Our Youngest Fan Shares His Top Picks

As many of you know, Christian and I, the owners of Faithful to Nature, gave birth to our first born Cassian late last year. He will shortly be celebrating his 3 month birthday and he already has ants in his pants with excitement to share his favourite organic products with you.
The Victorian Garden Baby Powder

As a summer baby this keeps my bottom and bits from getting too sweaty in our recent heat waves! An absolute must and of course it’s talc-free.
Trevarno Baby Cleanser Pack

I’ve really been spoilt with this cleanser – it’s a little pricier but well worth it on my sensitive skin. My mom says she will change to a foaming cleanser in a month or two, but for now this is the most gentle option she can find. The travel size cleanser has come in handy on so many outings too.
Trevarno Olive & Almond Bath and Body Oil

I get a massage every night which helps with my development and is great bonding time with mama and papa. The added lavender and chamomile essential oils also get me super relaxed for bed. This oil is especially gentle, ideal for newborns and tiny tots like me.
Natracare Baby Wipes

These organic cotton wipes are free from all the nasties. They also separate easily when mom pulls them out of their packaging, making for efficient nappy changes… and they smell divine.
Mother Nature Bamboo Hooded Towel

I have been given a bunch of towels as gifts, but nothing comes close to the soft feel of this one – my favourite!
Mother Nature All-In-One Bamboo Nappy

I am quite a big boy, weighing over 7kg at 2.5 months and my mom started using these nappies on me at 4 weeks, which meant she could rely on no leaking. I wear them during the day and especially love how great the blue and green look too.
Mother Nature Liners

My mom adds these inside my all-in-nappies. They help to catch any mess in my pants. Seems to make her life a whole lot easier.
Bambo Nature Nappies

I wear these great biodegradable disposables during the night – such great quality; good for me and good for the planet.
Mother Nature Nappy Covers

My mom puts one of these over the bamboo disposables at night, and because I don’t make any poohs during the night, she does not have to change my nappy until the morning. The cover just adds extra protection against leaks, cos you know boys! This way she uses less nappies; which is great for all of us AND again the planet. The nappies are super absorbent and don’t cause me any discomfort during the 12 hour nightly stretch.
Mother Nature Wet Nappy Travel BagThis has saved my mom from using plastic bags on all the outings where she has had to change my reusable nappies. ‘An absolute must’ I have heard her tell her friends.
Reusable Swim Cozzie

Besides the fact that the swim cozzies prevent embarrassing accidents in the water and are much better than using disposable swim nappies, I also happen to think that they are just the trendiest threads around.
Mother Nature Mattress Protector

My mom keeps this in my day pack and has made nappy changes when we’re out and about so much more comfortably thanks to this.
Tea Tree Essential Oil

About 5 drops of this magic is all my mom needs to sterilise my nappies. She puts them in a bucket with water, and of course the tea tree oil, until she is ready to do a load of washing – could not be easier! And when she is happy, so am I.
Triple Orange Bio-detergent

Absolutely any fabric I have had contact with has been washed in this great smelling stuff. My skin loves my mom for it.
Bee Natural Nappy Rash Cream

My mom keeps this cream around for little emergencies – from nappy rashes to scratches or bites.
Moby Wrap

This is my home away from home. Seriously, I am often so snug in my wrap and listen to other babies crying when out and about and just wish their mom’s knew about how great this thing is. Life on Earth has been that much sweeter for it – when I just can’t get to sleep; or when the gas is really bad; or when my mom has pop into to work and do her thing, the sling saves the day – and night! I hear my mom tell everyone that she just cannot recommend the wrap enough. And I love the fact that I am snuggling in organic cotton too.
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