Month 9 Physiotherapist

Pregnancy: Month 9: A Physiotherapist’s Professional Opinion

Your breathing will become easier as the fetus orientation changes. It is now head down and bottom up as it drops and settles into the pelvic channel. This is referred to as lightening. As there is now less pressure on your upper abdomen it gives your vital organs back a bit of the space they used to have before pregnancy. Your bladder is unfortunately not so lucky as the pressure on it increases even more. This leads to even more frequent trips to the bathroom if you can even fathom this!

Sleep becomes more difficult due to your size and the change in hormones preparing your body for the last step towards giving birth. Try to sleep during the day if you can make the time. You need all the sleep you can get.

This is the time with the least amount of physical changes. Your body has done all the preparation work in the months leading up to this. It is almost time for the biggest change in your life to happen. Enjoy these moments and listen to your body even more so than before. Your body is in tune and ready for what is to come. An exciting chapter awaits you.



1. Sit tall on a Physio ball, with the lower tummy gently pulled in and hands relaxed on your thighs.
2. Feet on the floor, hip-width apart and knees bent to 90°.
3. Perform gentle pelvic rotations:
3.1. Push one knee forward to rotate your pelvis while keeping the shoulders still.
3.2. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.
4. Repeat a few times on either side.


1. Kneel on all fours with the chin gently tucked in, chest lifted to straighten the spine and shoulders broad and thoracic and lumbar spinal curves neutral.
2. Start from your tailbone and round your back up to the ceiling, broaden your shoulder blades and tuck your chin down towards your chest.
3. Unlike normal cat curls, only return to neutral. Do not arch your lower back and lower your abdomen to the floor.
4. Repeat in a slow controlled manner to complete the set.



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