Wazoogles chocolate superfood flapjacks

So things have been a little crazy lately; so much so that today has been the first time in about 10 days I have been able to sleep in past 7am, catch up on admin and take a shower longer than 3 minutes.


After exhaling into a full body stretch, I found myself fumbling around the kitchen with the perfect cuppa in my hand thinking what I should treat myself to for breakfast now that I actually had time to put some love into a meal?

Oats? Smoothie? Eggs on toast? Hmmm, no I needed a tad more love back from my food than that. I wanted to eat with my eyes, not just my tongue this morning.

So I shuffled a few super foods around and what do you know, my trusty Wazoogles protein powder was there to save the day once again.

With five simple ingredients, my favourite superfood flapjacks had made their grand appearance to my day off, topped with fresh berries my man had brought back from Swellendam for me that week.




1. Place all ingredients in a blender, and whiz that shiz up!
2. Pour mixture onto a medium to hot pan, using a tsp of coconut oil for each flapjack.
3. Brown lightly on both sides and once a decent stack has emerged, cover in an assortment of berried of your choice.

Recipe and styling thanks to CandiBod and the creative team at Wazoogles

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