The Green Girl’s Guide to Natural Beauty

Every woman likes to feel like a luscious goddess and going green doesn’t mean you need to go without every girl’s tricks for upping the glam factor. Whether you’re staying at home or getting away this holiday season, feeling well-groomed and pampering yourself can do a lot to up your mood and festive enjoyment. We’ve put together some of our top products that are not only eco-friendly, but superb quality that rivals any non-green product you may try, minus the toxins and chemicals. Loving the earth is natural beauty!

Radiant skin

Healthy radiant skin is a sure-fire way to feel like a goddess no matter what you put on. Take good care of your skin with these natural beauty tricks.

Bellabaci Genie in a Bottle – Skin Get a Life, R240

sku8585-bellabaci-genie-in-a-bottle-skin-get-a-life-120mlAn innovative formula made up of organic oils and homeopathic synergies for a deep treatment that will bring the life back to your skin, restoring elasticity and treating scars and wrinkles. This oil has a super enhanced effect when used with the Bellabaci Body or Facial Cups.

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Bellabaci Face Cup Set, R350

sku85810bellabaci-face-cup-setBellabaci Face Cups massage your face, increasing circulation, stimulating the underlying dermis and nerves and gently exfoliating dead skin. Regular use will give your skin a beautiful healthy glow. These massage cups need to be used with a lubricant and for best results, Bellabaci Skin Get a Life Genie is the perfect choice.

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Konjacu Lycopene Facial Sponge, R169

sku5286-konjacu-facial-sponge-lycopene-largeA must!
20 Oct, 2015, By Adele I can not imagine going back to life before. This little miracle sponge in now part of my daily skin care routine and has improved the texture and appearance of my skin immensely. It was with sadness and joy that my first sponge went to the compost heap. Great to know it’s going back to the earth…

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Take a look at other Konjacu sponge options here.

Vita Liberata Warm Untinted Gradual Tan Lotion – Light, R575

sku8211-vita-liberata-warm-untinted-gradual-tan-lotion-light-largeThis specially formulated tanning lotion by Vita Liberata is luxurious, non-greasy and non-toxic. The formula is carefully made using only plant extracts and certified organic ingredients. It’s a clear lotion that develops over four to eight hours to reveal a hint of sun-kissed colour.

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For more Vita Liberata self-tan products and deeper tanning options, take a peek here.

Acorelle Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips Full Kit, R215

sku5725-acorelle-hair-removal-cold-wax-strips-kit-largeVery happy customer
16 Oct, 2014, By Jackie I received these yesterday; rushed home so excited to try them and here I back today to buy more – amazing product that works really well. Hair removed without much effort. The oil that comes with the pack works great. The wax strips separated really well and my skin is glowing today.

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Smell Gorgeous

There’s nothing like a lingering magical scent for lifting your mood and creating that je ne sais quoi for your own personal signature.

Sassui Perfume Roll On: Summer Love, R299

sku8273v3-sassui-perfume-roll-on-bird-song-large Blended with uplifting florals, sweet wood to ground and nurture, and citrus essential oils to refresh and re- energise. Apply Sassui Summer Love to wrists and behind ears to help you connect with your inner happiness and pure, peaceful, joyous love.
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Here is some more from Sassui

Enhance Your Beauty

You’re already beautiful so play a little and enjoy emphasizing your beauty with some organic make-up that goes on like a dream.

Zuii Certified Organic Flora Lip Tint: Frangipani, R369

sku7277v8-zuii-certified-organic-flora-lip-tint-frangipaniTreat your smile to pure hydration and add a glossy tint to help it shine. Zuii’s Certified Organic Flora Lip Tint will add a high gloss finish to your lips. Made with organic rose, aloe vera & beeswax, cruelty-free and free of toxic chemicals.

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Other lip tint colours here.

Inthusiasm Mascara, R160

sku1620-inthusiasm-mascara-large-01It’s fabulous!
03 Sep, 2014, By Elizabeth The Inthusiasm mascara needs special mention. I am intensely allergic to almost all ingredients in cosmetics and for the first time I can wear mascara without my eyes becoming red and sore. It is fabulous!

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Couleur Caramel Black Eye Pencil (Shade 101), R135

sku4828-couleur-caramel-eye-pencil-n-101-black-largeCrisp, precise line and comfortable application that lasts and lasts. Because it’s free of harsh synthetic ingredients, the Couleur Caramel Eye Pencil won’t irritate your eyes or the delicate skin around the eye area.

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Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF30 50 ml: Natural Glow, R699

26 Sep, 2015, By Debbie This is the best tinted moisturizer Ive tried – and Ive tried a few. Normally the SPF leaves my skin my oily and shiny, but this one doesn’t . I don’t even need to wear foundation in the summer now!

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More shades available here.

Perfect Hair Days

We all know how fabulously glam great hair makes us feel.

Love My Hair Wine Red Permanent Hair Dye, R155

sku5785-love-my-hair-wine-red-largeGreat colour!
20 Feb, 2015, By Cindy So happy with the results of this dye. It’s exactly the colour Ive been wanting – a lovely darkish cherry red – just like on the box. It completely and permanently covers grey hairs, but the vibrancy of the colour does fade after several weeks – though grey hairs stay completely covered.

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For more colour options take a look here.

Naturalmente Smoothing Solution 100ml, R235

sku4056-Main-SmoothingSolution-nb-tinyres-Large-jpgWorks beautifully
20 Aug, 2014, By Jennifer I never thought I’d spend this much on a hair styling product, but this one is worth every cent. My hair used to get so frizzy and fly-away after blow-drying. With this product, my hair is much smoother and more manageable. It also doubles as a heat protector. Love!

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Naturalmente Hair Straightening Iron, R3499

sku7258-naturalmente-hair-straightening-iron-largeThis Hair Straightening Iron will smooth your locks to a lustrous shimmer. Naturalmente’s lavender steam fluid formula emits a nurturing steam, giving your hair a hydrating and restructuring beauty treatment that penetrates deeply as it styles.

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Hey Gorgeous No More Chlorine Hair Mist 220ml, R120

sku6310-hey-gorgeous-no-moore-chlorine-hair-mist-largeFor those long summer days spent around the pool,  Hey Gorgeous No More Chlorine hair Mist is a natural formula designed to remove all traces of chlorine from your hair and skin; something that ordinary soaps and shampoos can’t do.

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