Earthsap Wild Rose & Vanilla Roll-On Deodorant

Earthsap Wild Rose & Vanilla Roll-On Deodorant
Earthsap Wild Rose & Vanilla Roll-On Deodorant
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A fragrant and feminine all-natural deodorant for Earth-loving ladies. Earthsap brings you a mild but effective natural roll-on that’s free of harsh synthetic ingredients and toxins. Earthsap deodorant allows your pores to breathe, and doesn’t block the sweat ducts, which makes it much safer and healthier than the ordinary, chemical-laden roll-ons you’ll find on supermarket shelves. Made with real rose and vanilla oils in a base of coconut and soybean extract, this eco-friendly deodorant smells as good as it feels.

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Proudly South African

While ordinary deodorants contain hazardous compounds like aluminium, Earthsap roll-ons are made with plant-based ingredients, each with their own special health and beauty benefits. Vanilla oil is full of skin-loving antioxidants, while rose oil soothes irritation and inflammation – ideal for ladies using underarm deodorant straight after shaving.

Earthsap is committed to creating safe, natural products using only the purest ingredients. Their formulas are biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals, so they’re kind to your body and your skin as well as your planet. This roll-on formula contains no synthetic dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrances or SLS.


Cetyl alcohol (from coconuts), glycerol stearate (from soybean), vegetable glycerine, sunflower oil, soybean extract, wheatgerm, citric acid, lavender oil, rose oil, vanilla oil.

Overall Rating
3.9 out of 5 stars from 38 reviews

32 out of 38 people would recommend this product

21/04/2017, By Lisa
i am scared we will have to stick to the commercial stuff
31/03/2017, By Talitha
Much prefer this to the lavender one
26/03/2017, By Sindy
I absolutely love this roll on. I love the smell and the fact its effective throughout the day.
The best part though is I no longer have irritated and itchy underarms.
07/01/2017, By Kristen
While the commenters jury seems to be out on this scent, my vote goes to this deodorant smelling wonderful! I do agree, though, that it neither smells like rose or vanilla to me. To me, it has a nice spicy (cinnamon, almost?) scent.

It is not an antiperspirant, but I find that the scent is long lasting and gets the job done fairly well.
28/09/2016, By Caitlin
This product has a pleasant smell, but not as effective a deodorant as I was hoping for.
21/09/2016, By Lyn
I like the smell of vanilla. I like the smell of roses. I do not like the smell of this. I agree with a previous reviewer; it makes me think of the smell of my grandparents house and as much as I loved them dearly, smelling like the lounge of an elderly person was not quite what I was hoping for with my deo.
22/08/2016, By Mic
I really didn smell the Rose or vanilla in this roll on and found it smelt like insect repellant :(
09/06/2016, By Rene
Love this product
09/06/2016, By Asha
have not started using it but have tested it, like the fragrance
15/04/2016, By Anel
Love the smell and really works :)
25/02/2016, By charlene
I love the Earthsap range, I use the body wash, wild rose and vanilla which I love and will buy again. The deodorant does not work for me and the smell is not nice. I will try another fragrance and see how that goes.
17/02/2016, By Catherine
Absolutely love this product. Smells heavenly. No clothing stains. And does the job well. Especially since Im a professional athlete. Always active and on the go.
12/02/2016, By Natalie
Great product, works well and does not stain clothing, the only reason I give it 4 stars is because the scent is too sweet, I prefer Lavender Rosemary which could be used by male and female.
02/12/2015, By Stephanie
Its both safe and effective, and the smell is wonderful!! Im so happy to have finally found a safe deodorant that actually works!
20/10/2015, By Adele
This products efficacy has improved in leaps and bounds! I can apply in the morning and after an entire day on the road or gardening, I still only smell off roses. I love, love, love this deodorant! Economical, all natural and super effective!
01/10/2015, By Hannes
The earthsap make works but smells like Doom in the roll-on itself. The rose\ vanilla does not work together...
28/08/2015, By Carien
I must admit I was a bit skeptic but wanted to try it as Im adamant to go completely green and organic wherever possible. I was truly surprised. Since I bought this product (1 week ago), I have not used my Dove roll on at all. I love this and will buy it again... might even try some of the other scents.
21/08/2015, By Kirsty
I don HATE this product but I certainly don love it either. I was excited about trying the Wild Rose and Vanilla scent because they are my two favourite smells in all the world but was a little disappointed.

The scent in the bottle is pungent and is hard to place but I keep getting flashbacks of my Grannys lounge so Im not sure thats a good thing. Once it has dried and settled on the skin, though, it is a lovely soft vanilla smell but then its way too subtle, like you really have to get in there and sniff.

After a days wear it did do the job of warding off BO but there was a curious scent of pencil sharpenings by days end?????

Anyway, Ive used more effective deos but the benefit of this was that my conscience felt clear in the knowledge that I was making a healthier and more natural choice and I think smelling like a space case at the end of the day is an ok price to pay for ones health.

Perhaps one of the other scents in the range would be better.
19/08/2015, By Leigh
The smell is not quite what I expected - I love vanilla but the hints are too subtle to really notice the vanilla scent. It is pleasant, though, and it has been effective throughout winter. I do, however, think that in the summer months or if you perspire excessively, this may not be your best bet. On days when I was busy with a lot of housework, the odour became somewhat unpleasant and I am far from an excessive sweater! Will try another brand to compare because Im not completely sold on this one.
12/07/2015, By Verena
So happy that I started using the roll-on deodorants in this range. Lovely product which does not leave a sticky residue at all.
29/06/2015, By Stephanie
I like the smell and softness on my skin, a really good product. Will definitely buy it again.
27/06/2015, By Rechelle
This is a lovely, fresh scented underarm deodorant. Lasts all day during wintertime, not too sure of the efficacy during the hot summer months, but it works for me.
10/06/2015, By Sam
Really love this deo. Have been using it for a while now and am completely satisfied :) :) Love the Earthsap Products
03/05/2015, By Viana
Smells great. It doesn last quite as long as commercial underarm deodorant (though those are antiperspirant), but also doesn have the nasty additives.
I use mine in conjunction with crystal salt deodorant and that seems to work quite well.
24/04/2015, By Roane
I love the feminine scent of this product, and it keeps me smelling fresh every day in my desk job. It also leaves no residue on clothes or under your arms, and does not cause a rash just after youve shaved. It is not an antiperspirant, as it has no toxic chemicals in it, and should be used as a deodoriser instead.
19/03/2015, By Rensche
I was afraid I would be smelly, but this works well overall. Not great for days when you sweat a lot but will work good for someone with a desk job.
25/02/2015, By Chantell
Lovely smell
No residue or marks on clothes

But doesn last long, have to reapply few times a day.
Also need to apply after bath/shower in the evening.

Will maybe try different product next time.
20/02/2015, By Estelle
Very impressed with this product. Not sticky. Please scent. Would order again
16/01/2015, By Samantha
Lovely fresh natural smell all day. Its a little sticky if you put too much on at once but dries quickly enough. Doesn leave any marks on clothing.
31/12/2014, By Natasha
Earthsaps products are phenomenal.

This deodorant has a lovely, subtle, feminine scent, that discourages any odour.

It is NOT an anti-perspirant, and it is best to apply it in the morning before work, and in the evening after bathing.

Gentle, nourishing, and does not leave any marks on clothing.
14/12/2014, By Lehana
This product smells nice and works. Does not cause a rash when applied after shaving.
10/12/2014, By Petronel
If you are expecting an anti-prespirant in an eco friendly shop you will be very disappointed. You need chemicals to clog your pores and stop you from sweating! This is a deodorant and it has a subtle vanilla hint with a soft rose fragrance. It lasts the whole day if sit at your desk and beautifully masks any sweaty odour. I would re-apply if you are going to hit the gym. It does not leave white stuff under your arms that gets on your clothes. I will definitely buy this again
21/10/2014, By Kerry-Lee
Sadly this doesn work for me. It does smell nice though.
28/09/2014, By Alde
Did not do the trick for me, sorry. Smells very nice though.
26/08/2014, By Jonathan
Smells awesome and keeps me smelling nice the whole day.
30/05/2014, By Eloise
Works well and smells lovely. I apply morning, after shower at night and before a workout. Keeps me fresh.
28/05/2014, By Amber
I really like this deo! Smells beautiful, almost like cinnamon. Works very well for a normal work day office job and light yoga work out but have not tested it doing anything more strenuous than that yet but so far I like it!
17/02/2014, By Alison
This deo works very well for me and smells great - soft/feminine but not sickly sweet. I was really happy to see Earthsap expanding their range like this - great products at excellent prices. You can buy from this range in confidence.

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