Mad about Myhru: A Q&A with founder Klara Coetzee

Ever since Myhru popped up on the scene, people have been singing its praises. In a world of a million and one problems, products and possible solutions, Myhru aims to keep things simple. What makes this product so different to many others is not that it offers to heal a specific condition or address a specific problem, but just that it offers one answer to having naturally nourished skin. We touched base with founder Klara Coetzee to understand her journey better and how to get the most out of Myhru and her tips on discovering your most beautiful self.

What is your personal journey on the road towards Myhru?

I’d always been disciplined about a good skin regimen but never used to question what I was buying and why. I was attracted to big names, beautiful packaging, nice smells, and was very proud of my ever-growing collection of slick lotions and potions. A few years ago when living in London, due to chronic tiredness, I started to seriously educate myself about eating clean and reading the labels. Immediately my husband and I stopped buying processed and ready meals and turned to whole foods! That was a HUGE turning point! I then realised the same applied to what I was putting on my skin so when I started studying the cosmetic ingredients I realised we weren’t always making the smart choices there either: most products still contain alcohol, metals, perfume and even colourants while pacifying us they’re paraben free! Not to mention they are super diluted. So, with the beauty industry evolving at the speed of light, I felt absolutely lost and confused but all the more determined to make a change! My dream was to create a fresh, healthy, honest, high-quality skincare brand to match the health shift which has recently begun in South Africa. And so Myhru was born… 🙂

What is your background in skin health or who do you collaborate with on this product?

I never studied pharmaceutical sciences, but thanks to my mum I did grow up loving skin care and understanding the importance of looking after yourself. When I decided to create my own cosmetics company I took two years to conduct my own research in London – ferociously studying cosmetic labels, collecting samples, learning about the ingredients, and identifying the specific components I was after. Once we moved to South Africa, I approached CW Pharmaceuticals in Johannesburg (the guys who created Placecol) and we worked closely together on honing in on the perfect formula to ensure it has the right synergy of vitamins, consistency and absorption rate (this was a crucial point for me as most oils on the market linger on the skin and tend to run).

Where do you source the ingredients?

All our ingredients are sourced locally in South Africa. We are a proudly South African company and it’s important to us to support the local farmers and communities. And it’s vital that the consumer knows their product has been made with a good conscience – no animal testing, no nasties, no synthetics. What you see is what you get.

Myhru is quite pricy – how long can I expect it to last?

The HIGH! serum is going to last you anything between 3-6 months because you really need so little of it to reap the benefits.

One pump  = enough for the whole face
Two pumps = also cover the front/back of your neck and decollaté.
Less is more
No more smothering your skin in in lotions and potions. That alone is going to create a dramatic difference to your skin.
You no longer need to worry about investing in a day cream, a night cream, a hydrating mask, or anything you previously had to use specifically for your skin type. This serum works for all skin types and covers all your crucial skin needs (hydration, nourishment and repair).

Other benefits to using Myhru?

Offers absorption

If you need any other medical products, this serum ensures the product you apply over it will penetrate even deeper.
Foundation base
Your skin needs hydration every day so using it as a foundation base ensures natural healthy glow and the best prep for even make-up.
Topical rejuvenating ointment
You can also use it topically anywhere on your body: stretch marks, scars, rash, eczema, blemishes, sun damage.

If I have problem skin should I stop using all other products?

Your skin is the biggest organ in Your body and Your face reflects what’s happening on the inside, so most of the time your “problem skin” is just a sign of internal gut inflammation or a hormonal imbalance (or often both!). So, your diet needs to be addressed and adjusted first and foremost (usually the culprits are: dairy, sugar and gluten).
Once that is eliminated and you still have skin concerns, make an appointment with a trusted skin therapist and then take it from there. The important thing is to take responsibility and learn about our health rather than purchasing yet another “miracle” cream. And don’t forget that stress can wreak havoc with your skin too!

It that the basis for Myhrulosophy?

Myhrulosophy is my philosophy of life reflecting today’s modern men and women. It is about supporting healthy ageing, by using anti-ageing solutions in a balanced whole-listic way: high-quality but straight-forward, preventative and restorative skincare, as well as healthy lifestyle. And happiness, of course! That is your full wellness package.

Where is the High! Serum made?

Our serum is made in Johannesburg by CW Pharmaceuticals. They’ve been around since the 90’s and know the local skin industry through and through.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the adorable bird logo?

Our birdie is simple, just as skincare and wellness should be, and beautiful, like nature. To us it also represents freedom. It’s about freeing yourself from the clasps of cosmetic marketing and “owning your health”, taking responsibility and knowing WHAT you’re putting in your body and on your skin and why it works for you as an individual. It’s not about promises, labels and trendy buzz words. Less is more!
On a nature-loving note, favourite thing to do outdoors?
For me, nothing beats walking on the beach with our dogs early morning or at sunset. The sound and smell of the sea are like a spa for your mind and soul. And you can walk with someone in total silence, and really enjoy this comfortable intimacy of the moment and feel utter quiet contentment together. The sea just does that for you… Nature was designed to make us happy and we are part of that design so the more connected we are to it, the healthier we will be, naturally.
Thanks so much Klara – for inspiring us to achieve true natural beauty, for simplifying the skincare game and for sharing your passion with us.
If you’re interested in having a natural healthy glow and getting all our skin care needs from one jam-packed product, give Myhru HIGH! serum a try.
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