Natural Summer Skincare Secrets


Your skin’s needs change as the seasons do; that means skincare products that work moisturising magic for you in the winter may leave you feeling greasy and clogged-up when the summer months begin. Flare-ups, breakouts and allergies are common with seasonal changes, but with the right organic goodies in your beauty regime, you’ll soon be ready for whatever summer might bring your way. Here’s a look at our top natural and organic seasonal skincare tips for a healthy, beautiful and confident summer.

Beating Breakouts

The oil glands on your skin’s surface become more more active when it’s hot. That means more sebum (skin oil) production, and naturally more likelihood of blemishes and breakouts. A natural clay mask will absorb excess oil and help to keep your pores clear, without drying your skin:







A natural toner will help to keep your skin’s pH levels balanced:








Reducing Redness

The best way to control redness and soothe flushed skin is by drinking plenty of water, to keep you hydrated inside and out. It’s natural for your body to lose liquid more quickly during hot weather, so “trust yourself” and keep drinking fresh filtered water throughout the day.

You should also stay out of direct sun, and wear a high factor mineral sunscreen to protect your skin from burning and UV damage. This includes overcast days too.

Some natural skin remedies for redness and rosacea:





Smooth Things Over

To look your best in your swimsuit or shorts, prepare your skin by gently buffing away dead cells, to get a smoother and more radiant appearance from top to toe. Exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week, using a pampering organic scrub.

Our konjac sponges are perfect to include in your face and body cleansing routines. Exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising all in one!

Pamper Yourself

All that fun in the sun takes a lot out of you; be sure to put back what you’re losing by giving your skin a chance to recover with some gentle natural pampering. Take some time out and relax with some homemade ice tea and a hydrating facial mask.

Our TOP summer face mask has got to be:

“So I am pretty obsessed with hyaluronic acid. And this mask definitely delivers in the promise of hydration and nourishment of the skin. So pampering! Works like magic Very nice consistency and smell. Great price.” – Sofie

Vital Vitamins

Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins A, C, D, and E in your diet, to maximise the health of your skin cells. Citrus fruits, leafy greens, nuts and seeds are all summer staples that will give you a clear complexion and a healthy glow.

Spice Things Up

Ginger stimulates the production of elastan and collagen, which keeps your skin looking plump and youthful. Use our organic ginger tea to make your own delicious chilled-but-spicy iced tea, or treat yourself to a bottle of health-giving ginger kombucha for pure refreshment.




Drink to Your Health

The average person needs 2-3L (8-12 cups) of fresh water daily. Filtered water helps to flush out toxins, reducing breakouts and preventing your skin from drying out and ageing. For best results, space your water consumption evenly throughout the day, so your skin stays healthy, plumped-up and glowing from dawn to dusk.

Smart Snacking

Make sure your summer diet includes plenty of healthy essential fatty acids, to give your skin plenty of nourishing goodness from the inside out. Almonds, avocados, flax and chia seeds are all delicious summery ways to get your daily dose of EFAs.








Dreamy Creams

In hot weather, powder foundation can start looking flaky and “caked-on” just a few hours into the day. Give the powders a break for summer and instead, opt for a lightweight creamy liquid foundation that will give you a dewy-fresh look. Try using cream eye shadow and blush too.


“Got a sample of it and i love it! Gives great cover but doesn’t feel like you piled on the make-up. Love the feeling of the Suprapein. So fresh. Plus I have a very sensitive skin and my skin had no reaction, no redness, no break outs and no rash. Will definitely be ordering this with my next order.” – Juanita

“I love the texture, I have semi oily skin and this foundation matts nicely, you don’t need to use more than one or two pumps each time so that’s great too and looks very natural stays on for the whole day no problem!” – Amber

Love Your Lips

Your lips don’t produce sebum (oil), so it’s essential to keep them hydrated and protected. Licking your lips is s BIG no-no, because saliva dehydrates them; and using ordinary chapstick or Vaseline will just leave them greasy. Dab on some natural lip balm instead, and keep your pout healthy, soft and moisturised for big summer smiles.








“I am so impressed with this lip balm! It glides on, its creamy and smells delicious and you don need to reapply all day. It has moistened my lips and I don’t even use it all the time or every day. Its a great alternative to lipstick or gloss and I will definitely stock up on this when it runs out.” – Samantha

Shower Power

Keep showers and baths short and sweet; ideally 5 minutes or less. This is just enough time to get yourself clean and fresh without dehydrating your skin. Keep your water warm but not very hot, to protect your skin’s natural moisture and oils. A lukewarm or cool shower is perfect for hot summer weather. Afterwards, a little lightweight body oil goes a long way and will feel better than a heavy cream.

Massage Magic

When you’re getting ready for bed, massage a rich moisturising lotion or balm into your skin; from your shoulders down to your toes. Give a little extra attention to dry areas like elbows, knees and heels. To give your feet some TLC, massage them with a nourishing foot lotion and put on a pair of lightweight cotton socks before you hop into bed.









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