Our Top Healthy Snack Choices for Back-To-School Lunchboxes

It’s nearly time for the summer holidays to come to a close, and an exciting new year at school or work to begin! If you’re looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle for your family and yourself in the year to come, you’ll find that making a few little changes can really have a big impact. Here’s a look at our green team’s top choices for school or workplace lunchboxes:

Redwood Vegan Non-Dairy Raspberry Yoghurt Dessert

A vegan’s dream; this smooth and delicious dairy-free, yoghurt-style dessert is made with nourishing pea protein and sweetened with real fruit juice. A creamy treat you can enjoy on its own, or spooned over berries and granola. Great for picnics too.

Braw Bars

These fruity snack bars are gluten-free and vegan-friendly; they’re an excellent source of energy and very low in calories, making them the perfect guilt-free anytime snack. Available in 4 tempting and tasty flavours.

V-Life Biltong

The vegan alternative to South Africa’s favourite traditional dried meat snack. V-Life biltong is made with non-GMO soya beans, full of fibre and packed with protein. The zesty, natural black pepper flavour is a savoury treat for the taste buds.

Organic Licorice

This is the perfect health-conscious choice for those times you’re craving something sweet. Made with real organic molasses and aniseed oil, this licorice is a tasty treat that’s 100% free of preservatives, artificial flavours and processed ingredients.

Trek Protein Bars

A selection of energy-rich protein bars, perfect for giving you a lift before gym or sports practice. Made with crunchy oats, fruit and nuts, and enriched with gingko and ginseng for a natural, sustainable energy boost.

Nakd Bars

Vegan-friendly snack bars made from raw fruit and nuts, with no added sugars of mystery preservatives – pure wholesome goodness in a choice of indulgent flavours like gingerbread, pecan pie and cocoa delight.

Earthshine Raw Kale Chips

A nutrient-packed vegetable snack the whole family will love. This is a Faithful to Nature favourite; you’ll always find a packet of yummy kale chips in our staff kitchen!

These healthy snacks are all tasty and affordable, making it easier than ever for you and your family to enjoy wholesome everyday treats.

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