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Raw Beauty Secrets – Simple Can Be The Most Beautiful

Beauty products have been taken to the most advanced realms you could imagine, but sometimes it pays to take a look at the raw magic that Nature gives us just as is.

Natural oils are amazingly versatile natural potions where Mother Nature has done all the legwork to create beauty treatments that come in one simple raw form, ready to go.

Here are raw beauty secrets from three natural oils you can literally slap on out the bottle.

Raw Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a Rolls Royce of natural plant oils – you can use it both inside and out to bring on a healthy beautiful glow.

Glowing skin: Coconut Oil is an amazing moisturiser. It’s rich in the fatty acids that your skin loves, and hydrates and protects your skin. It’s antibacterial and healing so it’s great for eczema and unsightly fungal infections too. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that absorb quickly and easily and help transport nutrients to the cells.

Hop out the bath or shower and rub yourself down with some raw coconut oil while your skin is still slightly damp and up your skin to soft, glowing status, along with the yummy tropical scent of coconut for that breezy holiday feel. It’s apparently a secret some movies stars are privy to!

Cleansing balm: You can use coconut oil as an oil cleanser for your face. Simple massage it in for a few minutes then wipe it off thoroughly with a warm, damp cloth for skin that’s feather soft, hydrated and radiant. You can also use it to detox your skin with an exfoliating face scrub using equal amounts of coconut oil and baking soda.

Luscious locks: Coconut oil is a fantastic hair conditioner, encouraging hair growth and thickness and taming frizz like nobody’s business. Warm it slightly, apply to your hair focusing on the roots, wrap your head in a towel or clingfilm and leave for a few hours or overnight, and wash out the next day.

Gorgeous lashes: Apply it regularly to your eyelashes for longer, ticker, more luscious lashes.

Marvelous makeup: Apply a small amount of coconut oil to your face and allow it to absorb before you apply makeup for a perfect primer that will not only make your makeup last longer, but go on smoother. Or a touch to your cheekbones for a subtle, natural glow.

As for removing makeup, look no futher, it will even remove waterproof mascara. Simply apply and wipe your makeup away with a cotton swab.

Silky smooth shave: Coconut oil can be used for a super-close smooth shave, or used after you have shaved to soothe your skin and ease razor burn, a great tip for men who shave regularly.

Baby soft feet: Massage coconut oil into rough flaky skin on your feet and exfoliate with a pumice stone. Take it one step further by massaging a generous amount into your feet, putting on some old socks and sleeping that way while your feet attain goddess-like softness. In fact, it’s wonderful for any dry areas, knees and elbows too.

Effortless nails: Treat brittleness, prevent hangnails and build strong healthy nails by massaging coconut oil into your nails and cuticles every day.


Shea Butter

Shea butter truly is a beauty miracle. This nut butter has been known in Africa for centuries as a beauty secret and it is so versatile, it’s even used as a cooking oil.

Protect your skin: Shea butter has a natural sun protection factor because of its cinnamic acid content that absorbs UV rays, and is rich in vitamins A and E, which encourage skin repair and cell turn over. A great secret when you live in Africa with our harsh sun. It’s deeply moisturising properties also means you can use it in winter to protect your skin from harsh wind and cold.

Needle-free collagen: Shea butter encourages your skin to produce more collagen, for a great anti-aging boost to prevent sagging skin. It’s been found to reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s brightness. Nature’s plastic surgeon.

Soothe angry reds: The vitamins, fatty acids and plant sterols in Shea butter make it great for healing damaged skin and soothing rashes, burns, stings and bites. Some people find that it really helps for eczema too, massage it in while your skin is still warm and moist from your bath or shower.

Heal skin damage: From acne scars to stretch marks, shea butter is wonderfully restorative for your skins elasticity and tone, with deeply moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects and a high vitamin content – a precious balm to restore skin beauty.

Hydrated soft skin: Shea butter keeps your skin wonderfully hydrated and helps seal in moisture and relieve dryness. Use it all over from top to toe as a one-stop moisturiser. You can do the soft feet trick with shea butter too, applying it to your feet and sleeping with socks on, to awaken to soft and pretty feet.

Spa hair treatment: Shea butter is divine for a deeply penetrating and moisturizing hair treatment, soothing away frizz, encouraging strong hair growth and treating dandruff and a dry scalp. Gently melt some shea butter and apply it as a leave-in treatment once or twice a week for silky strong and shiny manageable hair.

A shea butter styling tip: Apply a tiny amount through curly hair to add some texture and shine when you style.

Dew-kissed lips: Apply a little shea butter before your lipstick for a smooth, lasting finish and super soft, moisturised lips.

Natural Manicure: Shea butter is great for applying to your cuticles and keeping your nails strong and shiny and your hands sumptuously soft.



Castor Oil

The thought of a tablespoon of castor oil may make you a little queasy, it’s the one of those raw secrets you may not want to add to your smoothie, but you don’t have to down it to benefit from its amazing beauty perks. It’s one of the most affordable deluxe nail, skin and hair treatments around.

Tame that mane and lengthen those locks: Castor oil shines particularly in the hair department. If you have coarse, curly or kinky hair it makes a really effective treatment to smooth and tame. It also acts as a hair-growth treatment – promoting thicker and longer hair.

It does the same for your eyelashes, apply a tiny bit every night after washing your face and soon you’ll be battering those thick, beautiful lashes.

Pink and pampered nails: Soften your cuticles and give your nails a beauty boost so they look polished all on their own. You can treat unsightly fungal infections in your nail beds by mixing one part water to three parts epsom salts and adding some castor oil in a bowl and soaking your nails for 15 minutes. This will also strengthen your nails to a natural, pretty buffed look.

Banish those blemishes: It’s rich in essential fatty acids, protein and vitamin E that can help fade scarring, stretch marks and age spots. It’s also been recommended as a treatment for pigmentation. Rub a little straight onto scars or marks nightly.

Soothe Sunburn: It makes a great after-sun treatment, with a cooling thickness that will help soothe redness and inflammation and help prevent the long-term skin damage caused by burning.

Plump up those lips and pamper your skin: Castor oil penetrates deeply into your skin to stimulate collagen and elastin, feeding your skin plenty of essential fatty acids, resulting in soft, hydrated skin. It’s a wonderful anti-ager for wrinkles and fine lines or remedy for dry patches. Apply it around your eyes after you have cleansed, or to those dry areas. Castor oil has a very thick consistency so you only need to use very little.

Dissolve away dirt: Use it as a soap-free oil cleanser for your face: massage it into your face for a few minutes and wipe it off with a warm damp facecloth. It will leave your skin clean and soft.


Pampering Hair Growth Mask

You can do this treatment once or twice a week to encourage gorgeous conditioned hair:

• ½ cup shea butter
• 2tbsp coconut oil
• 6 tsp castor oil
• 5 drops rosemary essential oil

How to:

• First soften the shea butter if it is very hard by placing the tub in a bowl of warm water
• Use a hand mixer to whip the shea butter til fluffy
• Add the coconut oil and whip
• Add the castor oil and rosemary oil and mix in
• Store in a mason jar

Use this mask as an overnight leave-in treatment and wash it out the next morning with shampoo. It’s oily so you may want to cover your hair with a bandana, scarf or towel.

Raw beauty tricks are so affordable and effective, move over top cosmetic houses!

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