Three Organic Protein Powders to Max your Next Workout


We’re so excited about our brand new range of flasks, mugs and shakers form Cheeki Stainless Steel – the stylish, convenient and eco-friendly alternative to chemical-laden plastics. If you’re an eco-conscious fitness fanatic, you’ll love our Cheeki Protein Shakers, which include embossed measurement markings and an inner blending ball to give you a perfectly smooth shake mix. These stainless steel Cheeki shakers are lightweight and ergonomically designed – plus they won’t absorb the smell of your protein shake like those plastic shakers do.

So, Cheeki shakers are the perfect addition to your sports bag, but what should you be putting in them? Here’s a handy guide to three different types of protein shake powders, and what they can do for you:


Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp seed protein powder is easily digestible, giving you a sustainable, lasting energy boost. It also helps to build and repair muscle tissue. Hemp powder is suitable for vegans, and is packed with 65% protein plus all 10 essential amino acids – a fantastic natural muscle-builder and energy-booster.

Pea Protein Isolate

This power-packed powder is 85 – 88% pure natural plant-based protein – wow! It’s also vegan-friendly and contains 18 different amino acids. Pea protein helps to promote strong, healthy muscles, and speeds up post-workout recovery time.

Whey Protein Concentrate

Made from cow’s milk, this whey protein powder contains 9 essential amino acids and has a low carbohydrate and fat content. This is an ideal protein supplement for helping with healthy natural weight gain – a popular choice among health-conscious body builders and people recovering from illnesses. Whey protein promotes the growth of lean tissues by stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Whichever of our organic protein powders you choose for your Cheeki stainless steel shaker, rest assured it will give your muscles the support they need – naturally!

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