Four Fab Organic Pet Care Tips

Looking after a pet is both a great joy and a big responsibility – these furry friends become part of our families, and we all want to help give them the longest, happiest and healthiest years with us. Here’s a look at four ways to keep your beloved animals in peak health, by giving them the same organic care you give the rest of your household:

1. Diet

Give your animal companions healthy, balanced nutrition with organic pet food and treats. These nourishing foods are free of allergens and additives, so they’ll max your pet’s health daily and keep their strength, energy levels and immune system in tip-top condition.

2. Grooming

Don’t expose your cat or dog to the harsh chemicals in ordinary pet shampoos and soaps – rather choose a natural or organic product to gently care for their coats and skin, without causing allergies or stripping away those natural oils. Our organic pet shampoos are made with gentle cleansing and moisturising plant-based ingredients, like soothing chamomile, flea-fighting khakibos and hydrating buchu.

3. Playtime

Pet toys made from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials are much safer – for your pet and your planet – than ordinary chemical-laden products. Our natural dog and cat toys are made with materials like rice husk rubber and organic cotton. They’re 100% safe for chewing and tough enough to keep the most playful pets entertained.

4. Supplements

Our furry friends need dietary supplements to keep their systems in balance, the same as we do. Keep them strong and healthy by choosing the right homeopathic pet supplements; these products are formulated using plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, with no harsh synthetic additives, preservatives or antibiotics.

We think these organic pet products are the cat’s pyjamas – and we’re sure your four-footed family members will agree!

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