MYHRU High Serum

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MYHRU High Serum
MYHRU High Serum
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MYHRU High! Serum is the ultimate skincare multi-tasker, made with some of the most highly prized botanical oils in the world. This powerful facial oil includes baobab and marula, both of which are beauty-boosting powerhouses for glowing skin. MYHRU High! Serum is hydrating, soothing, restorative, anti-aging and toning, meeting all your skin care needs in one bottle. 


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Each ingredient has been carefully selected to work in synergy with the others. The oil absorbs quickly into your skin and penetrates deeply.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Works especially well on oily skin; controls sebum production 
  • Acts as a standalone treatment or compliments any skin care routine 
  • Does the job of multiple facial care products
  • Absorbs quickly & leaves no residue, reduces oiliness
  • Anti-ageing, hydrating & protective
  • Toning & smoothing 
  • Promotes a plump & dewy complexion 
  • Provides deep nourishment
  • Heals scars, fades stretch-marks & alleviates irritation 
  • Helps to repair skin affected by sunburn, blemishes & eczema
  • Safe for babies & pregnant moms
  • No parabens or synthetic perfumes
  • No essential oils, safe for use during pregnancy
  • No carrier oils or diluted ingredients
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Featured in Women’s Health, Glamour, Your Pregnancy, Fair Lady & many more


  • Use 2 pumps of serum for your face, neck & décolleté. The 50ml bottle will last 3-6 months.


Baobab oil, marula oil, Kalahari melon, ximenia oil, moringa oil, passion fruit oil, apricot kernel oil
Contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E & F, Omega 3, 6 & 9, phenolic acids (including ferulic)

Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 26 reviews

25 out of 26 people would recommend this product

15/12/2018, By Karin
What a relief to finally find ONE product that really works all year round! It helped keep my skin hydrated in winter and now in the summer its really soothing after being out in the sun! Really happy :)
05/12/2018, By Lané
After all the rave reviews, I was a little underwhelmed by this product. I had very high hopes for this wonder serum and while it didn't lighten my acne scars, it did provide my extremely dry skin with enough moisture to survive the Free State winter, which I am thankful for. It didn't last 6 months as ons of the reviewers stated, but it might have been because I used it day and night. I will go back to this next winter, but for now I am trying something else.
14/08/2018, By Petra
This product did not do anything for my skin unfortunately, it seemed to actually accentuate my pores instead of minimize them and the oil doesn't seem to absorb easily. I was very disappointed especially at the product's price. It might work for other skin types, but for my 23 year old skin it didn't(pure coconut oil or jojoba/almond oil are much better for me).
02/08/2018, By Marizanne
I first tried this serum as a sample from FTN and kind of forgot about it.. until I tried it one night and I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin felt the next morning! So now I use it plain at night and add one pump to my moisturiser during the day. Can’t recommend it enough!
31/07/2018, By Michaela
Hasn't improved my hormonal acne hugely yet but does leave my skin feeling very soft.
21/07/2018, By Metse
I love this serum. It’s great for combination skin and it doesn’t clog my pores. I apply it on its own at night as treatment and mix it with my daily moisturizer. I like how it absorbs into my skin.
20/07/2018, By chantel
i received this product as a sample and actually forgot about it, until it popped up again. I always wanted to try it but found that it cost a lot. so after getting a sample from f2n, I gave it a try. here's my take on it: its very very nice for softening the skin, I could feel how good my face felt after using it. however I was extremely put off by the smell of what seemed like castor oil? made me feel nauseas. I would recommend that the manufacturer add a little fragrant essential oil to it to combat the smell? overall good product, better than the others I have tried,
15/05/2018, By Kash
I have only been using this for a week but my skin is loving it escpecially in the dry and cold winter weather. It is my new favourite product for the winter!! Thank you for the speedy delivery and the surprise sample products Am already looking forward to my next order
15/05/2018, By Kash
I have only been using this for a week but my skin is loving it escpecially in the dry and cold winter weather. It is my new favourite product for the winter!! Thank you for the speedy delivery and the surprise sample products Am already looking forward to my next order
08/03/2018, By Lindsey
I have been using this for 7 days and I already love it. It's an intensive vitamin oil and so far it has kept the dryness away. Great product to have as we are weeks away from Autumn and colder months. I've mixed it with my foundation and face cream, and used it alone as a treatment. I've wanted to buy it for a long time but the budget was not allowing it so I saved up for it and finally able to use it. I wake up a moisturized supple skin. Minimal dryness and no oiliness either. So far so good.
08/02/2018, By Olivia
I try my best to avoid products that have any nasty chemicals or preservatives in them and had been trying to track down a serum for ages. I love that this serum not only ticks that box, but the effects are almost immediate. My skin feels and looks nourished and refreshed and have received many compliments about my skin as of late. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a healthy glow.
02/02/2018, By Anonymous
Unbelievably moisturising for hours, absorbs super-fast and lasted me 6 months! Love this product and would recommend it to everyone!
02/02/2018, By Bavisha
I am someone who has to try something and not just believe everything I read. But, believe me when I say that you do not need any other product to moisturise to give you soft, supple, great skin! I have just started using it and I am so impressed. Even though it is an oil, it is not oily. It absorbs into your skin easily. I use only two drops at a time so this bottle is going to last me a long time - economic!
22/01/2018, By PK
Hats off to Myhru This is the most incredible serum. i felt an instant skin revitalisation and hydration! This product is top of my list.

29/11/2017, By Sam
what an amazing product! i use it both to relieve my eczema and as a facial product at might. it is one of very few products that dont make my eczema flare up and makes my skin feel amazing! Love it!
27/10/2017, By Steph
I wasn't too sure about this serum at first. Didn't like the smell and it was a bit rich for my skin, causing little pimples. I have been using it only at night for about 6 weeks and my skin is loving it. No more dry patches anywhere on my face and my skin is clear and radiant. My skin has gotten used to it and I no longer get the little pimples.
17/09/2017, By Ticha
I am soo in love with natural products, i have always believed if the ingredients of an beauty product comes out of nature there is nothing else that could ever compare.
07/09/2017, By Claire
As someone who has suffered many years of skin problems from acne to severe dryness, it's been a challenge finding the right skincare products to suit my varying skin type.

The amazing thing about Myhru is that it manages to balance out both oilyness and dryness! It's truly magical that one product can do this! This product makes my skin feel amazing! The other fantastic thing about Myhru is that I use it before I apply my makeup and it literally makes my foundation glide on, so it also works as a fantastic primer! I would highly recommend this product.
05/09/2017, By Dean
I’m not the best when it comes to reviews. I’m a male who was brought up in South Africa, my knowledge of soap (aka skincare products then) were limited to Lux (for bath time), Venolia (very good for your mother’s birthday) and Sunlight (very good for stains on clothes). Through the years unfortunately I did not pay much attention to this department in my life, by all means it is suppose to take at least a slice of an hour of more out of your day and for that I simply could not be swing to use anything different.

Add to it I am an active 44 year young, who loves swimming and cycling for sport. Not the best combination, chlorine and sun, I will leave the rest to your imagination. So far I have been lucky enough to be blessed with good genes but on closer inspection in the mirror, you could see the cracks in the foundation so to speak.

Recently I’ve visited a good friend of many years, and from one topic to the next we’ve ended up talking about skincare, or rather my lack of it in general - except my Dove soap (yes I’ve took the plunge many years ago and upgraded). She mentioned this product called MYHRU and it’s the only thing she use for skincare now. Gone is her days of carrying around bottles and pots full of different skincare products. Just this one serum and that’s it. It sounded to good to be true but I was very happy to give this a go. I mean, only about 1 minute out of my day, I have nothing to loose. My first thoughts seeing the two drops in my hand was it certainly will be oily. Actually no, it felt like liquid silk applied to your skin. My skin felt moisturised but certainly not oily.

Obviously I had to had a bottle to try it out. Flying back home I could take it with my hand luggage (50ml liquid rule) and it turned out to be worth every drop. Anybody who has ever done a long haul flight will know how it can dehydrate your whole body and skin. I’ve applied it twice on the way back and for the first time ever I can honestly say my skin felt soft and velvet arriving back home.

I can’t recommend this serum high enough for anybody. It is certainly worth it’s weight in gold. We’ve ordered more now just to be on the safe side. We never want to run out of it.

Ps: My apologies if I have not used the correct terminology for this field of science. I don’t spend time in beauty magazines and never will (not after discovering MYHRU). I simply said it in my own words how I experienced my use of this miracle product.
05/09/2017, By Kath
Excellent product. Can be used with any moisturiser to help combat dry skin. I love that it is made from all natural products with no 'nasties'. Finally s product you can actually trust!
20/08/2017, By Riana
FINALLY, one product that can properly hydrate my skin and keep it moist throughout the whole day! I also love how my skin feels in the morning if I use it the night before - plump and soft, no pillow creases! Well done Myhru!
15/08/2017, By Louise
I LOVE this serum! From the minute I started using it, I could see a difference in my skin. It was smoother and more radiant. The serum particularly helped breakouts during my pregnancy and I even put it on my 3 year old's dry patches on her legs when required. Highly recommend!
14/08/2017, By Leslie
I'm in love with this super product which has improved my skin texture remarkably. It's like 'soul food' for my sensitive skin leaving it feeling nourished, soft and well balanced. It's my moisturizer and serum all in one, simply awesome...
14/08/2017, By Marion
I've been loving this product from day one, it is packed with just the right nutrients to give your skin the glow all year round. It's so versatile and easy to use too! Please try it and see what the wonderful 'Myhrulosophy' is all about!
11/08/2017, By Elaine
I have been using MYHRU High Serum for a year now and I could see and feel the difference on my skin from the word GO! It is the first time in my life where I can literally see the improvement in skin tone, smoothness and glow! No more skin problems ever! I use it at night as a serum and mix it with my daily moisturizer in the winter. And still the product last for at least six months. Thank you MYHRU!
11/08/2017, By Kate
Absolutely LOVE this serum. I have sensitive skin that tends to get dry especially in winter. This product goes on so easily, and absorbs quickly without leaving an oily feel at all. It soothes the dry areas and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. I use it just as it is on my face and neck, in place of a moisturizer after my shower. A little really goes a long way! It has a neutral odour, which I love, and I can already tell it is going to become a staple in my skincare regimen!

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