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Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
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Price From: R79.99
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Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has been mechanically pressed from coconuts, and is not refined, bleached or deodourised. It's a highly dynamic 100% unrefined and organic oil that can be used as a skin care treatment or as a cooking oil – and of course, due to its amazing effectiveness in both fields we recommend that you do use it on both your skin and to cook with.

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

Virgin Coconut Oil, cold-pressed from the white “meat” of the coconut, consists almost entirely of the saturated fatty acids lauric acid and myristic acid. Its unusual fatty acids profile means that Coconut Oil cannot contain harmful transfats, since these can only be created out of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Indeed, the high content of saturated fats makes Coconut Oil ideal for frying, since it is extremely stable at high temperatures. For the same reason, Coconut Oil has a very long shelf life (up to two years). Coconut Oil is sometimes unfairly accused of being unhealthy due to its high content of saturated fats. However, unlike the saturated fatty acids found in animal fats and some vegetable fats, the saturated fatty acids in Coconut Oil are much shorter (they are called “medium-chain tryglicerydes” as against the “long-chain tryglicerydes” in animal fats). These shorter saturated fatty acids do not have the widely documented health risks associated with long-chain fatty acids. On the contrary, researchers regularly point to the robust health of Pacific Island communities (heavy consumers of Coconut Oil) as an indication of the healthy nature of Virgin Coconut Oil.

As a Skin Treatment

Virgin Coconut Oil has for centuries been used as a remedy by traditional healers to nurture the body, mind and spirit. It is ideal as an all over body moisturiser and skin conditioner especially for sensitive skins. It may be helpful in topical relief for skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis and after sun relief, through its cooling and soothing properties.

The oil can be slightly warmed to ensure that it is very liquid. You then massage 2 to 4 teaspoons (depending on the volume of hair) into the hair and leave it in the hair for 1 to 2 hours. Alternatively you can leave it on overnight (you will need to cover your pillow with a towel). After that you will wash your hair with your favourite natural shampoo. This can be repeated 2 x weekly. VCO will also help control dandruff.

As a Cooking Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil contains a unique group of saturated fats known as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) the same unique set of MCTs that are also found in human breast milk (mothers milk) Traditional knowledge supports Coconut Oil as the richest vegan source of Lauric Acid, found only in Mother’s Milk and Virgin Coconut Oil in concentrations of up to 50%.

The Coconut Oil has many benefits:

Easy Absorption

Most oils contains long chain fatty acids which are absorbed slower into the body due to the fact that they must be emulsified by bile Salt in the small intestine before they can be absorbed into our body. The short and medium-chain fatty acids contained in Coconut Oil is absorbed directly and this is more easily digestible and converted into quick energy.

The Good Oil

Research has found that medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are created when digesting MCTs in Coconut Oil, enhance the absorption of minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium, B-group vitamins A well as fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K.

Weight Management

Virgin Coconut Oil’s unique properties make it an ideal addition to any weight management program. A study conducted on a population, where Coconut Oil is a staple, showed that metabolic rates of the individuals within the population were 25 percent higher than in comparable test subjects. It is recognised that an increased metabolic rate is a key to healthy weight management and may account for the leanness of people living in areas where Coconut Oil is consumed on a daily basis. Coconut Oil yields fewer calories than any other oils. MCA’s actually speed up metabolism so we can more efficiently burn the calories we eat.

Enjoying Virgin Coconut Oil

The saturated nature of Virgin Coconut Oil proves to be highly resistant to heat and light. It has the highest smoke point of all natural oils (approx. 180°C), making it ideal for baking and frying, without causing the breakdown into trans fatty acids or rancidity often associated with vegetable oils. It has the slight aroma and taste of the beautiful fresh fruit. Ideal for curries and Asian dishes, it’s great when sautéing Onion, baking or frying potatoes, scrambled eggs or simply spread on toast. You can blend it with other healthy oils such as Olive Oil, use it in smoothies and salad dressing, or enjoy it straight from the spoon. Recommended daily intake is three tablespoons a day.

Please note: The 500ml option comes in a glass jar while the 400ml and 1l come in a plastic container.

Country of Origin:

Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia

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Overall Rating
4.9 out of 5 stars from 393 reviews

390 out of 393 people would recommend this product

27/03/2024, By Gen
Tried oil pulling years ago, and want to get back into the practice. Anything natural to enhance one's health, and avoid unnecessary trips to the Dentist right? Great taste, multiple uses, oil-pulling once a week, great in cooking, I add some to my hair as a treatment occasionally. Overall, a great product. Zero wastage. Win for me!
29/10/2023, By Pops
Great product. Use it to remove makeup.
19/10/2023, By Flor
I love
12/09/2023, By Mary
It's so yum that I've used it to prepare cakes, no-bake desserts, tarts, breads, quiches, choccies & so much more! I'm even spreading it on my bread as a butter substitute. I've been such a fool for using odourless coconut oil
06/09/2023, By Erika
Its the beat frying and baking agent to use. Its natural and healthy.
27/01/2023, By Anjie
I like the fresh coconut taste and smell. I use it for cooking.
27/07/2022, By Di
I've bought this one before and it is JUST RIGHT for everything, cooking, eating, making chocolate or using as a moisturizer.
Also tastes and smells great. Why anyone would want "odourless" coconut oil is a puzzle to me!
10/03/2022, By Anusia
I love that its organic as I use it on my hair and on my skin.
05/02/2022, By Lauren
Best coconut oil I've ever used - for cooking, baking, oil pulling - all the goodness!! Lovely flavour as well.
14/01/2022, By Annie
Crede is a great product all round. The quality is always on point.
07/01/2022, By Shan
Good product. Organic and virgin!
05/01/2022, By Lausanne
I've been using this oil for a few years and love it. I use it for all my cooking. Note that it solidifies at temperatures below about 24 degrees so it needs to be melted if you want to drizzle it over veggies etc. Great for breakfast fry-ups!
29/11/2021, By Wendy
If you are going to fry foods, then please fry with coconut oil. This brand is organic which makes it even better. You will be surprised that the food will taste better PLUS you will get extra food benefits from the coconut oil itself. For your heart's sake use this product.
13/09/2021, By Lungisa
Healthy oil
26/08/2021, By Linda
A wonderful oil that tastes and smells delicious.
22/07/2021, By Jana
Switched to this brand after my other brand went downhill. So happy with the quality, will get it again.
15/07/2021, By Mulalo
Im loving this oil. I love fried eggs and it makes them so delicious. And im also using it for my legs and i love how they are glowing.
12/07/2021, By Robyn
Best coconut oil!
12/07/2021, By Robs
One would think coconut oil is coconut oil but other coconut oils don't compare. Crede, all the way!
07/07/2021, By Mar
Always great
27/06/2021, By Esther
Excellent. Love the pure taste!!
22/06/2021, By Merle
Amazing product will use again
27/05/2021, By Neischa
Crede is one of my favourite brands.
12/05/2021, By Jamila
Buy however many of the 500ml bottle you need because it is a glass. I believe the 400 ml and 1L is plastic. In any case, this stuff is amazing and is a good natural moisturiser.

What also impressed me was that the package I received through courier was very environmentally packaged. I expected to see a whole lot of plastic to protect the glass jar but paper was used instead. The only plastic was a small piece to seal the jar. Thoroughly impressed.
09/05/2021, By Fany
I like the reusable glass jar (and the oil, of course).
02/05/2021, By Zama
The best coconut oil purchase I've ever made. Unlike the ones you find on the shelf, this one actually has the nutrients.
28/04/2021, By Shan
Great to use.
16/04/2021, By Diana
Easy to use coz it’s not too hard to melt! I use it for my hair. It’s a very good addition. Love that it’s also more affordable than other brands. Will continue using this brand!
15/04/2021, By Gillian
I love that this product is organic and preserves its natural flavour and odour. useful for cooking and moisturising skin and nails. It would be great if the 1 litre came in a glass bottle rather than the plastic; prefer therefore to stick with 500 ml bottle at present.
14/04/2021, By Lungisa
This is my favorite cooking oil and all its benefits
09/04/2021, By Happy&Healthy
Great product, good oil and good value
09/04/2021, By Happy&Healthy
Great product, good oil and good value
22/03/2021, By Honey-Moon
Great value and quality. My only concern is that the 1L is only available in a plastic container
11/03/2021, By Louise
Goeie produk. Help om jou senuwee stelsel te herstel
07/03/2021, By AJ
Love using this for cooking. Great value for money - very happy
06/03/2021, By Nicole
Lovely feel, smell and taste. Versatile. I use it for oil pulling, deodorant and moisturizing.
03/03/2021, By Mim
Best price for this product I've seen anywhere - in store or online! Well done FTN!
03/03/2021, By Mim
I use this everyday for cooking. It is delicious, silky, and good for you. In addition, when I have a small cut I dot a tiny amount on to speed the healing process.
28/02/2021, By LR
Bought it to make own balm with other products, worked very well and using the rest for food preparation! Love how versatile it is. Great quality and thus value for the price
27/02/2021, By Bijoux
Wonderful product! Highly recommended!
21/02/2021, By Sajidha
Healthy cooking
14/02/2021, By Zakie
best! and i adore the coconut smell! i always feel delicious after lathering it on my bod after a wash.
11/02/2021, By Thea
Great product
06/02/2021, By Yumna
Just love the smell of coconut on my skin. Makes my eczema prone skin smooth and soft.
04/02/2021, By Gigi
I truly love this product.
I use it all the time.
It leaves my skin feeling smooth and my hair extremely healthy
04/02/2021, By Gigi
I truly love this product.
I use it all the time.
It leaves my skin feeling smooth and my hair extremely healthy
01/02/2021, By Shinaaz
Use this on my skin and hair too. Lasts forever. Its a good buy!
31/01/2021, By Alta
I use this on my baby’s skin. It works great
30/01/2021, By Jenna
Only downside to this is that it is in plastic and not glass
29/01/2021, By Dee
This product is excellent for my skin. I also place a teaspoon in my coffee each morning. It keeps me from an energy crash and provides mental clarity.
11/01/2021, By Gao
I couldn't be happier with the product. You've earned a repeat customer on this one
31/12/2020, By Mirriam
This Crede organic coconut oil is one of the cheapest I have come across but equally good as the other brands. I used it in food, baking, for hair as well as my toddler's body skin and I have no complaints.
27/12/2020, By Heidi
Love this coconut oil. Use it for cooking and baking, as well as oil pulling.
27/12/2020, By Zakiyah
This is great value for the price!
19/12/2020, By Karabo
16/12/2020, By Nicole
Ordered smaller amount at first, ordering biggest one with next order - I think that is a review in itself! ;) Thanks!
16/12/2020, By Meredith
I have a slight preference to another brand, but this is still a great product. Nice smell and taste. Much prefer it to the deodorized varieties.
10/12/2020, By Kristen
Great value, great product!
07/12/2020, By Genevieve
A multi-purpose essential I use in almost every sphere of home life, for cooking, lotions and remedies.
Good consistency and quality.
03/12/2020, By Vignesh
24/11/2020, By Noeks
Love the quality of Crede coconut oil and always use it. Good taste.
21/11/2020, By Zelia
From the kitchen to the bathroom this product is a must!

From making popcorn / eggs / smoothies. Brushing teeth and lotion. Love this product!
20/11/2020, By Roseberry
Love this oil and that it's packed in a glass bottle
07/11/2020, By Shan
Great price for product I need.
29/10/2020, By Yusus
great product
19/10/2020, By Georgiana
Very happy! Will buy again and again..
17/10/2020, By AIMEE
This is a quality product! We love using it for many purposes in the kitchen as well as oil pulling. Tastes great and we know what we are buying. Also currently the best priced organic virgin coconut oil on the market.
15/10/2020, By Elke
Using it for years. Very happy with the product.
14/10/2020, By Hlengiwe
Crede is a staple in both my pantry and medicine cabinet. Love how nourishing this coconut oil is on my skin and hair.
08/10/2020, By Maxine
Can’t live without it! Useful for so many things. Always have a spare jar in my pantry just in case ;)
05/10/2020, By Tracey
Love this product and price is just right.
04/10/2020, By Sherele
Great quality and price! I just wish the 1L came in glass as well. Will always return to this brand
01/10/2020, By Jennifer
Great product at a great price!
28/09/2020, By she
PERFECT for everything really
23/09/2020, By Patience
Love this oil. Great for oil pulling, hair, skin, cooking, well let me say it's in my kitchen and bathroom. Also helps with my sensitive skin.
17/09/2020, By Emma
I love this product. I use it for my hair and basically everything. Highly recommend.
17/09/2020, By Kein
A constant and continuous heavenly experience, this surely be the best coconut oil around!
14/09/2020, By Les
This coconut oil is very effective for whatever you need to use it for. I’ve been using it as a face moisturizer, cooking oil and for oil pooling and I must say it has not disappointed me any of the areas mentioned above.
14/09/2020, By Christine
Awesome product and ads a amazing taste to food. Would definitely recommend this brand.
11/09/2020, By Kaitlyn
I absolutely love the quality of this brand. Very happy with this purchase.
10/09/2020, By Jenna-Leigh
My favourite brand of coconut oil and so glad it's in glass!
05/09/2020, By Maryam
Excellent quality coconut oil at a good price. Love the Crede brand.
05/09/2020, By Shan
02/09/2020, By Barbara
Great product but a strong coconut flavour even with cooking
31/08/2020, By Sposh
The best oil.
30/08/2020, By Pink
I’ve been using this brand of coconut oil for years now. It’s tried and tested. Love it. I use it for cooking and to make a homemade cleanser / mask for my skin.
27/08/2020, By Fran
I'll definitely buy it again and again and again...!
26/08/2020, By Karel
We only use this!
24/08/2020, By Kas
20/08/2020, By Suniti
I love
17/08/2020, By Liz
Happy, good quality.
17/08/2020, By Marietjie
Great product
16/08/2020, By Carla
One of my favorite brands! Love both coconut oils
11/08/2020, By Alida
Best value for money
09/08/2020, By Mountain
08/08/2020, By Claire
One of my favourite coconut oils to purchase. Organic always tastes better and this one is particularly good. Loved that it came in glass
31/07/2020, By Matija
Great price for coconut oil in glass!
31/07/2020, By Heidi
A great quality coconut oil.
27/07/2020, By Greenie
26/07/2020, By Zoe
BEST value for money and delicious coconut oil!
24/07/2020, By Candice
Love this product, it is so tasty and flavours meals so nicely.
29/06/2020, By Janine
Can't go wrong with coconut oil, tastes good in hot chocolate as well.
17/06/2020, By Davene
Best stuff out there, very good
14/06/2020, By Dirk
I like Crede, they are a good brand.
14/06/2020, By Lee
Gives food a different taste and we also use the other tu0b for body mixtures and hair. I can't live without coconut in my house
09/06/2020, By Cailin
This is the best Coconut Oil on the market.
02/06/2020, By Hazel
Use this product both internally and externally and would not even consider another brand!
02/06/2020, By Lynne
Simply the best coconut oil available. Many different uses.
Crede products are superb.
31/05/2020, By Lorraine
Used it as frying oil
29/05/2020, By Karien
My favorite coconut oil brand. Good quality and so tasty.
24/05/2020, By karen
I love opening the bottle and getting this beautiful smell of coconut
21/05/2020, By First born
Delicious oil
15/05/2020, By Lorraine
Another go-to. I'm not sure why but Crede is always the Coconut oil to which I return.
13/05/2020, By Dawn
Baking buddy
12/05/2020, By Cailin
I use it from top to toe and it's really a great product. Probably the best product I have used on my hair in a while.
11/05/2020, By Lerato
Awesome for my hair and face, also lather on body before my shower keeps me moisturized
06/05/2020, By Onalenna
Decent coconut oil
06/05/2020, By Glady
Good replacement for sunflower oil
04/05/2020, By Kyla
great brand and I love the jar.
02/05/2020, By Shee
Excellent brand - and glass jar just adds to the quality
02/05/2020, By Thaveshnee
My favourite
28/04/2020, By Cindy-Lee
Lovely oil
27/04/2020, By jenny
truly a trusted Brand. i just love using this coconut oil. i really dont know what i would do without this. I love it!
26/04/2020, By Lauren
I love love LOVE! this coconut oil. We use it to fry, bake, add to oats, eat-off-the-spoon, moisturise, add to washed hair...pretty much anything! Delicious coconut flavour for cooking and easily absorbed for body use (use tiny amounts for skin/hair care). Always a go to for grocery shopping.
25/04/2020, By A
Nice that it is in a glass jar but I still love Cocomi coconut oil more.
23/04/2020, By Candy
Used all the time
17/04/2020, By Jarel
Good for hair, skin and cooking
16/04/2020, By Lyn
Such a great product
08/04/2020, By C
Love this coconut oil ...we use it for body and food!!
06/04/2020, By Blue
Superb taste
02/04/2020, By Lucy
Great all round product. I take 2 tbsps daily in my cereal , use it for baking vegan foods, and to moisturize my skin. I highly recommend this product
31/03/2020, By Matshidiso
This has proven that some brands really sell fake stuff,I have been using virgin organic coconut oil but this one is so makes my hair softer, great for my skin and taste really nice .I will definitely buy it again
24/03/2020, By Mash
Good product, affordable and very versatile use. My hair loves it, its a great oil for cooking.
20/03/2020, By Julie
Love it. Adds tropical.flavour to food.
16/03/2020, By Zukiswa
My scalp has become sensitive from all these chemicals I've been applying on my hair. I have started to test this
15/03/2020, By Green
Organic coconut is an organic basic. Gives you lot's of options in terms of usage.
10/03/2020, By Kelly
I use this for everything - to make toothpaste and deodorant, for oil pulling, to nourish hair and skin and for cooking. It smells delicious! Love the medium size in glass.
07/03/2020, By Go
Good for baking
02/03/2020, By Taryn
Food, Hair, Body, it doesn't matter - a must have staple in your cupboard.
01/03/2020, By Lynne
We love this coconut oil. Great for preparing food and making chocolates
27/02/2020, By Thaveshnee
26/02/2020, By Stells
An all-rounder like Vaseline.
24/02/2020, By L
Love everything about it! The smell and the taste. We use it for everything from cooking to using it as a nappy lotion and in the bath for our newborn.
21/02/2020, By Eco
Baking staple
13/02/2020, By ney
I use coconut oil for almost everything. It works well for cooking and using it for your hair and body
13/02/2020, By Nomthandazo
I love the smell and how it just easily get absorbed into my skin and my son loves it too
07/02/2020, By Shereen
Really versatile
19/01/2020, By Aid
15/01/2020, By Candice
Love love love
We use this as a moisturizer, for dry skin on the dogs, for baking and for frying french toast. Try that. Youll never do it any other way.
02/01/2020, By Getruida
Love this coconut oil. Tastes amazing.
29/12/2019, By Denise
Happy with this product, will buy again.
27/12/2019, By Helper
Hydrate your skin
18/12/2019, By Deb
The ONLY coconut oil I personally use and advocate to family and friends! Will not compromise on my standards by using any other!
11/12/2019, By Sasha
Ive tried so many different coconut oils - this is by far my favourite. Great texture (not gritty), pure and pleasant coconut smell. Glass option my favourite as I always reuse the jars at home.
28/11/2019, By Danny
Love it great smell no after taste made my own granola mix with it instead of butter so good also add on my coffee or tea instead of sugar
22/11/2019, By Leandra
Good for skin and to cook with.
22/11/2019, By Debs
when it comes to Coconut Oil!
Unprecedented quality! Sheer luxury having a coconut oil such as this! Don’t bother wasting money on any other brand. CREDE ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is the ONLY choice if you want what’s best for you! Reasonably priced too! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
14/11/2019, By rochelle
this is my go-to brand of coconut oil. I use it for cooking, in shakes , to shave and for face masks! I love it.
13/11/2019, By MrsSteenkamp
I love this brand. It's affordable and it taste amazing. I also use this in my families body oil. It's just wonderful.
05/11/2019, By Mekshnie
Beautiful coconutty fragrance. Love it. And so versatile.
04/11/2019, By Fran
This is an amazing oil. I use it whenever I can. Extremely satisfied. Love the glass container. Wish all the sizes came in glass...
31/10/2019, By Britt
I absolutely adore coconut oil! I use to for a wide array of things such as cooking, hair masks, makeup remover as well as in face scrubs!
30/10/2019, By Sam
Excellent and very reasonably priced
22/10/2019, By Hes
Love to use this product.
21/10/2019, By Marlena
My all-time favourite coconut oil. Love the smell. Use it for cooking, mixing it in with tumeric and apple cider vinegar with honey in warm water and have it daily before breakfast
19/10/2019, By Chevonne
The very best coconut oil money can buy. Ressonably priced, delicious in morning coffee!
16/10/2019, By Sarah
Great for oil pulling and cooking. Versatile usage.
16/10/2019, By Fran
This is an excellent quality oil. The best ever. I love the glass container the 500 ml is packed in. A sure favorite of mine.
11/10/2019, By Karen
I love the smell and taste of the coconut oil -its like having a fresh coconut in the kitchen -definitely a superb product
09/10/2019, By D
So versatile. So many uses. Hair skin cooking baking healing I love it
09/10/2019, By Mishka
Excellent product with the full essence of the coconut in it.
09/10/2019, By Ashwin
Terrific for cooking vegetables
01/10/2019, By Adene
This particular brand is my go to choice for virgin coconut oil - the quality is evident in the consistency of the oil.
29/09/2019, By Pink
I’ve used this brand of coconut oil for a while. I use it in cooking and for beauty products. It’s amazing, I love that’s in a glass jar. 5 stars
29/09/2019, By Amanda
Perfect coconut oil - so versatile, and great quality.
24/09/2019, By Des
So versatile. I use it on my skin hair to make toothpaste to cook and bake I use it an ointment with sum tumeric for wounds.
23/09/2019, By Andrew
Best quality coconut oil. Very smooth, great taste.
22/09/2019, By Jo
THe best coconut oil, and well priced
10/09/2019, By Enzile
The best coconut oil I've tried, hands down. Love using it in my hair and it smells amazing!
27/08/2019, By Candice
I use this oil on and in everything.
When I'm not using it in the kitchen, I apply it to my pets skin for allergies, itchy skin and works great as a moisturizer.
23/08/2019, By Tascar
The best quality coconut oil I've seen
21/08/2019, By Janelle
I love this coconut oil, it smells so good. I use it on my hair and sometimes to moisturise my skin. You can tell that the coconut oil is pure and it melts with ease in the palm of my hand
19/08/2019, By Rebecca
This is the best. The only brand I buy
12/08/2019, By Taryn
Use it in my smoothies and it tastes great.
15/07/2019, By Nomvula
Good value coconut oil for the house... last long too. Delicious!
15/07/2019, By 5 stars
Saw this at my aunts place so I tried it in my bullet proof coffee
09/07/2019, By Lily
works really well on the hair and very moisturising on the skin
02/07/2019, By Jessica
best hair treatment
30/06/2019, By May
Love it.
30/06/2019, By Twaaaa
I use this when cooking and baking for that little pop of flavour. I also use it as a skin treatment and as a carrier for charcoal/tumeric toothpaste.
09/06/2019, By Annette
Makes the best popcorn flavour. Adds a nutty butter flavour.
04/06/2019, By Neo
would definitely buy this over and over. its rich as compared to nature's choice brand. my sons likes it in his porridge. he also consumes it often straight from the bottle during winter when its in its solid state.
31/05/2019, By Nasiba
Amazing coconut oil have been using for past three years... the smell makes you want to eat it and when you eat it it tastes amazing! Recommended to many family and friends and they love it as well!
08/05/2019, By Sheldeen
Very good oil, use it for most cooking needs
30/04/2019, By Dani
I love this coconut oil. After using this in smoothies and on bread (in place of butter) I can't go back to the generic coconut oil brands. They actually have a funny taste!
04/04/2019, By Devon
Nice brand
03/04/2019, By SandyL
I love it. It makes my skin feel so soft like that of a baby. It gives a radiant glow.I feel so beautiful and more confident.
Use it as a body cream, last year I struggled with an allergy, been to skin specialist, nothing helped until a friend came and added cannibis oil with the crede coconut oil...After that I am just using this product on my whole body, facial etc..Never looked back...My favourite!!!!Also value for money.
24/03/2019, By Petra
I use this oil for all my baking and have never been disappointed
22/03/2019, By Knwyn
After innumerable coconut oil brands, I believe I may have discovered a favourite. Thank you, Faithful To Nature, for remaining precisely so <3
11/03/2019, By Thobekani
Mmm I love this brand, makes my hair so soft, smells yummy and I also use for teeth whitening and healthy gums. Great brand.
17/02/2019, By Lizanne
Literally use this stuff for everything from body products to food. Amazing!
13/02/2019, By Taryn
Lasts forever and I use it for so many different things!
11/02/2019, By Bene
I get this all the time. Lasts ages and can be used for so many things.
10/02/2019, By Hedgehog
I love the smoothness of this coconut oil. Use it for cooking and as in my facial routine.
01/02/2019, By Carla
My go to coconut oil. I love using it on my and my baby's mixed in lotion.
25/01/2019, By Suey
I love it. It makes my skin feel so soft like that of a baby. It gives a radiant glow.I feel so beautiful and more confident.
02/01/2019, By Lizette
This is the best Coconut oil ever. Works well on my skin, hair and as a cooking oil!
09/12/2018, By WG
Fry without cry! Good fat better than any other oil....
29/11/2018, By Gillian
This is my go to coconut oil. I love the gentle coconut taste and fragrance. I love the glass bottle packaging.
06/11/2018, By Joette
Such good quality and tastes so good! I use it for everything.
06/11/2018, By Marcienne
My Favorite brand for oils- Coconut, Flax, Hemp & Black Cumin! We use coconut for hair, body, cooking. Anti viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal. Brilliant Product!
25/10/2018, By Wade
Best coconut oil
16/10/2018, By Ilze
Great for cooking and baking. Also put lump in bath and great for skin too!
14/10/2018, By Carryn
Love this coconut oil. Have been using it daily for years. You can cook with it, bake with it.. I’ve made natural deodorant with it as well as a natural toothpaste. One of my favorites and never not without this product in our home.
12/10/2018, By ragani
Very versatile and smells great
02/10/2018, By Thaveshnee
Love it
02/10/2018, By Thaveshnee
Love it
17/09/2018, By Sandra
Love, love , love the Crede products, particularly this coconut oil. Its the best thing for my dry skin, keeping me moisturised all day. Also love the coconut scent and the fact that its such a multipurpose oil. I'll keep returning to purchase this!
30/08/2018, By Silma
I cook with this all the time, it tastes fantastic! Also just useful for everything -- lotion, cleansing makeup off, for your hair etc. It's a very useful product to have.
29/08/2018, By Lee-Anne
Would always recommend
28/08/2018, By Becca
I chose the size that comes in a glass jar as opposed to plastic tub. I wish the other sizes also came in glass.
I use this for oil pulling and as a hair mask. Never used coconut oil before and am pleasantly surprised. Will certainly repurchase.
25/08/2018, By Rahimah
LOVE it! Placed an urgent order recently as I was about to head back to UAE and I must say this has been doing wonders to my hair in the hot and dry climate. I add tea tree oil and apply after washing. It's amazing and smells great
24/08/2018, By Marlena de Villiers
Lovely fresh taste. I use it in baked sweet potato, over veges, over grilled mashed banana! Excellent quality. Also use it to treat a recurring rash on my legs
16/08/2018, By Tammi
This is my first brand of Coconut oil. I use it to stir fry, to fry spices for soup and to deep fry fish. It has a high burning point, which makes it much easier to use for frying. The delicious aroma is an added bonus.
10/08/2018, By marlise
This is my favourite coconut oil. I use it for cooking, as make-up remover, body mosturiser, as well as my kids after a bath and my twin babies as a bum cream and when they had cradle cap. Such a multi purpose product and I find this one is the best quality! Im never without this.
06/08/2018, By Amy
Really good value for money, and the best taking one around. Love it.
05/08/2018, By Catia
My go-to coconut oil!
05/08/2018, By Carien
I have switched from using Canola oil, I will not use anything else. Very good quality. I have used it for cooking, as a hair mask for my daughter's curly frizzy hair.
01/08/2018, By mando
I now have even toned skin, looks beautiful
31/07/2018, By Malcolm
Great product as usual for breads, cooking oil and drinks
30/07/2018, By Aj
Fantastic Product. Consistent quality.
26/07/2018, By Jean
I use this coconut oil for oil pulling, cooking, on my skin, cooking and baking. A great product!
08/07/2018, By Vaw001
Lovely product. Used for multiple purposes...from coconut chocolate bars to natural medicine to hair n body moisturisers. My toddler loves eating it straight out the jar! Great quality!
05/07/2018, By Jenna-leigh
best quality
04/07/2018, By Megan
My absolute favorite go to coconut oil for cooking, baking and diy beauty products, a staple in the pantry. Love that it comes in a glass bottle as well that can be reused.
04/07/2018, By Samantha
I love this product! It is so versatile - I use it to brush my teeth, for oil pulling, removing make-up and as a leave-in hair treatment.
03/07/2018, By Marzie
Crede coconut oil is the absolute best!! I use it for absolutely everything, from hair to skin and cooking. It is really a superior coconut oil. Beautiful consistency and great smell!
Also, I love that they use glass jars.

You can't go wring with this coconut oil!
29/06/2018, By lee
I use this product for almost everything
29/06/2018, By lee
I use this product for almost everything
20/06/2018, By peetie
Love Cread EV coconut oil , great Quality, love the fact that they use glass bottles.
14/06/2018, By Danté
This is a great product. I prefer this brand to others. I use it in my hair and it leaves my hair super soft and shiny! It also smells wonderful!
06/06/2018, By Cathryn
Great value for the large tub. Tastes great. Perfect consistency. I use it on EVERYTHING! Yum!
05/06/2018, By Kedi
I really enjoy using FTN products
27/05/2018, By Chrissy
Good price, quality and can be used internally and externally.
27/05/2018, By Chrissy
Good price, quality and can be used internally and externally.
27/05/2018, By Sumzy
Really good natural organic coconut oil , with original fragrant coconut smell. I use it as a nipple cream as well as to massage my newborn after bath time. Leaves skin feeling supple and moisturized. A little goes a long way and one time could last you up to even a year. Goof value for money.
02/05/2018, By J
Coconut oil has many uses, and I usually use them for making my DIY beauty products. Works well!
26/04/2018, By lee
I use this product for almost everything.From cooking to my skin as well as my hair.
23/04/2018, By Wanda
so versatile
16/04/2018, By Jessie
Absolutely love this oil. I use it for everything. Bulletproof coffee, baking, smeared onto waffles or toast in the morning, on my skin. Totally recommend it!
07/04/2018, By Jenna
THis is still by far my favourite coconut oil that I have tried
22/03/2018, By Carla
I use it for everything, cooking, bathing, baby bum rash, everything!
14/03/2018, By Zukiswa
Nice taste, nice smell just not ggod for my skin, had to go back to usual body lotion
11/03/2018, By priya
I love this coconut oil I use it for my hair and shaving my legs and it tastes great!
08/03/2018, By Fawziah
Wonderfully smooth, fragrant, gentle, luxurious coconut oil. I use it for everything. Will definitely be a repeat purchase. So so happy with your customer service as well.
27/02/2018, By Rina
Crede Coconut Oil is the best on the market! I have tried other brands but nothing compares to Crede!
17/02/2018, By kira91
smells amazing. use it on body, face and hair.
15/02/2018, By Bils
I absolutely love this product. Don't know why its taken me so long to discover it. Ive been using it for very dry, thick hair. My hair is much smoother and shinier.
09/02/2018, By Jacqueline
wonderful products I use it from the kitchen for cooking, to the bathroom for my face, to the bedroom for my kids dry skin!!!
and it last long even if I have to divide that bottle into three!
05/02/2018, By Kirsten
Love this product! I originally bought it as a moisturiser and bum cream for my baby, but also use it for frying food, and recently in the blueberry and chia chocolate recipe on your blog! Yum! A little also goes a long way!
29/01/2018, By Carla
I'm a huge fan of organic virgin coconut oil for a variety of uses, highly recommended!
19/12/2017, By Aj
The best Coconut Oil for multiple uses.
08/12/2017, By Amanda
I no longer use any other oil to cook.
I fry my vegetables and meat in it.
When I am a bit hungry, I scoop a little and put in my mouth.
I apply it on my heat rash.

It is just a wonderful, natural gift from nature
08/12/2017, By Amanda
Love , Love Love.

I sometimes cook the rice as is and eat it as is-with nothing else.

14/11/2017, By Melanie
I absolutely believe in using only organic cold pressed coconut oil to enjoy the many health benefits that are available. And the brand does not let up.
08/11/2017, By Shelley B
Great oil and great value for money. Smells amazing. Love using it for so many different things besides cooking!
03/11/2017, By WS1
Leaves skin feeling so soft and absorbed easily
31/10/2017, By Neronie
Superb quality coconut oil :)
27/10/2017, By Mbali
If i had known that coconut oil smelled so yummy i would have bought it a long time ago. I used this for my body lotion mix and it really helps with my naturally itchy skin. It melts on the skin and absorbs really well.
16/10/2017, By Liza
I have been using other coconut oil brands which I was happy with for my skin. However, I decided to try the Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and I am glad I did. The oil itself is super smooth and not only does it stay on better, it seems to be a lot less greasy then the other brands I was using. I can notice a definite difference in the softness of my skin. I LOVE it.
12/10/2017, By Nadine
Great coconut oil, but pricey. Excellent oil.
10/10/2017, By lebogang
BEST Coconut OIl..

I use it on my 21 months old daughter's skin and hair.. even when she has mosquito bites.. it soothes the itching..
I also use it on my hair, body.. it is just awesome..

10/10/2017, By Naomi
Best coconut oil ever. I use it for everything, i spread it on my bread, i cook with it and its also my moisturiser for hair and body...
10/10/2017, By Naomi
Best coconut oil ever. I use it for everything, i spread it on my bread, i cook with it and its also my moisturiser for hair and body...
02/10/2017, By J
Good quality coconut oil, with decent packaging as well.
29/09/2017, By FruitFairyKirsten
This coconut oil is BY FAR the BEST thing that has ever happened to me! I use it for pretty much my whole life. From cooking, to baking, hair conditioner, home-made deo, face cream, make-up remover.. the list goes on. Crede make a STUNNING Coconut Oil & I'm so grateful for all the coconuts they have used that have helped make my life so healthy and happy.
24/09/2017, By Lara
lOve this coconut oil !!
11/09/2017, By Missy
I prefer coconut oil that actually smells like you are eating a coconut, as then you know it is genuine. Crede's coconut oil is amazing and has this divine coconut smell and taste. I have been using this to cook with and I love the depth that it adds to my meals. The best part is whilst cooking with it, I use it as a moisturiser for my hands and lips.
06/09/2017, By Amanda
I have been using this coconut oil for months and I have to say that I have fallen in love with it.
I love the smell,I use it to fry with and it makes my food smell and taste amazing.amazing,amazing!

Will definitely buy again.
05/09/2017, By CreativelyMe
I use this for everything - cooking, baking, body, and especially in my morning and afternoon cappuccinos. There is nothing more decadent than a creamy cappuccino created by using half a teaspoon of Crede's coconut oil
02/09/2017, By Abigail
Best coconut oul, great quality and taste. So many uses! From beauty, moisturising, soothing after shaving, cooking etc
31/08/2017, By Yvonne
Very good quality oil, love the taste.
31/08/2017, By Yvonne
Very good quality oil, love the taste.
30/08/2017, By Winifred
Use it for cooking, oil pulling, Epsom salts baths, and diaper rashes. Does a great job.
29/08/2017, By Nazrhana
really like this coconut oil, great for baking and cooking.
28/08/2017, By Ingrid
I do enjoy using this oil. I cook with it, massage clients with it, and now have included it in my home made whipped body butter. As long as you like the coconut smell coming through, then all good.
24/08/2017, By Jemma
Love love love coconut oil! I only use the cold pressed organic virgin one as it is absolutely natural, I use this on my face and body as a moisturiser almost every night, it works so well for my skin plus the smell is great! I love buying the glass jar as it is better than plastic and i can re-use the jar afterwards
17/08/2017, By Thato
Love this coconut oil. I use it on my skin and it lasts quite a while. Definitely a good buy.
11/08/2017, By Lindsey
It's slightly cheaper to buy a 1 litre coconut oil tub in the shops like Dischem and so on. It's all the same really, it just has to be cold-pressed organic pure coconut oil. It's great for cooking and great for the skin. I like using it as a moisturiser in the summer months for the lovely scent and moisture and protection it give.
11/08/2017, By Marie28
My favorite coconut oil by far. I stay away from refined coconut oils with no flavour.
10/08/2017, By Carol
Best coconut oil for eating and cooking. This is my preferred oil for massage, as it has the smoothest slip.
25/07/2017, By Lynn
Definitely the nicest tasting I have come across - love adding to my veg once cooked.
13/07/2017, By Sizwe
This is one oil that should be in everyone's cupboard. What more can I say, you can eat this guy, use him as a spread, apply him on your skin and even your hair! Best of all he won't kill you or make you sick.
09/07/2017, By Lara
love this stuff
04/07/2017, By Heather
I use for both cooking and i add to my homemade body scrubs.
03/07/2017, By Dr N
Great product, I use it for cooking and for my skin as a moisturizer. At first my husband complained a little about our food smelling like coconut oil, I didnt notice it, and it doesn't bother me, but he seems to like it now
20/06/2017, By Lea
Love, love, love this coconut oil! Used it for food and cosmetic products. Brilliant.
11/06/2017, By Dominique
High quality coconut oil, great for cooking with and for moisturizing
09/06/2017, By Larisa
A bit difficult to get out of the bottle, but it tastes good and does what it should!
05/06/2017, By Jenna
Still the best coconut oil available - have tried many other brands but keep coming back to this one -
02/06/2017, By Cindy
Love the flavour of this coconut oil, and it is cost effective to boot! This is a daily staple for me, I love cooking with it combined with grass-fed butter, adding it to coffee, and just taking a tablespoon or two straight out the jar.
31/05/2017, By Pauli
Use for all cooking, frying!
Great products!
29/05/2017, By Kelly
my favourite coconut oil because i love re-using the jar afterwards. its amazing for cooking (esp making popcorn) and i love it as a hair mask for my thick frizzy hair
28/05/2017, By Mulalo Naomi
I have read so many uses of coconut oil bt for me this is my best bread spread and i sometimes use it for my body. I cannot get over the smell,it smells amazing
18/05/2017, By Joanne
You haven't had a bath until you have added a cup of sea salt to a hot bath, and used the AYATE WASH CLOTH with EARTHSAP Honey and Almond Milk Body Wash. Finally, after rinsing, take a handful of sea salt and scrub under your arms, and rinse thoroughly in a hot shower. Turn the shower onto cold, and when you have cooled down, use CREDE Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from top to toe and you are good to go.
11/05/2017, By Ellie
Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is the only coconut oil I use. I use it as a skin moisturiser and hair mask. The scent is divine, makes me feel like a freshly baked macaroon!
My dogs love it too, I give them spoonfuls and use it on the shiny, healthy coats :)
27/02/2017, By Sandi
Crede Organic Coconut Oil is by far the best on the market! The packaging is great and the quality of the coconut oil is always top notch!
16/01/2017, By Jenny
I also wouldn be without this wonderful Oil. I use it for absolutely everything as well. From digesting to applying to cleansing!
04/01/2017, By Natasha
Delighted with this purchase, it has cleared up my dry and itchy skin that affected certain areas in my body, my skin is much brighter and healthier now - I will continue to buy this superior brand. My hair feels so much more nourished, silky smooth and soft, goodbye to dry, brittle hair - I hardly have to use hair straighteners anymore as my hair is amazing. I had spots on my arms which I thought was keratosis pilaris (genetic skin disorder that affects 50-80% of adolescents and roughly 40% of adults) - after using this oil these spots that I though were permanent are lightening and I can wear my short sleeves summer tops with ease. I will keep you informed of progress. I am yet to try out other uses of CREDE.
31/12/2016, By Donnae
I don know what I would do without coconut oil, I use it for so many things, and this particular brand is top class. Thank you.
15/12/2016, By Patience
this is by far the best coconut oil. I can get over the coconut smell. It works for oil pulling a moisturizer for my 4C type of curls. Iove how it moisturizes. Great product guys
10/11/2016, By Jenna
This is by far the best coconut oil that I have ever tried. It really costs much more than other brands but seems so pure sooo good smelling. Can really recommend !!!! Use it in my coffee -lovely. Made a body oil with some essential oils it really moisturises. My skin seems to be coming almost too soft !!! also for cooking. Please try this - you will love it - if you love the smell of coconut
15/09/2016, By Talitha
This coconut oil stands out above the others Ive tried. It is a bit more expensive but I love the taste compared to the odourless ones. Would be great if the price can be matched with health shop prices though. Ive found the 1 kg tub at about R20 less at a health shop in Somerset West.
01/09/2016, By Shelley
I am in love with thus oil. From cooking to deodorant to body scrubs etc I use it in everything I make and it smells exquisite! I have recommended it to all my friends.
28/06/2016, By Brian
One of the best coconut oils that I have bought. I love the smell of the coconut, the flavour. I add it to my smoothies, my breakfast oats, sometimes just eat it out of the jar. I will definitely be keeping a stock of this in my kitchen cupboard!
15/06/2016, By Joanne
this is the best Coconut Oil Ive used so far. smells great, tastes great and is such a good moisturizer for dry skin.
21/04/2016, By Yaksha
I will only use this brand ! Used for well a million things .. Just google the uses :)
15/04/2016, By Morongwa
I love this product...will definitely buy more. I use it for my hair
19/03/2016, By Juandre
I use it for cooking, my hair, my skin... GREAT PRODUCT... Highly recommended....
18/03/2016, By Cindy
I have always enjoyed coconut oil for cooking, but I started to become more adventurous with my applications of coconut oil, and have tried various brands, this one however is my favourite, mostly because it tastes great! ;)

I mix it with my Superthrive for Women, before adding the hot water, and it is so easy to take this way. I also use it as a facial product by mixing it with Epsom salts to create a daily scrub, which makes my skin so soft and supple.

Love it!
16/03/2016, By Ashleigh
You know its summer when the coconut oil melts! Love this product, use it for cooking as well as hair masks and facials! Lovely texture and price is one of the best I have seen when compared to other over priced coconut oils.
24/02/2016, By Annelien
Like it alot
26/01/2016, By ashleigh
This oil is so good for a multitude of applications. Baking, hair, skin....highly recommended.
17/10/2015, By Maria
Will definitely buy tho product again!
05/10/2015, By Catherine
Coconut oil is a beautiful thing... And fantastically versatile! I use mine mainly in my bathroom- as a daily body lotion (which isn sticky and sinks in so quickly) and as a hair mask treatment before washing. It really is brilliant stuff :) Plus, the faint natural smell of coconut whisks me away to a tropical paradise every morning- reason enough to give this stuff a go daily!
06/09/2015, By lucy
this oil is just sooo delicious! I spread it on my muffins or fruit, use it in my roasts or stir fry, a spoonful in my coffee or just straight to my mouth- yes, it tastes that delicious. I use it as a moisturizer for my hair, body and face all the while trying to resist the urge to lick myself! This should be a household staple
30/08/2015, By Tracy
This is the number 1 organic staple in my everyday living. Crede coconut oil is incredibly versatile and replaces numerous items in my home. It is a much healthier alternative oil for cooking and baking and the foods taste great. It is a favorite in making granola. I use it for Oil Pulling. Very hydrating as a body lotion and great for a golden suntan. I mix coconut oil with a few drops of essential rosemary and cedarwood oils for an amazing hair treatment once a week. It is a great facial moisturizer and the only makeup remover I use (my eyelashes have grown longer and thicker). After using and cleaning my potjie pot I rub a thin layer of coconut oil onto the inside and pack it away until the next use, this avoids rusting. Before using again I give it a rinse, residue gives the potjie food a nice flavour.
28/08/2015, By Janine
I recently decided to incorporate organic coconut oil into by beauty arsenal, and I was shocked that as a leave on moisturizer, this was not nearly as greasy as I expected and actually absorbed nicely. I use this under another moisturizer at night for a boost of hydration, and it causes no problems for my combo/oily breakout prone skin. I use this on my naturally wavy hair, to add hydration, shine, and control and it works wonderfully, because a lot of hair products tend to break me out as well. As a makeup remover, I will rub this onto dry skin, breaking up all my makeup, then wet my face and add my foaming cleanser and rinse it all off, and it helps keep my foaming cleanser (Everyone Soap-Coconut + Lemon) from drying me out, but also gets everything off in on sweep.
28/08/2015, By Selma
I will never again be without my Crede coconut oil. Love to cook with it and I used it as moisturiser during the harsh winter months. Works reasonably well as a deodorant too.
12/08/2015, By Marita
I am very happy with this product and will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Thats all I use!
11/08/2015, By Carl
Great alternative to butter and other oils, theres no noticeable taste change to the food, even though the coconut oil tastes great on its own.
08/07/2015, By Peter S
Am I allowed to say that choosing between Crede Organic and Kapruka Organic virgin coconut oil is a difficult decision ?
However, with my first order of Crede Oil I did find that after quite a long time it did develop a slight stale smell [the correct word just walked out of my mind] but there again I must also admit that It lived in my Kitchen cabinet and suffered the highs and lows of summer heat. Throughout winter I did not experience this problem.
As a hand moisturizer, I spend a lot of time with dirty oil encrusted hands, I find it beautiful after scrubbing my hands. Hair treatment, with Hemp Shampoo to follow, seems to encourage my hair to grow; as a general moisturiser, especially after a shower and shave - Beautiful.
Cooking - the delicate flavour adds that something exotic to all preparations.
03/07/2015, By Nthabi
I love this product, smells lovely, and its great for dry skin
30/06/2015, By Lynn
Its wonderfully nourishing as a hair treatment but unfortunately too pore clogging as a facial product for me. I love melting some coconut oil before my shower, and after I have washed, I moisturize with it all over my body, fantastic for dry skin and nice to know Im moisturizing such a large area of my skin with such a pure natural product.
02/06/2015, By Jackie Pillay
I have really long hair and I use this product on my hair twice a month as a hair treatment (Leave in for the night and wash off in the morning.) My hair feels soft and moisturized, my scalp feels wonderful and my hair is growing out beautifully again. Love it Thanks!
02/06/2015, By Ryan
Coconut oil has so many health benefits and that is why we consume it - for immunity and infection resistance but I have been pleasantly surprised at how many cosmetic uses it has too after reading all the reviews on your website. Thank you.
14/05/2015, By Louise
so nice in our porrige every morning! Ordered again. This time a litre!
13/05/2015, By Carol
It has quickly become one of my beauty regime staples. I use it on my skin hair, as well as for cooking. Im yet to try it in baking, but Im definately looking forward to it. Best buy ever!
13/05/2015, By Angelique
I love this product! It makes my hair feel so soft! Would definitely buy it again.
25/04/2015, By Leigh
Will definitely make this a regular purchase! My daughter loves a coconut oil, nut butter and a dash of honey sandwich...the same is delicious in oats for breakfast. I would highly recommend this particular brand.
19/02/2015, By Monique
Need I say more :)
03/02/2015, By Loulla Georgiades
Wow! What can i say! great product and am very happy with this purchase. my hair feels and looks a lot healthier.
29/01/2015, By Tanusha
Awesome in food and on hair!
12/01/2015, By Thavashni
Great to cook with and an awesome moisturiser for my very dry skin. An absolute must have !!!!
15/12/2014, By jean
I use it for everything, love it, will always be on my shopping list.
12/11/2014, By Cheri
There really is nothing bad to say about this stuff - I use it for everything, on my face, hair, body - I cook with it, put it in my smoothies ect, ect, ect :) and surprisingly works like a bomb for thrush...
27/10/2014, By Gail
I love this coconut oil! I use it for so many things:- for my hair, as a make-up remover, as lipbalm, as a moisturiser for dry skin, for cooking, I even drink it in my coffee! It smells so good, you want to eat it straight from the tub! Much, much, much better than the kind I bought at the pharmacy, and cheaper too.
21/10/2014, By Phumelele
I have a very dry skin so is my son but since we started using this cocunut oil, that is history. I enjoy cooking with it as as well, the benefits are fulfilling.
09/07/2014, By Hlengiwe
Ive been using coconut oil for a while but by far this is the best Ive come across. It mixes wonderfully with my essential oils. It smells absolutely amazing, you just want to eat it up. My hair absolutely loves it, its shiny and soft.
25/06/2014, By Mariaan
I bought this product, without really knowing what to expect, but wanting to create a more healthy lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised. I use it in cooking, frying and baking. The coconut taste is not overpowering and quite nice in some dishes as an extra flavour.
15/06/2014, By Mika
Lovely, soft fragrance. Great texture colour associated with the pure form of organic coconut oil. I use it on my whole body, hair and for cooking! Same goes for my fiance. No need for any moisturiser anymore.
09/06/2014, By Zonke
I use this on my body and it keeps me moisturised the whole day
06/05/2014, By Unknown
Granny is 92 and has diabetes and her mind is (for the most part) not there. Coconut Oil is being added into her oats (natures choice) every morning for the past 6 months and there is such a vast improvement! Shes more with it, less aggressive and her sugar levels are stable!
13/04/2014, By Viana
i wish i had a whole pantry full of this stuff. Great for cooking curries, raw recipes and chocolate.
03/04/2014, By Sam
Had highlights done in december. Wreaked havoc on my waist length hair. I couldn even run a brush through it. However, after using crede oil my hair is soft shiny and smooth. My mom just raves about how wonderful it is.Shes using it too. Been using it since jan and my hair is back to normal only better! Also soil shea butter is marvelous u just need a very small amount
01/04/2014, By Melanie-ann
I love Coconut Oil and use it lavishly all over. In my hair, on my face, as a body scrub and eating it. (It makes the most fabulous French toast!)
This is by far the best of the Coconut Oils available locally.
14/03/2014, By Anli
This is the best locally available coconut oil and its delicious. I cook with it, eat it by the spoonful, use it as deodorant and body lotion, put it in my hair and feed it to my dogs, who all go ballistic for their coconut oil!
10/03/2014, By Zest
After reading all the rave reviews of this coconut oil I just had to try some, and believe me it meets all expectations! It smells fantastic, it melts quickly for easy application on your skin or hair, and it tastes delicious with just about anything! :) Its the real deal. Id recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy cooking alternative or a smarter skincare solution. Enjoy!
20/01/2014, By Gerda
The crede coconut oil has become one of my favourite products, I use it on a daily basis on my face and body.
10/01/2014, By MC
No other coconut oil comes close to the Crede brands make. I will never go without it. And thanks for the amazing service I always receive from you guys!
03/01/2014, By Jo
Especially roast potatoes! Yum and healthy to boot! I only cook with this now - I have even replaced my butter for coconut oil as a spread on toast. Just delicious.
27/11/2013, By Leigh-Anne
I have just received this beautiful smelling coconut oil with my latest order. I used it on my hair last night and I am amazed at how shiny and soft it has left my hair after 1 use! I would definitely recommend this product!!
05/11/2013, By Preba
I follow the low carb diet - fits in perfectly. Even make my own toothpaste with it.
30/10/2013, By Monique
I am highly impressed! I use it for everything: from cooking to body oil to a leave-in conditioner for my hair. Love that its healthy and will not go without a jar in the house anymore.
23/10/2013, By Franck
The coconut oil is amazing for the body, it has become my preference.
06/08/2013, By Ash
I bought this initially to add to my porridge and use as a substitute for butter, but after reading all the other reviews, I decided to try it out as suggested as a hair treatment/body oil/lip balm/cooking oil and wow wow wow. This is an amazingly versatile product. My tip for all you great organic nuts is to add it to smoothie mixes - delicious to the max and you all know how healthy it is too!
25/07/2013, By Monique
Use it for cooking and on my face and it smells divine.
07/12/2011, By Nadèl
It gives a lovely flavour to all food!! And the fact that it is healthy makes it an excellent buy!!
29/11/2011, By Nirvana
I've been using this product for just over a week now and I love it. It has a soft yummy coconut smell. I add it to my warm Tasty Wheat instead of butter and also on my toast instead of butter with some jam! I also use it on my face as a night "cream". It absorbs nicely and doesn't leave my face shiny. I will try it in my cooking and in my hair next.
26/11/2011, By Lize
I am LOVING my coconut oil - in food, on my face, as a scrub or even a hair mask. Divine!
20/11/2011, By Louise
I absolutely love how the the crede coconut oil makes my hair feel and
look! Thanks for all the recommendations.
17/11/2011, By Gerda
I am thoroughly enjoying my Crede organic coconut oil! It smells amazing and my skin looks great
14/11/2011, By Santie
My bottle just arrived after I ordered it Sunday night... After the second day it is already here!!!
LOVE this product to bits, even after only testing it once. I am so glad that it arrived in time for our weekend away!
25/10/2011, By Melody
Its been a week since I received this product and the only word that comes to mind is WOW!!! I am super addicted...I use it on my hair, my body and add some to my porridge in the morning. I smell yummy everyday!!!!! Thankyou
11/10/2011, By Rina
I have purchased 2 containers of the organic coconut oil, one for me and one for my daughter. We absolutely love it; In fact I soon have to order again because my bottle is under half already and this only in 2weeks!
02/10/2011, By rosemary
love it
30/09/2011, By Lumko
After having used a R10.00 brand of coconut oil (which smelled nothing like the real thing) for a few months, I was overjoyed to discover that I could purchase this amazing oil at "home", as I was already in the process of ordering the oil overseas.
16/09/2011, By Warren
I Received my 1st order today and am extremely happy with the wonderful service and the excellent quality products at great prices! You also have a fantastic website which is very informative of your wide range of products and what I see here online is exactly what I got - this is how it should be! You got a customer for life! Many thanks! :)
12/09/2011, By Jolette
LOVE this product! The smell is heavenly and it works wonders for your hair and skin. I use it as a reverse conditioner (!): first massage into wet hair and leave on for a while, then rinse and shampoo with a clean product. The only thing I had to get used to was the difference in product consistency between summer and winter - in hot weather it's an oil, but in winter its harder than butter and slightly awkward to get out of the jar in the shower. But that definitely won't prevent me from buying it again!
05/09/2011, By Kara
We are also LOVING this! it LOOKS beautiful, it smells delicious it tastes wonderful!!! Very Very nice!
04/09/2011, By Elmarie
This product has done wonders for my hair. I had very dry, coarse hair that just kept on breaking and splitting. Leaving it on my hair ovenight completely fixed it! It tastes good too, I will use it as a cooking oil in the kitchen.
03/07/2011, By Ingrid
Love it!!! i use it as a body moisturiser and a lip balm - it makes my skin feel gorgeous. and it tastes great too!!!
29/06/2011, By PreciousNonhlanhla
I bought the coconut oil mainly for my natural kinky hair and it works wonders! So I tried on pancakes and they turned out lovely! This is the one product that I will always have at my house -:) By the way I also did a bit of price comparisons with other Crede Oil suppliers in SA, FaithfulToNatures price is best -:)
24/06/2011, By Anita
This coconut oil is Magic! I have been using it on my dry skin for a couple of weeks, and it has made a huge difference. Going to try it on my hair next. Love the smell too. However, I have to agree with Jolette on the consistency - it arrived as a firm butter, but one morning when I went to use it, I opened the jar to find it had morphed into Oil overnight! I told you it was MAG
24/06/2011, By Charnelle
I love this coconut oil... Smalls and tastes fantastic.
13/06/2011, By Naomi
I absolutely love the lovely smell of my crede pure organic coconut oil, my skin and hair are thanking me everyday for getting this product.
26/05/2011, By Elmarie Spencer
The best thing that could happen to my hair =)
11/05/2011, By Precious
I absolutely love the organic coconut oil.I initially ordered it for my ethnic hair, but I have tried it on my pancakes. Lovely! Its now going to be one of those things that I never go without.
29/04/2011, By Kari
Completely hooked! I use it as a body moisturiser, eye and lip balm - the smell is divine, like toasted coconut, and it melts into your skin sooo easily.
22/03/2011, By Karen
This is such a versatile product. Great for both inside your body and out. Highly recommend it!
12/03/2011, By Anja
I have 2 kids with severe eczema (4years and 1 year old) as well as my husband. Ever since using the coconut oil to replace all lotions and creams, they have improved a lot! I can't stop telling everyone about how amazing it is!
27/01/2011, By Tiffany
Wow this product is amazing - after three days my skin was so soft, and it smells wonderful!
21/01/2011, By Liesl
Addicted! I use it in cooking, as a body moisturiser, as a hair conditioner. Mixed with a little sugar as a facial scrub. Mixed with a drop of two of lavender essential oil as a body deodorand. Three tablespoons a day helped clear up a bladder infection. Do yourself a favour and go and read up some more on the net about this truly amazing product!

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