We all tend to think of power cuts as a nuisance – and with today’s dependence on electricity and electronic gadgets, that’s hardly surprising. But what if we re-adjust our thinking and instead, look at load shedding as a blessing in disguise? No electricity means no interference – no TV, radio or gaming console means no noisy distractions clamouring for our attention. So, turn off your cell phone, put on your comfiest winter jersey and woolly socks, and check out five wonderful ways you and your loved ones can make the most of load shedding.

Play Games & Build Puzzles

Make this a special time for you and your family; the most valuable gifts you can ever give your growing children are your time and your attention. Get the family together to play a co-operative board game, or to build a giant floor puzzle, all by the light of a handy solar lantern. What a fun and engaging way to enjoy a more “hands on” playtime with your little ones!

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Pamper Yourself

If you’re feeling a little burned out after a long day at the office, an evening load shedding session presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy some “me time”. Whether you’re treating your tired feet to a soothing soak, refreshing your face with a luxurious organic mask, or lavishing some love on your locks with a nourishing hair treatment, you’ll feel so much better and more relaxed by the time the lights come back on. Light a couple of candles, pour a glass of bubbly and indulge in a little pampering with an organic skincare treat.

Make a Cosy Campfire

Gather your family and friends together for a cool campfire experience. Toast marshmallows and munch on biscuits, tell spooky stories or sing your favourite songs. Do a bit of star-gazing and enjoy spending time outdoors surrounded by nature.

Enjoy a Bubble Bath

A warm bubbly bath is such a blissful way to unwind. This is your chance to use all those lovely bath goodies that have been sitting unused for too long! Enjoy a solitary soak by candlelight, or invite that special someone to join you for a blissfully romantic bubble bath.

Rekindle the Romance

Speaking of that special someone – this is a great opportunity for you and your partner to reconnect and rekindle that spark! Think soft candlelight and fragrant incense, accompanied by a head-to-toe massage… without those everyday distractions, you can really give each other your undivided attention.










We hope these ideas have inspired you to see the silver lining in load shedding; remember, without the darkness, we wouldn’t be able to see the stars shine!