The Miracle of Probiotic Skincare

Every few decades, a scientific discovery is made that changes the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

The latest discovery by the Human Microbiome Project has remodelled our approach to skincare and offered us new methodologies to slow the effects of ageing on skin. The advances in genetic sequencing over the last 10 years have allowed scientists to distinguish human DNA from that of other organisms.

The results are revolutionising the thinking on human health and, more importantly, they’ve changed our sense of self. The Human Microbiome Project has discovered that optimal skin health is dependent on the presence of trillions of microbes living on, and in, your skin.

Your Body is an Ecosystem

Each one of us is a complex ecosystem – a harmonious mix of human cells and microbes. By weight, 46% of the DNA in your body is human. The remaining 54% is microbial. By number, for every human cell there are 10 microbes in your body. These microbes are an essential part of you and contribute to your identity.

The Human Microbiome Project has revealed that highly complex microbial interactions are prevalent in the skin. Microbes are largely responsible for the condition of your skin. They defend and protect the skin from pathogens, they maintain effective barrier function, and they prevent premature ageing.

Esse has developed a range of revolutionary probiotic skincare that contains beneficial microbes to out-compete pro-ageing species. To do this, they use prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes and probiotic microbes in some products to actively change the microbial mix on the skin.

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The Esse Probiotic Serum uses level 1 probiotics containing one billion live probiotics per millilitre. There are three different species of Lactobacillus in the symbiotic mix. The product is pathogen-free and the microbes remain capable of growth for two years from production.

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Find out more about this revolutionary range here.

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