Green Your Home with Gorgeous Festive Goodies


If you’re looking to treat your Christmas guests, or to spoil the hosts, hostesses and home-makers in your life this festive season, we’re got a great range of green gifting goodies up our sleeves for you. Each one of these home and garden gifts adds something special to your living space. Happy shopping!

1. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

This beautiful lamp is made from a piece of pure Himalayan salt; not only does it add a warm, welcoming glow to your home, it also helps to improve your overall wellbeing too. Crystal salt releases negative ions as the lamp warms up, purifying the air and neutralising harmful electromagnetic radiation. A beautiful and useful addition to your living space! Also available in a globe shape.

2. Solar Fairy Lights

Add a little magic to your patio or garden with these twinkly little solar-powered LED lights. This will create a festive atmosphere any time of the year.

3. SOW Delicious Heirloom Seed Slabs

A really novel gift for any green-fingered gardeners. Each Slab of Seed is a “chocolate slab” made from nutrient-rich soil, and embedded with heirloom vegetable or herb seeds. Designed to make growing your own healthy produce so much easier.

4. Kitchen Craft Universal Steamer

Cook those festive meals like a master chef, and make sure they’re healthy too! Steaming your food will lock in nutrients and flavour, and it means you can cook without added fats or oils.

5. MOKO Africa Bread & Cheese Board

This gorgeous handcrafted wooden board is sure to be a hit at any brunch, picnic or dinner party. Made from sustainably sourced solid oak wood, with an ultra-smooth finish.

6. Stefani Water Filtering System

Few things will keep your home happier than a constant supply of healthy, pure drinking water. Stefani water purifiers filter out harsh chemicals so your whole family can enjoy better quality water.

7. Oryx Desert Salt 4-up Gift Set

A salt and pepper mini-grinder set, perfect for the kitchen or the dining table. Oryx salt is sustainably sourced from the pristine Kalahari desert, and is full of flavour and rich in trace minerals. The set includes an Oryx salt grinder, organic pepper grinder, coarse salt refill and fine salt refill.

8. The Green Entertainer Gift Set

A gorgeous gourmet gift hamper for those who love hosting parties, picnics and braais. A delectable selection of dried fruit and nuts, Kalahari desert salt, organic pepper and vinegars, Persian cordial and organic chocolate; plus the handcrafted Africa bread & cheese board to serve up the goodies.

9. The NutriBullet

It’s not a juicer and it’s not a blender; the NutriBullet is a high-powered food extractor, which works to turn your fruits and veggies into  delicious, wholesome “NutriBlast” beverages. The NutriBullet gives you such a convenient, versatile and tasty way to enjoy more healthy eating options. This is a great gift for anybody looking to make a health-focused New Year’s resolution.

…Plus a Sizzling Cookware Special

Cook up a storm with our Sola Green Cooking range, currently available at an awesome 10% off. These non-stick Teflon-free pots and pans are perfect for the health-conscious and green-minded gourmet. Bon appétit! 

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