ferrero rocher balls

Healthy ‘Ferrero Rocher’ Balls 



  1. Pit and soak the dates in warm water for 2 hours or until soft and water is cold.
  2. Place sunflower seeds, oats, cacao and almond flour in the food processor and blend until a fine flour. 
  3. Remove and put aside. 
  4. Drain the dates.
  5. Place dates in the food processor, add the coconut oil and salt, blend until smooth.
  6. Turn the machine onto low speed and add the fine flour one tablespoon at a time until combined. 
  7. Chop up the pecans/walnuts and add ¼ of the cup to the mixture and blitz once or twice to combine.
  8. Remove the mixture and place in the fridge for two hours or until hard. 
  9. Blend the rest of the nuts until a small crumb, sprinkle with sea salt and keep aside. 
  10. Remove the mixture from the fridge and roll the balls into 20g balls.
  11. Coat in the nut crumb and store in an airtight container in the fridge.


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