All You Need To Know When You Choose a Juicer

Juicing has really taken off. It is an easy and delicious way to consume large amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. All this extra goodness will increase your energy; improve the vital functions of your body; help your body heal that which is not at optimum and boost your immune system. Juicing without any fruit pulp also gives your digestive organs a rest.

Understandably, there is a lot of research that shows the healing properties of juicing or any kind of increased wholefood supplementation. Not only will juicing facilitate weight loss, increased energy levels, strengthened immunity, strong bones and a glowing complexion, it may also reduce chances of heart disease, cancer and strokes, three of the leading causes of death. Unfortunately synthetic vitamins or minerals are a laboratory simulation of the real thing.  The body more easily recognizes; uses and absorbs natural plant based vitamins and minerals.

If you are juicing for your health, you need to choose a cold extraction or a cold press juicer as opposed to a centrifugal juicer.


Why are cold extracted juicers better?

When you cut a tree down you get the growing ring pattern on the stump, when you cut a cross section of a carrot you see a similar kind of pattern unique to the carrot. After juicing with a cold extraction juicer you will see the re-formation of this pattern in the juice. On an energetic level, this indicates how pure and unaffected the carrot juice is after cold extracting the juice with a slow speed type juicer.

Although the juice from different types of juicers appears the same, the nutritive and energetic values vary considerably. If the juice isbeing made predominantly for pure pleasure, then a centrifugal juicer is adequate. However, if the juice is going to be a curative or a health sustaining product the nutritive and energetic values of the juice must be as high as is affordable. The speed of operation of the juicer has a direct impact on the quality of the juice. The slower the speed the better the quality. Cold extracted juice has been proven to be the best.

So Which Cold Pressed (or slow juicer) Should I Get?

In terms of slow juicers, we would suggest you consider three options. The top of the range is the Oscar – a brand trusted worldwide for many years with a 20-year warranty on the motor. The 2 newest kids on the block at half the price are the DNA juicer with a 5 year warranty and the Greenis Juicer with a 12 year warranty on the motor.

Comparing The Greenis; DNA & Oscar Juicers

  • All are slow juicers and produce excellent quality juice
  • The Oscar is a better all-rounder juicer, meaning it handles all types of produce with no blocking or jamming
  • The Greenis & DNA are vertical juicers which are well suited to juicing fruit and are more sensitive to stringy vegetables where occasional blockage can occur if leaves or greens are not cut
  • The Greenis processes marginally faster than the Oscar and DNA juicers because of the shorter, stubby processing screw, without compromising juice quality
  • All three juicers can make nut milks
  • The Oscar juicers offers a pasta making function and a coffee grinding ability while the others do not.
  • All three juicers come with a tap and mincing screens
  • The Greenis juicer comes with a free tofu maker and 2 additional strainers
  • The DNA juicer comes with an extra 1.5l jug; a brush and tamper
  • The Oscar DA 900 offers an optional oil extractor


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