Our Top-Selling Summer Comfort Secret for Natural Ladies

Psssstt… all you lovely eco-minded ladies out there, our green team wants to let you in on a secret… one that’s sure to make your summer hikes, sports and seaside splashes that much easier to enjoy. We’re talking about MyOwnCup – an innovative eco-friendly sanitary product designed with your ultimate comfort, confidence and health in mind. It’s already one of our most talked-about products, and there are so many great reasons it’s worth talking about!

Here’s a look at what we’re calling “the five C’s” of MyOwnCup:

1. Comfortable

MyOwnCup is designed to give you a perfect, comfortable fit; it’s no more difficult to use than an ordinary tampon, yet it keeps you feeling fresher for so much longer. The cup gives you lasting, ultra-discreet and comfortable “no strings attached” protection; it’s perfect for swimming, hiking and playing sports.

2. Clean

This sanitary cup is the cleaner choice for your body and the planet. Because it’s completely non-absorbent, there’s no risk of it leaving absorbent fibres behind the way tampons do. And because it’s reusable (one MyOwnCup lasts up to five years), it saves so much waste. Consider that the average woman will dispose of around 14 000 tampons or sanitary pads in her lifetime! This long-term reusable alternative just makes sense.

3. Convenient

This cup is so easy to use and easy to clean, plus it’s designed to hold 3 times as much liquid as a regular tampon. Depending on your flow, you can wear your MyOwnCup for up to 12 hours at a time! That’s great news for when you’re travelling for long stretches or spending the day at the beach.

4. Cost-effective

Remember those 14 000 tampons we mentioned earlier? Well, the cost of those adds up pretty fast. Let’s say box of 16 regular tampons at your local supermarket costs around R25; buying one box a month will cost you R300 a year, and R1,500 over five years (more if the price rises). MyOwnCup costs only R215 at Faithful to Nature’s online store, so it pays for itself in less than one year.

5. Chemical-free

With no harsh bleaches, absorbent gels or deodorants, MyOwnCup is 100% safe, and won’t irritate the body’s delicate mucous membranes. It’s made from hypoallergenic, FDA-approved medical grade polymer, with no latex, rubber or silicone content. And because it works without the use of absorbent fibres, using MyOwnCup eliminates the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

If you’re still unsure whether  switching to MyOwnCup is right for you, here’s some feedback from the “green goddesses” who’ve already put it to the test:

“I am ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by the cleverness and obviousness of this little product. It was so hassle-free to use – no strings or mess or getting super stressed because I had forgotten spare tampons at home. No leaking; no stains. I felt more comfortable and am convinced my general lubrication in this sensitive area has improved by leaving the cotton alternatives in the past. I also feel so happy that there is one less way I am polluting the Earth too. Ladies, please please please improve your lives and that of the planet with this wonderful product!” – Nicolette

“Its so CONVENIENT! You can leave it in for up to 12 hours! Its SUPER CHEAP!!! Think about how much you spend on Tampons or Pads every month??? Is R205 once off not worth it??? You will be able to use it for YEARS!!” – Miriam

Now you know the little secret that makes a big difference! Try something new and your body will thank you for it. Read more about choosing natural sanitary products here, to enjoy a more comfortable, confident summer.

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