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Inthusiasm Mascara

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Get yourself some thick, luscious lashes with this divine natural mascara. It’s easy to apply and versatile. Plus it contains absolutely no petroleum, lacquers or other harmful chemicals. So if you have sensitive skin or are just looking for a mascara that’s non-toxic, Inthusiasm is your way to beautifully defined eyes and healthy lashes. 

  • Natural
  • Vegetarian
  • Proudly South African
  • Cruelty Free

Bring out your natural beauty with Inthusiasm’s natural mascara – this ultra-gentle formula won’t dry out your lashes or irritate delicate skin.

  • Rich natural colour.
  • Made from naturally extracted minerals.
  • Hypoallergenic; 100% non-toxic.
  • Contains no synthetic substances or alcohol.
  • No animals were harmed to make this product.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Inthusiasm is South Africa’s first mineral makeup range. It’s all-natural and contains no harsh synthetic substances. What’s more, all Inthusiasm makeup has been developed to actively nourish and care for your skin. That’s true beauty at its best!


Natural beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, panthenol (vit B complex), iron oxides.

Please Note:

Faithful to Nature is an online retail store, specialising in a wide selection of natural supplements, vitamins, superfoods and health-related products. Our green team is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice.

Overall Rating
4 out of 5 stars from 97 reviews Write a review
64 out of 78 people would recommend this product

  • Good product
    12 Feb, 2017, By Paige I was a bit worried after reading some of the negative reviews but decided to buy the product when it was on special. After using it every day for a week, I am happy to say that I didn get any reactions, didn have any smudges or panda eyes and it is easy to remove. The applicator is a little on the short side, which is to be expected considering the size of the mascara tube and it would be great if both could be lengthened slightly but otherwise very satisfied.

  • Lovely mascara
    01 Feb, 2017, By Lorna This mascara is wonderful. It looks really nice on, and doesn itch like mascaras often do.
    It does smudge a bit on application, but that could be me being out of practice! Easy to wipe with an earbud.

  • Used to be good
    23 Nov, 2016, By Teev First time I bought this a while ago it was perfect - five stars, second time (in the new packaging) not so great... I look like a panda by the end of the day and then struggle to get it off my eyelashes. Not sure what they changed or why, but I wont buy it anymore unfortunately.

  • Irritates my eyes
    22 Nov, 2016, By Mbali It is thick and glides on nicely on the lash. After reading these other reviews I realise that my eyes have been itchy because they are reacting to the product.

    It is not hard to remove and comes of well.

  • eye reaction
    20 Oct, 2016, By Saar still reacted to it

  • smudges
    09 Oct, 2016, By Rizqa Disappointed. Smudges. Won buy this again.

  • Disappointing
    07 Oct, 2016, By Antoinette I find this product smudges (Im constantly cleaning darkness under my eyes) and is impossible to remove. Also creates eye irritation.

  • Lovely product
    03 Oct, 2016, By Ilka Im so impressed with this mascara - it goes on smoothly and lasts all day, and then I find it really easy to remove. Also, its made in SA. Im so pleased to have found this!

  • its ok
    23 Sep, 2016, By Leela I bought one of these 2 years ago and it lasted me ages! They changed the packaging when I got the new one a few months ago and the old one never smudged. This one smudges so badly and I find it hard to get off! I end up with badger eyes the next day!

  • Inthusiasm Mascara
    22 Aug, 2016, By Zama Loving it!

  • Mascara
    18 Aug, 2016, By Malie I bought the mascara and eyeliner together, after I used it for the first time I got a terrible eye infection.

  • A tad too clumpy
    01 Aug, 2016, By Claudette Although this really pumps your lashes, it is very clumpy and you will need to spend time dabbing off the excess and smudges. Its the perfect travel friendly size, but I probably won buy this product again.

  • Inthusiasm mascara
    07 Jul, 2016, By Suzanne This product is messy and clumps on my lashes so wont use it anymore

  • Long lasting but clumpy
    29 Jun, 2016, By KERA I have used 2 different type of natural mascaras and this does really go the distance. No smudging and does not rub off easily. A bit difficult to wash off but not too much of an issue. I do find that it clumps around my lashes, does not really give great length/volume where I need... still looking for something better.

  • Love this
    09 Jun, 2016, By Rene Love this

  • Inthusiasm Mascara
    06 Jun, 2016, By Sylvana Wonderful product, it does not smudge. To remove I used extra virgin coconut oil prior to my shower and washed it off with soap.

  • Buying again!!
    05 Jun, 2016, By Marlene I can even remember when i bought the last one, it lasts that long. Love it, works perfect and with the discount...bargain of the year!! AND its organic! Recommend!!

  • Just perfect
    03 Jun, 2016, By Nathalie Really a great product.

  • love it!!
    29 May, 2016, By Tarryn I love the mascara! Easy to apply and lasts long! Little bit difficult to remove but with a good cleansor it comes off with no problems :-)

  • Great price for a good product
    25 May, 2016, By RvR I am a get-up-and-go type of person - I don spend hours doing my make-up and it needs to last. However, I am becoming increasingly sensitized to animal testing for cosmetic purposes and I cannot condone it for the sake of looking pretty.
    In that regard, and in comparison with competitive products out there:
    Price: Excellent
    Usability: I like the short brush, as it provides good overall coverage. You do have to be a bit neat with application, otherwise you get a bit of a smudged look (for my eye shape) and you have to give the product time to dry. Because I am always in a rush in the mornings, that annoys me slightly and is the only reason one star is deducted.
    I find it cleans off very easily and lasts the distance.
    I would recommend it, and will probably become a return customer.

  • Not such a fan, but good enough
    25 May, 2016, By Tiahnah-Leigh I find this mascara hard to wash off and it doesn bring body to my lashes. However, For the price it does its job!

  • Huge fan
    12 May, 2016, By Ninette Love this mascara! I have had one or two occassions where i bought it and it was a bit dry from the start, but I think it must have been from old stock because the other times I bought it, it was perfect! I can understand that natural mascara may not last as long, but all things considered, the good batches ive bought have lasted and everything about it is perfect!

  • Hands down favorite mascara
    01 May, 2016, By Elizabeth I am a happy returning customer to this mascara and so happy with it - it does not smudge, gives good colour and volume and the short brush makes it easy to apply. The fact that it does not contain any harmful ingredients is a big bonus!

  • Happy eyes
    13 Apr, 2016, By Sally My eyes are happy with this non allergic affordable mascara. I find the packaging cute and simple however the arm of the brush feels a bit short for my liking. As others have mentioned, it is not a smooth roll on and the result a bit clumpy. I will try another mascara from the site next time ... even if more expensive.

  • Inthusiasm Mascara ? Buy 2 get 1 free
    16 Feb, 2016, By Elsa This mascara is fantastic! I really love it. It provides enough eye lash definition and does not fade during the day. I always struggle to find the right mascara, but will definitely continue to use this one. It does not cause any itchiness to the eyes. Love it!

  • Mmmm not sure
    16 Feb, 2016, By Karen I guess Im used to mainstream mascaras that pack onto my lashes. This didn give the volume Im used to.
    I liked the compact packaging though.

  • Excellent product
    05 Feb, 2016, By Piera This is one of the best mascaras I have ever used, and the only one that doesn cause my eyes to feel dry and irritated after a long day. It would be nice if the brush could be redesigned to lengthen lashes a bit more, but its easy to apply, and I like the short brush. It gives great definition while also looking natural.

  • Love this
    02 Feb, 2016, By Adrienne This mascara is just awesome. Its so affordable and easy to apply. I love the intense black colour. It also washes off really easily.

  • Make up staple
    29 Jan, 2016, By Maritza This is my go to natural mascara. Yes the packaging can be more snazzy for the price, but I love the product and will always have this on my shopping list.

  • Very happy with this
    27 Jan, 2016, By Fran I bought this when it was on special last year and I was a little worried about the reviews. It doesn have designer packaging like that of major make-up suppliers, but then I can imagine the company making this mascara has the budget for that either.

    It hasn been clumpy for me. Ive found it to be a great little mascara and I have re-ordered.

  • Good substitute
    20 Jan, 2016, By Alta This product works perfectly well and removes easily - However, I do think the price is a bit high for the type of brush and packaging it comes in.

  • Annami
    21 Dec, 2015, By Annami Love this mascara! My lashes look longer and thicker. And it can even withstand a tear or two!

  • Cheap and good but could be better !
    01 Dec, 2015, By Maud I agree with the previous review. It is a nice cheap natural mascara and it gives you long thick lashes... but the brush doesn always make it easy ! I often have to use a little brush to smooth out the extra mascara that comes with the brush.

  • Pleasantly surprised
    18 Nov, 2015, By Cassandra Smooth application with no clumps. It doesn give me a dark ring around my eyes after a few hours which is rare unless you use waterproof mascara. And you hardly feel like you e wearing mascara at all. Its also such a great price.

  • Satisfied
    13 Nov, 2015, By Priscilla Works well for me.
    Goes on easily,does not clump.Easy to wash off and eyes are not watery after application.

  • Great
    06 Nov, 2015, By Jean Lovely product. Just wish the brush could be a bit thinner.

  • Love it!
    03 Nov, 2015, By Chantelle This is a lovely textured mascara, no clumping and flaking and does not make your lashes feel overloaded! I even swam with it on and it did not run like regular mascaras . The tube size is perfect , no wastage when having to replace mascara it will be used up by that time. Definately will recommend .

  • Hou hiervan
    20 Oct, 2015, By Henrike Ek het dit gekoop omdat ek
    natuurlike maskara gesoek het. Dit is bekostigbaar en dit doen sy werk. Dit laat my oŽ mooi uitstaan.

  • Almost but not quite
    23 Sep, 2015, By Lauren I so badly wanted to love this! Natural, affordable make-up is still really hard to find in SA, so when FTN had a half price special on this I snapped it up. The mascara itself seems really decent but the brush lets it down terribly. I experienced a lot of clumping which is definitely down to the brush. Its clunky, awkward and ruins the effect. I won be buying again unless they fix the if you e reading this Inthusiasm, sort it out because youd have an army of loyal customers!

  • Good product, could be better.
    02 Sep, 2015, By Inebelle The mascara itself it great! The applicator is disappointing. I think it has to do with the fact that it is short, it interferes with applying. Hopefully supplier will consider reviewing the packaging as a couple of other people mentioned the applicator.

  • An all-time favourite
    01 Sep, 2015, By Ria I absolutely love this mascara, it works perfectly for me, and its easy to wash off too. I would definitely recommend it!

  • Very disappointing
    20 Aug, 2015, By Carol Anne Sorry but this mascara does nothing for me - and it smudges around my eyes. I appreciate it being natural - but Physicians Formula recently launched an organic lash-lengthening mascara that is stunning and doesn smudge. I found it at Dischem (convenient) and its around R200 so very little more but Im pretty sure its larger. Im sticking to that one now.

  • eyes don water
    11 Aug, 2015, By Alena I have virtually stopped using store-bought mascara because my eyes would water, itch or turn red with it. I was trying Inthusiasms product thinking it would be similar. Nothing! Happy eyes and LONG eye lashes. Love it

  • Lovely mascara
    05 Aug, 2015, By Margot Very nice mascara...first time I wore it, I got compliments on my eyelashes, that they looked longer and fuller!

  • Very good
    31 Jul, 2015, By Nadine From all the natural mascaras that Ive tried, this one is the best.

  • Very Impressed.
    23 Jul, 2015, By Anita I have just returned from my Pilates class. I am happy to report my mascara has not smudged at all in spite of liberal facial sweat during the workout. Once dried, it does not smudge; but can easily be removed with a little oil on damp cotton wool. I also like the see-through container. Love it! I am just ordering another one. At this price it is a steal!

  • Satisfied
    14 Jul, 2015, By Nermine Happy with the mascara itself but the applicator really needs improvement.

  • Good option for contact wearers
    09 Jul, 2015, By Kate Recently started using this mascara, after using the Woolies brand for years. I found it irritated my eyes less, especially when wearing contact lenses. It isn as waterproof as the store bought products, but thats a small price to pay for no chemicals so close to my eyes.

  • Love this mascara!
    15 Jun, 2015, By Joette Really impressed with this product. It makes my eyelashes look so long! Plus, theres no fall-out and it doesn clump or smudge. It stays put. The only thing is that it takes longer to dry and I tend to always get mascara on my eyelid or around my eye when applying - but I think this is because of the big brush. Id definitely recommend!

  • Found my mascara staple!
    06 Jun, 2015, By Tracy Ive been using this product for a year and just love it! Its long-wearing, doesn dry out my lashes and doesn irritate my eyes. I also like that it doesn smudge or smear like other natural mascaras that Ive tried. It can clump a little if you e in a hurry, but I like to take my time with mascara for perfect results anyhow. Great make-up staple!

  • Disappointing
    02 Jun, 2015, By Esme This was the first product I bought on FtN that was absolutely disappointing and the second product of Inthusiasm that I would not recommend. The mascara always smudges and does not apply smoothly, often leaving black marks around my eyes and tarantula lashes if Im in a hurry. For the price, the quality is definitely not worth it in my opinion.

  • Gives good length
    25 May, 2015, By Aneesa This is a good mascara. It doesn give much volume but wow - it makes my long eyelashes look even longer and my eye pop. As the other reviewers have stated, it doesn smudge or flake either so its nice and long-wearing.

  • Great, no smudge!
    23 May, 2015, By Michaela Awesome product.
    Long-lasting, does not smudge! Better than any toxic mascara

  • Mascara
    08 May, 2015, By Jenny This is the best mascara I have ever used, am so delighted with it. No smudges, not even after tears, and non-irritating. Will definitely keep on using it.

  • Best Mascara Ive ever used
    05 May, 2015, By Teagan This is by far the best mascara I have ever used. It stays on (I even slept with it by accident and it hadn smudged in the morning!), does not smudge and makes my eye lashes look amazing. Much better than the chemical artificial one I was using before.

  • Mascara
    15 Apr, 2015, By M. Paloma Werner I absolutely love this mascara. I can use it the whole day and my eyes don get itchy. Also because of the see through bottle I will see when I need to re-order. I can only suggest to everybody to go the natural route on this one.

  • great mascara
    14 Mar, 2015, By Lelanie natural is best and just as good as other brands, if not better.

  • Beautiful
    06 Mar, 2015, By Philippa I had my doubts that this could live up to my non-organic mascaras but it gives beautiful results and does not irritate my extremely sensitive eyes. Amazing!

  • So impressed
    28 Feb, 2015, By Tiffany I bought the make up for ethical reasons rather than allergies and am so happy. I am impressed with the fullness it provides and it is long lasting. My best is how easy it is to remove.

  • Inthusiasm Mascara
    09 Feb, 2015, By Petra Very impressed with this mascara - it lasts the whole day, adds volume and doesn smudge. Will definitely keep using it.

  • Inthusiasm Mascara
    16 Jan, 2015, By Marlene I agree with everyone who has positive things to say about this mascara. My eyes are supersensitive to other mascaras and irritate them. I am delighted to say Inthusiasm has no negative effect on my eyes and as I am complimented on how good my eyelashes look I do not hesitate to recommend it.

  • Love the new packaging
    13 Jan, 2015, By Livia I have been using this mascara for a while already but I love love love this new packaging. Its so much easier to see when the mascara is actually finished and the brush is amazing! It doesn clump at all and is very smooth. Love it!

  • Happy!
    06 Dec, 2014, By Verena Lovely mascara and will buy again. Would be so great to also see it in a black-brown for us blondes.

  • Works well!
    13 Nov, 2014, By Anje This is the first chemical-free make-up product that I have purchased and I am very happy with the results. Would recommend it to anyone! The mascara is not waterproof but I was not expecting it to be. Luckily any dark smudges that may occur are easily wiped off. Can easily use this everyday.

  • Great Mascara
    08 Nov, 2014, By Talisa This mascara is so lovely! It doesn dry out my lashes, doesn irritate my eyes, doesn smell like chemicals and stays on wonderfully. I liked the previous container and applicator a little better, but this one does the trick too.

  • Brilliant
    21 Oct, 2014, By Kerry-Lee I love this product. It only got a 4 star because the applicator is not the greatest, but it works well enough for me to be hooked on this product for life!

  • Would recommend
    16 Oct, 2014, By Juanita Love the mascara, the only complaint i have is the awkwardly short mascara wand, makes applying it very hard. Other than that it is fabulous, no clumping and no burning of the eyes.

  • A great product in every sense
    08 Oct, 2014, By Joan This is honestly the best mascara I have ever used. No clumping or smudging and, more importantly, no irritation to the eyes or lids.

  • It is fabulous!
    03 Sep, 2014, By Elizabeth The mascara needs special mention. I am intensely allergic to almost all ingredients in cosmetics and for the first time I can wear mascara without my eyes becoming red and sore. It is fabulous!

  • Good quality but applicator isn great
    19 Aug, 2014, By Wallis The eyeliner does not run or smudge and washes out really easily. My only grudge is the actual applicator which is short and chunky making application hard. Ive been using an old mascara brush to spread the lashes and apply more evenly.

  • Very happy
    09 Jun, 2014, By Debbie So happy I finally got round to getting a natural mascara. My eyes reacted so badly to the commercial brands when I wore this my eyes were fine, it stayed on perfectly, did not smudge (I did allow it a bit of extra time to dry) looked the same at the end of the evening as it did when I put it on. Highly recommended.

  • Love this!
    28 May, 2014, By Amber Awesome mascara, makes my lashes fuller and does not smudge, easy to remove at the end of the day too!

  • Inthusiasm Makeup is the BEST!!
    22 Apr, 2014, By MIRIAM I definitely recommend Inthusiasm Makeup as it not only has a reasonable price tag but it doesn smudge or bleed.
    I haven bought any other brand since using Inthusiasm!! :)

  • Pleasantly surprised
    05 Mar, 2014, By Kariena It works really well! I was a bit skeptic about this mascara but thought lets give it a try since it was on special. Doesn smudge and applies quite easily and gave my lashes a nice long full look. Also its the best price out there. Give it a try!

  • Awesome
    24 Jan, 2014, By Pat I just to let you know that the mascara I purchased from you is Awesome.!!! I am a very happy customer! As a rule I cannot wear mascara longer than 3 to 4 hours before my eyes get so irritated and start watering. I have worn this new mascara for over 12hrs without any problems! It stays on perfectly and cleans off very easily with coconut oil and a face wipe.

  • Very good for sensitive eyes
    30 Nov, 2013, By Lana I really like this mascara! It is a nice deep black and smells nice. Its really soft and smooth so it doesn clump up. It doesn give my lashes as much volume as other mascaras though and it can smudge when wet so I wouldn go for a swim with it. But for everyday use like at work its really nice and gentle on your eyes and I would buy it again.

  • Works excellently and doesn't leave dark circles under the eye, even after washing the face.
    27 Nov, 2013, By Unknown Works excellently and doesn't leave dark circles under the eye, even after washing the face.

  • Very pleased
    26 Nov, 2013, By Rolene van Zyl No irritation to my eyes and feels very natural.

  • I love the mascara.
    12 Sep, 2013, By Anel I love the mascara. It makes big lashes and here too, it's been a while.I won't touch what comes out of the chemist and department stores again.

  • My favorite product so far has been the Inthusiasm Mascara, it goes on smoothly without clumping and comes off as well, it also has a light feel and doesn glue your eyelashes together as you blink, I love it!
    02 Sep, 2013, By Franky My favorite product so far has been the Inthusiasm Mascara, it goes on smoothly without clumping and comes off as well, it also has a light feel and doesn glue your eyelashes together as you blink, I love it!!

  • Im VERY happy with this mascara.
    18 Aug, 2013, By Elizabeth Im VERY happy with this mascara. Have had no issues with my very sensitive eyes. Haven had any styes either - which is something that I have to be super-careful of when using mascara. It is light (mascara shouldn be too heavy in my opinion), covers well without overdoing it, doesn clump, and I can see that my lashes are looking healthier lately even though I have been applying mascara!

  • No irritation and no smudging.
    31 Jul, 2013, By Marianne No irritation and no smudging. Very runny if it gets wet so if you
    e going to a wedding or funeral give this one a miss.

  • No wow factor to this mascara.
    By Karen No wow factor to this mascara. Makes an absolute mess of your face if you get it wet.

  • I have long lashes and this mascara not only nourishes them, it gives them really nice definition without the appearance of spider eyes.
    By deshanta I have long lashes and this mascara not only nourishes them, it gives them really nice definition without the appearance of spider eyes.

  • Lovely mascara which also comes off as easily.
    By Tanya F Lovely mascara which also comes off as easily. Good value for your money.

  • I bought this when the natural mascara I usually order from the UK was out of stock, at first I found the brush too big and clumpy but after a few uses I mastered it and now think it's great.
    By Jessica I bought this when the natural mascara I usually order from the UK was out of stock, at first I found the brush too big and clumpy but after a few uses I mastered it and now think it's great. No running or stinging or "panda eyes", rich colour and adds length and volume. Perfect for day time. I always use a lash comb after applying any mascara so no clumping for me.

  • Runs quite easily and stings my eyes.
    By Jenny Runs quite easily and stings my eyes.

  • Inthusiasm Mascara which works well
    By Michelle Inthusiasm Mascara which works well

  • I am very pleased with this mascara & will happily buy it again.
    By Julie I am very pleased with this mascara & will happily buy it again. I have very sensitive eyes which often turn red using commercial mascara's. This one doesn't irritate at all and does not smudge. Marvellous to darken my lashes without issues!

  • I wasn't very impressed with this mascara.
    By Jolette I wasn't very impressed with this mascara. The brush applicator seems huge and I have trouble applying the product neatly. The black/brown is also darker than I would usually buy for a natural-looking, everyday mascara. The product is too fluid to my taste, but does add nice length and volume. I just find that it clumps too easily. Perhaps if it came with a free lash comb? :-)

  • Great mascara but I agree with Tracy, it doesn't give any oomph to my thin little lashes :(.
    By Dominique Great mascara but I agree with Tracy, it doesn't give any oomph to my thin little lashes :(.

  • I no longer have to spend my days looking like a red eyed racoon.
    By Adele I no longer have to spend my days looking like a red eyed racoon. NO smudging or irritation. Love the fact that my lashes stay soft to the touch and since I've been using it (about nine months) my lashes appear to have grown fuller.

  • I was a little skeptical about buying this mascara, I had never tried a natural mascara before.
    By Victoria I was a little skeptical about buying this mascara, I had never tried a natural mascara before. I am very impressed with this mascara. It applies beautifully and lasts all day. I will never go back to buying non-natural mascara, or any non-natural make-up again! Im looking forward to seeing what else Inthusiasm brings out...

  • This is a great mascara.
    By Jacqueline This is a great mascara. I only need one coat and it doesn't let my eyes itch or burn and makes my lashes really black.

  • This mascara applies really well, it glides on smoothly and doesn't clump, but doesn't really give you the added 'oomphf' most commercially available mascaras do.
    By Tracy This mascara applies really well, it glides on smoothly and doesn't clump, but doesn't really give you the added 'oomphf' most commercially available mascaras do. I love a little added volume and length, which this product does not give you.

  • This is a really great mascara.
    By Sarah This is a really great mascara. It goes on well, doesn't irritate my eyes and lasts all day without flaking. Plus it's made in SA which is fab.

  • What a great product! Glides on smoothly, is gentle on the eyes and doesn't smudge.
    By Chanell What a great product! Glides on smoothly, is gentle on the eyes and doesn't smudge. Definitely a keeper!

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