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It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to finding that special gift for those gents who do so much for you. We’ve put together a gift guide packed with unique green gifts with a little panache and fun for you to explore as you hunt down the perfect way to show you care.

1. NutZoom Nut Chopper, R179

sku7198-chef-n-nutzoom-nut-chopper-large[add-to-bag productid=”7198″]

Your nifty little gift will have them chopping nuts in bulk, or rustling up a little extra protein boost in the middle of the day. The NutZoom Nut Chopper from AL & CD Ashley is a great product with self-contained chopping blades that make short work of all types of nuts, with minimal mess and fuss and also works as a nutcracker.

2. Rechargeable FM radio, R475

sku7212-solar-green-solar-digital-lighting-rechargeable-fm-radio-large[add-to-bag productid=”7212″]

This rechargeable FM radio with MP3 player and extra bright LED light from Solar Green is the perfect all-round kit for off-the-grid sound and light, whether at home or out at a campsite. It’s lightweight and portable and powered by the eco-friendly power of the sun, but can also plug into AC power to charge.

3. Solar Green Flashlight, R259

sku7216-solar-green-cree-led-800lumens-flashlight-large[add-to-bag productid=”7216″]

The Solar Green CREE LED torch gives 800 Lumens of bright white light to guide the way. The durable aluminium-cased flashlight is waterproof and shockproof, plus the torch body features a clever anti-rolling design so it can be placed safely on just about any surface.

4. Sexy Socks Sailor Socks, R125

sku7377-sexy-socks-sexy-sailor-large[add-to-bag productid=”7377″]

A fun, eco-friendly gift created to benefit the underprivileged children of South Africa, these classic striped nautical socks from Sexy Socks are made from natural bamboo fibres. The unique weave wicks away moisture and odours, and adds a little cheeky fun to any outfit.

5. Corkery Evergreen Cork Wallet, R549

sku6976-corkery-evergreen-cork-wallet-large[add-to-bag productid=”6976″]

This Corkery elegant wallet is made from a vegan leather alternative; cork leather, also known as cork oak. This cork material is harvested sustainably from Portugal’s cork oak trees, without damaging the trees themselves. This is a style statement with a green conscience.

6.Barrets Ridge Original Beer Bread Mix, R63

sku4982-barrett-s-ridge-original-beer-bread-large[add-to-bag productid=”4982″]

Packed in a stylish hand-stitched calico bag, Barrett’s Ridge Original Beer Bread this easy beer bread mix is a simple, quick and delicious way to whip up a hot oven-fresh loaf – just add beer!

7. Badger Mustache Wax, R149

sku6138-badger-mustache-wax-large[add-to-bag productid=”6138″]

This natural mustache grooming wax from the Badger Man Care range is made with beeswax, castor seed oil, shea butter and extra-hard carnauba wax; the formula provides medium hold, and adds a healthy shine, keeping it classy the organic way.

8. Coffee Lover’s Gift Set, R429

sku5754-coffee-lover-s-gift-set-large[add-to-bag productid=”5754″ variantgroup=”951″ variantvalue=”3037″]

Faithful to Nature has put together a four-piece hamper to spoil those who love a little caffeine kick to start their day. The Coffee-Lover’s Gift Set includes one of our best organic ground coffee blends, a stylish eco-friendly coffee cup, and a slab of raw chocolate with real coffee beans. Plus there’s a luxurious mocha java body scrub for head-to-toe pampering.

9. Hairy Eye Beard Care Gift Pack, R350

sku7747-hairy-eye-beard-care-bullet-gift-pack-large[add-to-bag productid=”7747″]

Hairy Eye’s “Bullet” Beard Care gift pack includes an all-natural beard balm, beard oil and beard & body soap, packed in a compact branded stainless steel tin that doubles as a shaving bowl. All products from Hairy Eye Beard Care are made with natural ingredients, and are formulated to keep beards of any length strong, soft and healthy.

10. Nuance Wine Aerator, R419

sku8239-nuance-wine-finer-large[add-to-bag productid=”8239″]

The handy Nuance Wine Finer Aerator from AL & CD Ashley is the perfect gadget for the wine connoisseur in your life. Top of its class, it pulls wine through smalls holes, aerating it and filtering out sediment as the wine is poured, fitting into the wine bottle and staying there while they enjoy the party.

11. VacuVin Coconut Opener, R135

sku7625-vacuvin-coconut-opener-large[add-to-bag productid=”7625″]

This elegant wood and stainless steel tool from VacuVin makes a great accessory for any family kitchen where fresh healthy produce is consumed in abundance. The VacuVin Coconut Opener makes it so simple to break open a coconut fruit, chop it up for favourite recipes or sip heavenly coconut water straight from its shell.

12. Hairy Eye Ice Beard & Body Soap, R69

sku7746-hairy-eye-beard-body-soap-large[add-to-bag productid=”7746″]

The Hairy Eye range specialises in natural beard care products; and this natural soap with activated charcoal is sure to get his bristles squeaky-clean, soft and manageable. Plus the Hairy Eye Beard & Body Soap bar is great for skin too – activated charcoal banishes blemishes and excess oil, by drawing out impurities to leave skin so fresh and clean.

13. Snappy Chef Induction Stove, R1 550

sku4433-1-Plate-Snappy-Chef-Large-jpg [add-to-bag productid=”4433″]

This unique induction stove can save up to 50% on electricity and 64% of cooking time. The 1 Plate Snappy Chef Stove is a versatile, portable stove that’s also known as the cheaper, faster and safer way of cooking.

14. HG for Bros Rebellious Mane Tamer Hair Gel, R100

sku7018-hg-for-bros-mane-taming-hair-gel-large[add-to-bag productid=”7018″]

The Rebellious Mane Tamer Gel is an all-natural, high quality Earth-friendly (and guy-friendly) gel formula from the Hey Gorgeous range that will make  bad hair days a thing of the past. It has a firm natural-looking hold while adding shine and condition to hair at the same time.

15. Nativo Red Blend Wine, R119

sku6917-nativo-red-blend-2009-large[add-to-bag productid=”6917″]

A timeless gift, this Swartland wine from the Nativo range is made with organically grown, hand-picked grapes from the Hughes Family farm in Malmesbury. A red blend with a base of Shiraz, with Merlot, Pinotage and Mourvedre in the mix, and notes of spice and berries, it’s made from grapes that are cultivated with no harsh fertilisers or pesticides; that means it’s better for the planet, and better for their health..

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