How to rid your hair of ‘blockers’ before using HAIRPRINT natural hair colour treatment

We’re thrilled to be one of the few online retailers in South Africa now stocking HAIRPRINT, a 100% natural colour healing and restoration range created to give greying hair a new lease on life. The HAIRPRINT range presents a fantastic opportunity for greenies in search of a truly toxin-free solution to greys. But before you invest in a kit, make sure you’re informed and empowered to create the optimal conditions for the formula to do its work.
HAIRPRINT works beautifully, but only when it’s properly able to penetrate the hair cuticle. “Blockers”, or substances that coat the hair, get in the way of this and leave you with unpredictable or ineffective results.

Is your hair truly residue-free?

Even if you follow a clean-and-green hair care regime, you may be surprised to learn that even the most natural substances can act as blockers, and get in the way of your colour perfection!
Here are the most commonly found examples of substances that cause build-up and act as blockers. We’ve also got some need-to-know advice on how to detox your hair and leave it residue-free in preparation for your HAIRPRINT treatment.

The common culprits

Ordinary shampoos, conditioners and styling products typically contain ingredients that coat the hair shaft, and create a build-up that prevents HAIRPRINT products from penetrating your hair.


Silicone ingredients are commonly used in hair glazes and glosses, pomades and styling wax, sprays and gels, as well as ordinary shampoo and conditioner brands.

  • Silicones are synthetic polymers similar to plastic and rubber.
  • They are not water-soluble.
  • They coat the hair and create a long-lasting build-up.

Tip: Look at the ingredients listed on your hair care products; the names of silicone ingredients typically end in “cone”, “conol”, “col” or “xane”.

Many of our green shoppers already choose to avoid hair products that include silicone, as it clogs follicles and cuticles, leaving the hair thin and unhealthy. We highly recommend choosing a natural shampoo, conditioner or styling solution over chemical-based variants, whether or not you plan to use HAIRPRINT.

What to do? To get rid of silicone build- up, wash your hair with HAIRPRINT Clarifying Shampoo. The first wash may leave the silicone feeling sticky, so repeat the wash to remove the sticky feeling. Do this at least 24 hours before your treatment, and avoid using any other shampoo, conditioner or styling product.


The residue from the proteins used in shampoos and conditioners can last for weeks. Larger proteins adhere to the cuticle, and smaller proteins actually lodge themselves inside the cortex of the hair.
Leave-in protein treatments and hair styling products typically either release formaldehyde or come fused with formaldehyde. This leaves internal and external residue on the hair.

What to do? Discontinue use of shampoos or conditioners with protein 10-14 days before applying HAIRPRINT. Discontinue use of protein-based treatments 2-3 weeks before application.


Hair straightening treatments like the Brazilian Blowout use keratin protein, which keeps the hair feeling silky but will unfortunately also block the effects of this specific treatments.

What to do? If you have treated yourself to a blowout or a similar salon process in the past 2-3 months, please refer to the transitioning tips before using HAIRPRINT.


Swimmers everywhere will know how chlorinated water leaves those lightly bleached streaks in your tresses. If you spend a lot of time in the pool, you need to be careful to limit your hair’s exposure to chlorine, or else it will strip away your HAIRPRINT colour.

What to do? On the day of application, use Clarifying Shampoo to remove chlorine build-up, before washing with the pre-treatment. Next time you swim, cover your hair with a swim cap, and apply shea butter or conditioner to prevent chlorine damage.


QUATS (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) are substances categorised as natural polymers. They are often added to hair care products for their frizz-fighting and softening properties. Build-up from QUATS often appears on the scalp, as well as affecting the hair internally and externally.
Many synthetic QUATS are also hormone and endocrine disrupters. They can irritate the skin, and release formaldehyde. We recommend avoiding the use of QUATS wherever possible.

Examples of QUATS include:

  • Hydroxyproplytrimonium chloride
  • Behentrimonium chloride
  • Methosulfate

But the compounds can also be made from natural substances, including:

  • Guar
  • Honey
  • Beet

What to do? Discontinue use of products containing QUATS ingredients for at least 2-3 weeks before using HAIRPRINT. Use a detoxing shampoo (Clarifying or Exfoliating) once every 7 days during this time.

The unusual suspects

While ordinary chemical-laden products are the more obvious causes of build-up problems, it may come as a surprise to hear that there are plenty of natural blocking agents out there too. Even protective substances that are otherwise very good for your hair can temporarily seal the hair shaft, making it hard for this product to penetrate and do its work.
Luckily, the residues from these natural substances are much quicker and easier to remove from your hair.


Calcium, magnesium and mineral salts found in hard water can create a barrier over the hair shaft. These minerals, while typically beneficial, may block HAIRPRINT and even alter the product’s results after treatment. Mineral content in the water can make treated hair darker in the weeks following treatment, or give it a brassy appearance.

What to do?

1. Use a detoxing shampoo to remove calcium deposits and prevent build-up. Getting rid of mineral deposits will also add shine and ease itchy scalps.
2. Wash your hair at least 24 hours before your treatment, and avoid using any other shampoo, condition or styling products afterwards.

Oils & infusions

Shea butter, argan oil, marula serum – they’re all amazingly hydrating and nourishing treats for your hair! But remember, for HAIRPRINT Colour Restorer to work properly, you must remove all oil from your hair first.

Tip: As a general rule of thumb, if an oil listed among the top three ingredients in a hair care product, then this product contains a significant amount of oil which will need to be washed away before using this natural hair colour treatment.
What to do? Allow for 7-10 days for the oils to dissipate naturally. To make sure all remaining residue is cleared away, use the Clarifying or Exfoliating Shampoo before colouring your hair with HAIRPRINT.

Castile soap

Castile is a very pure and gentle soap with wonderful cleansing properties for the hair and skin. It’s the cleanser of choice for many eco-conscious and sensitive shoppers.
Of course, the key ingredient in castile is the olive oil base, and just like any other natural oil, it will impact the results you get from using this product. Castile adheres to the hair cuticle, so it’s important to avoid using castile-based shampoos before the colouring process.

What to do?

1. Discontinue use for 5-7 days before using HAIRPRINT.
2. During this time, use Clarifying Shampoo to remove any soap residue from the hair shaft.
3. Wash your hair again on application day, before using the pre-treatment.


Overproduction of sebum (the skin’s natural oil) leads to oily hair and scalp, which is not ideal for using HAIRPRINT, as it may block it from colouring the roots. Excess oiliness during application can also lead to the pigment washing away after just a few days.
Your scalp’s sebum production can become imbalanced if you use harsh shampoos that strip away the natural oils. Your sebaceous glands may overcompensate by producing excess oil to combat this drying effect.

What to do?

1. Use a natural Clarifying Shampoo to balance an oily scalp and reduce sebum build-up.
2. Massage it thoroughly into the scalp, and rinse with warm (not hot) water, to avoid over-stimulating the glands.
3. On the day of application, wash your hair with the Clarifying Shampoo before you use the pre-treatment.

This guideline should help you banish unwanted residue and get rid of unwanted chemicals that may be clinging to your hair. This will help you get the best possible results from your this natural healing colour therapy colouring treatment.

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