s an emollient solvent with antimicrobial activity. Used in cosmetic, personal care and other products, e.g. deodorants, sunscreens and surgical hand preparations. It enhances the action of preservatives, inhibits bacterial growth and is a mild humectant and skin emollient.

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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 129 reviews

125 out of 129 people would recommend this product

08/02/2024, By Nicholette
This is the best facial cream I have used by far! It smells divine, is super soft on your skin, and a little goes a long way.
This will now be my facial creme going forward - highly recommend this product.
26/11/2023, By Beverley
I like the cream but not sure if I want to smell like a vanilla ice cream
26/11/2023, By Beverley
I like the cream but not sure if I want to smell like a vanilla ice cream
08/10/2023, By Cherise
In Love with this product. Price obviously fantastic!!! My skin feels great as well!!!
08/10/2023, By Cherise
In Love with this product. Price obviously fantastic!!! My skin feels great as well!!!
16/01/2023, By Sharlene
Beautiful, soft and gentle. Nourishing to the skin
I keep coming back, it's a great product
14/11/2022, By Sally
Excellent product. Nourishing and great value.
05/07/2022, By Lorraine
Excellent product and a lovely smell. Deep moisturises without being oily.
08/06/2022, By Td
My niece actually took it as she had very dry and flaky skin. She lived it from the get go so I never got to try it out but you have one happy customer.
12/05/2022, By Shelley
While this product certainly moisturises the skin quite effectively, i did not enjoy the feel of it on my skin.
13/04/2022, By Carol
Beautiful! Brilliant! My husband tried some and claimed it... so I’m ordering my third moisturizer, leaves my skin soft and hydrated! We both also love the subtle vanilla fragrance????????
05/03/2022, By Carol
Love this cream! It’s like putting a dollop of vanilla ice cream on my skin it’s texture is so light and fluffy!... This is my second order... I use it for day and night! Skin in silky soft even wen I wake up my skin still feels plumped up ????????
17/11/2021, By Lorraine
Love the vanilla smell! Quickly absorbed in my skin. And the price is very good, too
20/10/2021, By Chelle
A lovely hydrating product for my dry skin. Works well
12/10/2021, By Jenna-Leigh
This is honestly the best face cream I've ever used - it is rich, hydrating, smooth and smells like a dream - my boyfriend says it smells like he's putting cake on his face! I will never use anything else. Definitely going to buy lots of so that I never go without!
28/09/2021, By Cynthia
Love this cream. Keep ordering it. Sometimes I have to reapply during the day. Love the price although its risen a bit but I guess its understandable.
05/07/2021, By CBS
Lovely rich day cream that smells and feels good. It's plain and simple, is easily absorbed and truly moisturising. I use it both day and night.
07/06/2021, By Sharon
I buy this for my 31 year old daughter. She calls iit 'Face Food'. When she runs out, she feels an instant difference and is so greatful to get a top up. Excellent product with natural ingredients that feed the skin.
03/06/2021, By Binta
This delicious face cream is so well suited to my skin type and I love that it's made with natural ingredients. The smell is so yummie as well
02/06/2021, By Lindy
Such a gentle cream with the most amazing smell. My skin feels good afterwards and haven’t had any breakouts since using it
23/05/2021, By Carien
I love the texture AND smell of this cream,and have ordered a second bottle. Good value for money.
09/04/2021, By Rutendo
My skin loves this product. I’ve tried a lot of things on my face to no avail but this one worked wonders! I’ve been using it for a couple of months and my skin looks healthy and radiant
18/03/2021, By Tania
My face loves this cream and the scent is gorgeous!
16/03/2021, By Kylie
Firstly I need to start by saying that this cream smells amazing! Like vanilla ice cream. The texture is amazing like whipped cream and a little goes a long way because it has a oil base. I use this as my night cream and i can feel it really feeds my skin and when I wake up I can feel it is still nice and moisturized.
22/02/2021, By Kerry
Great product
22/01/2021, By Kira
Rich yet not heavy feeling on my skin. Smell is Devine! Love it
20/12/2020, By Ewa
This is my favorite face cream of so many I used in the past. My skin is nourished and moisturized beautifully. Love it, as well as the price!
14/12/2020, By Carli
My husband has normal/combination skin and he loves this moisturiser!
18/11/2020, By Fof
I love this cream. It's thick and rich. Its a great cream for incredible value
20/10/2020, By Karin
Bought for my mom and she loves it for her dry skin
09/10/2020, By Trish
Lovely product that works well
06/10/2020, By sm
Love it
06/10/2020, By Mazwi
Love it!
30/09/2020, By Carla
This particular cream did not work for me as I had a terrible break out of pimples. Definitely too rich for me. On the plus side it made an excellent foot/hand cream.
07/09/2020, By Karen
Amazing product that works. Great result, smell amazing and best of all affordable.
12/08/2020, By Leigh
Lovely cream. The rooibos and vanilla gave it a lovely scent and I loved light and airy texture- so much nicer to apply.
12/08/2020, By Rosemary
Use this daily every morning, makes my skin feel good, especially in the dry winter weather in Johannesburg.
30/07/2020, By Tania
This is a lovely night cream with a strong vanilla scent.
30/07/2020, By Phyllis
Lovely smell and goes on smoothly
24/07/2020, By Riette
Lovely product with beautiful smell
23/07/2020, By Candice
I love this product especially paired with the Avo night treatment. I have normal to combination skin and live in Durban and my skin still loves this rich cream.
14/07/2020, By Pauli
This is a WINNER !!!! Especially for cold dry Gauteng winters - this cream is PERFECT and smells heavenly.
08/06/2020, By Trish
Excellent product. Service outstanding

01/06/2020, By Talent
Excellent gift
29/05/2020, By Tallissa
Love the smell - it's one of my favourite moisturizers.
23/05/2020, By First born
26/04/2020, By Rosemary
This is a really lush facial cream, only need to use a small amount and it smells delicious.
06/04/2020, By Wendy
The product is very soothing for a dry skin. Rich in moisture and soft on your face. The smell is lovely and fresh.
21/03/2020, By Gail
This is my second purchase of this cream. I love the texture and smell. It works well on my 60 year old starting-to-dry-out skin.
08/01/2020, By Jenn
This is the 1st time I have purchased this product and so far I am loving it! Very hydrating and has a lovely smell! : )
08/01/2020, By Amanda
Lovely smell. It's a bit heavy and oily for summer use, but it still works perfectly as a night cream (in summer).
06/01/2020, By Helper
Natural stuff
27/12/2019, By Andrea
I like this cream, comes in a glass jar, so less plastic, smells lovely, and is like food for the skin. Recommended for very dry skin, or for night use, also it is lovely for tired wrinkly hands. I really like it, and smells delicious.
22/10/2019, By Esté
This is such a great night cream. It took me a while to get used to the texture, but my skin looks and feels amazing!
16/10/2019, By Gail
I love this cream, it is light but moisturising, with a lovely smell.
11/10/2019, By Kholofelo
I love it, and the shine too, it gives me a special kind of glow, my forehead and cheeks are super moist, soft and supple
16/09/2019, By Anni
Fantastic moisturiser and smells devine!
12/09/2019, By Sally
I have enjoyed using this face cream and until now have been very happy with it. However the consistency has changed and I find it too 'runny'. A disappointment. The company explained that they had to use a different preservative hence the consistency change. A pity.
15/08/2019, By Nicole
Prefer this night cream to the Naturals Beauty Avocado Night Cream and it smells amazing
10/08/2019, By Karen
I love the smell, it is very nourishing but it leaves a greasy residue that never goes away. In that sense it’s an occlusive which is probably better as a night cream. I will never use it under makeup. I’m addicted to the lovely subtle vanilla fragrance. I use Vit C powder and this cream is great to mix it with and apply at night - it dissolves easily.
30/07/2019, By Binta
I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered this face cream. It has a rich, creamy texture that feels so nourishing to my dry skin and the smell makes you want ot eat it! Very well priced too - always a good thing these days.
28/07/2019, By Nicole
After my skin turned so dry in the cold winter months I decided to give this cream a try. I'm so glad I did! It turned my tight-feeling, dull and super dry skin to soft and moisturized after only a few days. It also calmed down a breakout I had, and soothed the irritated skin around my chin. Would highly recommend
28/07/2019, By Nikki B
Smells and looks like a vanilla milkshake, yummy indeed. The application is not smooth, but rather 'sticky', which requires firm rubbing to get it into the skin. Not sure how great that would be for mature skin long term, when wanting to prevent wrinkles! Once I finally manage to get it into the skin, it does an amazing job at moisturising, as it promises
09/07/2019, By Micaela
This cream is extremely moisturising. I love the smell and the packaging is so so cute. Unfortunately it is a bit too much moisture for my normal/combination skin and it is very easy to apply too much. I think it's a great product and would probably be perfect for me if I had dry skin. I won't be purchasing this again simply because it doesn't work for me but I would highly recommend it to anyone who has dry skin. I expect that this jar will last me a very long time because I only use about a 10c coins worth each time.
04/07/2019, By Cathy
This is a lovely product for the cold and dry Gauteng winters.
02/07/2019, By Denise
One of my fav skin care products so far. Divine smell. Leaves my skin smooth and moisturized without being greasy. My skin is prone to breakouts and I was skeptical to change my skin care range. I have not had a breakout and love this product. Hope to see a 150ml soon!
02/07/2019, By Denise
This product leaves my skin soft and smelling divine. My skin is prone to breakouts and I haven't experience any breakouts since switching. I would definitely recommend this product.. Hope to see a 150ml soon though.
17/06/2019, By Phyllis
Lovely and gentle cream to apply. Moisturising for dry skin.
15/06/2019, By Mich
As I’ve got older my skin has gotten dry, this is a wonderful cream smells great and makes your skin feel wonderful.
08/06/2019, By Corne
This face cream is so silky, smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated without making it oily in the least! I struggle with very sensitive skin and this cream does wonders with keeping my skin calm and happy. I cannot recommend it enough!!
07/06/2019, By Chey
Ordered this for my Mother as she said she needed a moituriser for winter because her skin was feeling extremely dry and she absolutely loved it. Helped her get rid of a troubling patch of dry skin that no other face oil or serum seemed to be able to help with.
27/05/2019, By Binta
This has become my daily face cream. I love it's richness for my skin and it smells deliciously edible. I use it day and night, so I really love the price too!
16/05/2019, By Cecile
This cream is more of a mousse and really smells heavenly and keeps my skin moisturised, the price is a bonus too! I like the glass jar as well as I don't like pump bottles, too much wastage!
30/04/2019, By Marelize
I am honestly obsessed with this. I used to use LUSH moisturizers but they just seemed to run out fast and were very expensive to buy regularly. After reading reviews I bought this one as a day cream and it's just so heavenly. Not only does it smell like vanilla ice cream, but it's super moisturizing without being thick. I love that it's locally produced and packaged in glass jars, plus it's super affordable.
30/04/2019, By Louise
Love the gentle fragrance, felt good on my skin. Excellent value for money
26/04/2019, By AJ
Lovely creamy texture - love this face creme!
Great for dry skin/winter and smells gorgeous!
Would love a body butter like this too -
07/04/2019, By D
Oh so yummy! Love this product! Full of moisture and a delicious fragrance.
Thank you for making a product that feels incredible, works and doesn’t cost a fortune.
11/03/2019, By Binta
This is a perfect face cream for my skin type and the smell makes me want to just eat it! I love the texture and it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I use it day and night
26/02/2019, By SG
I have been using this since 2015 and even though I've tried to switch it up a bit with other natural moisturisers, i always find myself going back to this. It was an absolute game changer in my facial routine, the smell is divine, the consistency is great for dry skin and it goes on beautifully under makeup.
22/01/2019, By Jen
I love this product. Has a beautiful fragrance and rich texture. It is a bit too rich to use now (during summer)as I found that it leaves a sheen on my forehead. I will go back to using it in winter.
21/01/2019, By Nicola
I've been struggling with dry skin for the past few years. This has been AMAZING! I don't feel like I need to apply day cream 2 or 3 times a day anymore. excellent value for money too.
31/12/2018, By Rozanne
It was a preaent for my mother and she lives it but the contents was about 2/3 when I received it.
20/12/2018, By Janine
This is a gorgeous moisturiser and works well for day and night with my serum. It appears greasy at once applied but skin absorbs it in no time. I have very dry skin and this is working for me so far.

I just wish the company would replace the Phenoxyethanol with something more natural hence only 4 leaf rating.
14/12/2018, By Melanie
The best face cream I've ever had. I use it for day and night now although I always used to use separate creams. It moisturises beautifully without being greasy. It smoothes wrinkles and leaves skin looking healthy and young.
09/12/2018, By Tracey
Smells delicious and moisturizes my skin so well, it’s so light and not oily too
06/12/2018, By Vivella
I love this cream even though I have combination skin. It is so soothing, smells amazing and leaves your skin very soft and hydrated. I have repurchased and will purchase again.
16/11/2018, By Zaid
to be honest its all about how the creme makes your face feel. This feels great from day 1. It smells even better. Which i could buy it for cheaper in a larger quantity. I feel like this won't last me more than a month
14/11/2018, By Lucinda
Love this creme, does not affect my eyes at all
22/10/2018, By MelanieS
I recently had a very bad spell with my skin due to underactive thyroid. My skin was like sandpaper! This product really turned it around for me! I used it as day AND night cream and even my husband started using it as night cream. Definitely for more mature skin and certainly not for oily skin. I love this cream. And at that price?
15/10/2018, By Catherine
I absolutely loved the scent of this moisturiser, it is simply delicious. The moisturiser also worked well to calm my agitated skin after a hard day out in the sun, or outdoors working. However, it does create an oily film on my skin and this is not very nice.
15/10/2018, By Vanessa
Absolutely love this cream! My face tends to be very dry and this moisturises my skin well and smells divine! Will definitely buy this again.
08/10/2018, By Binta
This is the first time I'm trying the day cream (have previously purchased the same brand night cream) and have been pleasantly surprised at how soft and moisturised my skin feels and the smell is delicious. Also love the budget-friendliness of this cream. Will definitely purchase again
27/09/2018, By Sarah
Smells amazing. Mositurises really well. Don't need to moisturise as often as I used to.
14/09/2018, By Liezl
Love this cream!! Smells like sweets!! Hydrates fantasticly for dry mature skin! Will buy again!
14/09/2018, By Kathy
I love this cream. I've been using it for years and it's the only day cream that works for my skin. Has a lovely scent and texture.
14/09/2018, By Jemma
Omw this smell is amazing! My boyfriend absolutely loves it as well so that is a plus (he generally hates the creams I put on my face). I use it at night and it makes my skin feel hydrated and soft! Really enjoying it.
05/09/2018, By Pina
This cream is a gem, a real find, inexpensive and works wonderfully! Ideal for mature dry skin. A bit oily at first, but sinks in beautifully after a few minutes. I use it as a night cream and will definitely buy again. Love it!
17/08/2018, By Jenna
Wow - what a lovely smell = really good enough to eat :) Very moisturising & leaves your skin feeling silky smooth - very affordable. Will definietely purchase again
24/07/2018, By Estelle
I wanna eat this product it smells so good.
very versatile as a day and night cream, especially when traveling as you only need to pack one product.
03/07/2018, By SG
I've been using this for year's but I have a suspicion that the formula has changed, it has a new very strong vanilla scent, similar to cake batter, and the consistency is slightly thinner. I still do enjoy it but a little less so.
18/06/2018, By Giselle
I love the smell, the packaging and the feel on my skin, I will continue using this fantastic product
01/06/2018, By Varsh
Love this cream- I use so little for my face and my skin feels soft and moisturised- even in this dry winter time. affordable and in a cute glass jar that i can reuse easily :)
23/04/2018, By Roxy
Love the smell, very soft on the skin.
04/04/2018, By Jellybean
Really like the texture and smell of this cream. I will buy this cream again.
29/01/2018, By Varsha
Love this cream! affordable, moisturising and smells so great! just wish they always had stock of it
04/01/2018, By Tammy
Smells divine and very nourishing on my dry and sensitive skin
13/07/2017, By Lara
It's nice and smooth and smells lovely.
07/07/2017, By Manella
I love this. feels great on my skin. Does tend to go bit oily on warm days, so not sure how summer use will be. This will surely be a great product to start my kids on - no harmful chemicals that can affect their hormones.
20/12/2016, By SG
Ive been using this for over a year now and it is the best face cream for me.

The scent is decadent, it goes on easily and make your make-up look amazing. Since Ive been using this my skin has never looked better.
28/11/2016, By Lynda
Love this face cream, very moisturizing with a wonderful vanilla fragrance - will definitely buy again.
06/07/2016, By Debra
Best face cream by far. It is somewhat thick when first applying, but absorbs so quickly and leaves my skin feeling great.
03/06/2016, By rochelle
I hate the texture of this cream (way too thick) and I found the ingredients separated all the time - leaving a watery layer on top..
08/05/2016, By Hanabi
I love this product for my dry winter skin. Thick when first applied but absorbs easily and keeps skin moisturized throughout the day.
30/07/2015, By Victoria
This face creme is delicious! I cant get enough of the rich silky texture, it isnt lasting coz Im using it all the time. Such good value for money. Will buy again.
17/07/2015, By Varsha
i am really enjoying using this especially in winter as it is super rich and i don need to use as much as i thought. great scent combinations and nice amount in the jar.
29/06/2015, By Stephanie
This product really helps my dry skin and keeps it moisturized through out the whole day.
08/05/2015, By Nsimba
I just love this moisturizer. It has healed my chronically dry skin and the scent is really soothing!
15/08/2014, By Anel
I have definitely found my day creme for the dry Gauteng winters. I have been struggling to find a day cream that feels like it feeds my skin and keeps moisture locked in throughout the day. This cream does that. It both absorbs into the skin (best applied straight onto face rather than first putting it onto your hands; doesn work) and leaves a slight film that protect my skin from becoming dry throughout the day. Not crazy about the scent, but not bad at all. Just personal preference. Oh yes, and the price definitely facilitates it keeper status!
24/06/2014, By Cecile
This product exceeded my expectations. It smells lovely, it makes my dry winter skin feel soft and silky and it is non-greasy.
09/02/2014, By Suzanne
I use this beautifully fragranced cream as an eye cream. Its a bit too rich in summertime for my combination skin but I still use it around my eyes and mouth. Lovely, inexpensive product.
07/12/2011, By Karamena
I use this as a night cream, only because the scent is relaxing and an ideal way to drift off to sleep. The texture is just like a mousse, and tastes good too (couldn't resist the smell and had to try it :) )
22/11/2011, By Felicia
This is great value for money if you have dry skin. Smells devine too!
14/08/2011, By Nicy
Definitely makes you think of vanilla mousse, I love this day cream!
20/07/2011, By Michelle
It's rich when you put it on but absorbs nicely into the skin. Used it last night for the first time and loved it! Please don't increase the price. Keep it affordable and I'll keep buying it:-)
17/07/2011, By Jenny
The feel of this cream is like mousse yet it is rich on the skin. Lovely night cream!
16/07/2011, By Lauren
smells beautiful - seemed like a lovely mousse but for the face! - I like this product, must be lovely in winter and esp dry skin.
15/06/2011, By Tracy
I found this cream to be way too rich for a combination skin. It is not absorbed easily and leaves an oily sheen on your skin which makes it difficult for me to apply my makeup. I don't mind using it as a night cream, but wouldn't recommend it for combination/oily skins as a day cream.
17/01/2011, By Anel
The smell of this cream reminds me of eskimo pie ice cream. Beautiful! It's a bit hard to work with in the cold, I warm my moisturisers before patting it on - but having said that, it feels soft and comfy and my Mom and Aunt have already expressed their wishes for a little pot. Really great value for money too!

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