Our Top Reads and Best DIY Recipes for Natural Oral Care

Think about this for a second. If your skin is your largest organ, absorbing everything it comes into contact with, then by extension, gums are really just the skin of your mouth. Sure you might not be swallowing your toothpaste or mouthwash, or at least not an intentionally large amount. Because let’s face it, we’ve all gotten lost in our tooth brushing daydreams only to end up with a mouth full of froth that can’t be spat out quite soon enough. Or perhaps you too have thought quite matter-of-factly that you can communicate in garbled-foaming-speak if you just slush it to the back and sides. You can’t – you sound like a bridge troll, but whatever your oral hygiene quirk is, you can safely assume some of that stuff goes down the hatch.

So, when mutterings of how bad fluoride really is for you, starts doing the rounds, your peculiar toothbrushing habits and all-absorbing gums should probably sit up and listen. We’ve pulled together all our reads on oral care in one place to help you get clued up and equipped with easy DIY solutions.

Find out why using fluoride-free, natural toothpaste matters

With all the contention around fluoride and its IQ reducing, rather toxic side effects, it’s worth finding out about and considering your natural options:

The easy and healthy DIY tooth and mouth hygiene alternatives

Okay, so you’ve decided maybe the whole fluoride, blue glitter sparkly toothpaste isn’t for you. Aside from the inconvenient matter that not all supermarket variety toothpaste tubes can be recycled because of the material fusion of plastic and aluminium, making your own oral care products or using natural varieties not sealed in aluminium gives you the added benefit of knowing exactly when you’re exposing your chompers and gums to on a twice daily basis.

Here’s to smiling all the way to the health store and waving at your dentist on the way back.

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