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Victorian Garden Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Masque with Peppermint

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Victorian Garden Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Masque with Peppermint
Victorian Garden Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Masque with Peppermint
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This luscious new organic hair masque formula from The Victorian Garden is designed to give your hair deeply hydrating nourishment. It’s made with a blend of natural and organic ingredients, including shea butter, beeswax, rosemary and jojoba oil. Rescue and rejuvenate chemically treated hair, and leave your tresses smooth, shiny and frizz-free with a quick and easy Victorian Garden hair masque treatment. This is the perfect organic remedy for tangles, dandruff or dull hair. 

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  1. This hair masque formula is packed full of nourishing natural goodness to treat your tresses:
  2. Rosemary oil: Promotes hair growth by stimulating the division of cells. Helps to condition the scalp and prevent dandruff.
  3. Peppermint oil: A really refreshing natural antiseptic oil. Helps to relieve irritation, prevent dandruff, and stimulate healthy hair growth, leaving your locks clean and shiny.
  4. Jojoba oil: This pure liquid wax has a very similar composition to sebum (your body’s natural oil), which makes it a great moisturiser and conditioning treatment for dry, damaged hair. 
  5. Shea butter: Mother Nature’s own natural conditioner; it softens and nourishes the hair and seals in moisture, protecting against heat and environmental damage without leaving your hair feeling heavy or greasy. 
  6. Beeswax: Very nourishing and protective, helping to lock in moisture.
  7. Cocoa butter: Very rich in antioxidants, pure cocoa bean butter helps to control frizz, add moisture and leave hair shining. 

Victorian Garden are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and also certified with NatureWatch UK


Spread evenly onto clean hair; apply to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. For best results, use as often as needed until your hair regains a healthy condition; then use weekly as maintenance. 


Aqua, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, organic Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Butter*, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) oil, Triticum vulgare (wheat bran) extract, Tocopherol acetate, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil*, limnanthus alba (Meadowfoam) seed oil, Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil*, trichilia emetica (mafura) seed butter, biovera (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Canola Oil), Vegetable Glycerin, Provitamin B5, vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract,Saccharum officinarum (Sugar cane) extract, acer saccharum (Sugar maple) extract,Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) fruit extract, Citrus Limon (Lemon) fruit extract, Vaccinium angustifolium (Blueberry) Fruit Extract, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) extract, Cyclopia intermedia (Honeybush) leaf extract, Citrullus lanatus fruit (watermelon) extract, leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss) extracts, avena strigosa (black oat) extract, Lactic Acid, malic acid, hydrolysed milk protein, keratin, Benzyl Alcohol, glucose lactoperoxidase, glucose oxidase, hydroxyethylcellulose, hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey, Propolis, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) oil*, Lavandula angustifolia (english Lavender) oil*, citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Limonene**, Linalool**. 
*Organically produced. 
**Components of essential oils.

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Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 91 reviews

89 out of 91 people would recommend this product

09/09/2021, By Tatiana
Wonderful mask. Very nourishing .Leaves my hair smooth and fresh. Woul definitely recommend .
19/08/2021, By Franziska
Feels great on the hair & scalp, bit soon to see results.
13/04/2021, By Elsabe
Works better than any other hair mask I've tried. Leaves hair and scalp feeling clean ave refreshed, while moisturised.
02/02/2021, By Kgapa
I use this to detangle and condition my hair
01/02/2021, By K
I have hair that is thick, wavy, highlighted hair which is prone to knots and I use this as a conditioner. It works really well to detangle and leave soft, it also does not leave a residue which many very thick conditioners tend to do.
29/01/2021, By Dee
This product works better than most salon products, but it MUCH cheaper. It hydrated my kinky curls.
19/01/2021, By Mel
What a beautiful product. I have curly, frizzy, Dy and sometimes unruly hair. It’s been falling out a lot. I tried this mask. It’s got a lovely fragrance and it’s really nourishing. I used it once and already feel a vast difference
19/01/2021, By Xiao-hui
It took a while for my hair to get use to it. The peppermint kinda made my head tingle so I wouldn't leave it in too long in the start. But now I actually leave it in my hair and let it air dry (very small amount though). My hair feels super soft after use. If you don't like peppermint, try something else, because that's basically all you smell but, don't worry too much it will weaken when it dries.
04/12/2020, By Lela
Get your moisture AND protein fix with this conditioner as it combines moisturising and strengthening ingredients. In my view, it is best used as a deep conditioner.
28/10/2020, By Ashira
26/10/2020, By Thembi
19/10/2020, By Verena
Enjoy this masque and will use again. It is very nourishing which my dry hair needs. Just don't quite enjoy the peppermint smell that much
08/10/2020, By Lia
Luxurious mask, pity its out of stock as it's one of my favourite products
06/10/2020, By Verena
Am enjoying this hair masque!
01/10/2020, By AMANDA
This product really works for me, but I have to be careful not to leave it on for too long- 20 minutes max. On one occasion I tried their suggestion of longer than 20 minutes, and allowing the product to dry on the hair. I left it on for about three hours and was disappointed to find after rinsing that my hair texture felt dry and brittle. So the 'leave on longer' option did not work for me. But for a shorter spell of 10 to 20 minutes, it absolutely works
06/09/2020, By Yumna
Made my hair so shiny! The smell is divine.
21/08/2020, By Riro
When you first start using natural products the hair needs time to detox.So at first I did find the product very dryingwhen paired with my natural shampoo but after a few washes my hair clumped together really well and was super moisturised.
17/08/2020, By Desnei
I just tried this mask and I loved it! My hair came out soft and shining without the thick sticky residue that most masks leave in your hair. I loved the minty smell and tingling feeling of freshness.
11/08/2020, By Klinks
I just bought two, so that will make it my fourth tub - no regrets whatsoever.
11/08/2020, By Julene
Really helps to soften bleached and colour processed hair of many years. Works well overnight.
08/07/2020, By Jess
It's simply amazing. Leaves my hair super soft and nourished. It feels like I did an expensive and luxurious treatment on my hair. This is definitely going to be my go to product from now on.
23/06/2020, By Kelly
It's good but still leaves my hair a bit frizzy. But definitely softer. It does take time for the ingredients to penetrate and work so I'm optimistic
21/06/2020, By Leandra
I will definitely buy this again. It feels so great in my hair without leaving any dull residue or unnecessary oiliness.
17/06/2020, By Hiya
when your hair needs saving , try this !
10/06/2020, By Michaela
Hair feels soft and fresh! Love it!
07/06/2020, By Marisa
It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
02/06/2020, By Steph
Love the smell of this hair mask, left my hair feeling silky and looking great.
28/05/2020, By Karen
Really like this product. Leaves my hair very soft and smells divine. I use it just as a conditioner as well in between doing a mask treatment.
24/05/2020, By Kay
This mask leaves my hair looking healthy and strong. It gives my hair a nice shine. I love it!
24/05/2020, By First born
What a mask
16/05/2020, By Elmi
I use it when my scalp is itchy. Helps a lot and makes hair look shiny and strong. Also comes at a great price.
15/05/2020, By Charlene
Wonderful product leaving hair so soft!
08/05/2020, By Musa
Amazed by this hair masque
07/05/2020, By Cam
Really love this product! Organic goodness and would highly recommend
05/05/2020, By angela
Lovely Product!!
02/05/2020, By Lieshea
Love love love

This is hair mask is amazing, it’s great for treating dry Curley hair such as mine and puts back the moisture into my hair I love it
20/03/2020, By Trudie
Lovely smell! Great hair care product.
24/02/2020, By Ida
Works great on my 2b hair! Adding some extra in my ends after rinsing - keeps my messy waves from drying out.
22/02/2020, By Eco
27/01/2020, By LiefieB
I just repurchased this product; my word my hair was soft for an entire 5 days after using this. I think it’s very good for high porosity hair like mine. One of the best products I’ve used by far
17/11/2019, By Q
Truly works! I have no bad words to say. Just wish it came in a huge bulk tub so that I’ll never run out!
11/10/2019, By Megan
Really good and lasts for ages.
19/09/2019, By Alicha
I’ve used this product for 5 years now and I get great results from using this product I recommend it. And I even use it for my daughter
07/09/2019, By Monika
This product is really worth buying. It makes my hair so soft and easy to manage. Goodbye frizzy hair!
08/08/2019, By Chantelle Muller
IM BLOWN AWAY..WOW WOW WOW WOW.. My curls love this awesome product.. shampoo then conditioner ( of your choice) then this on wet hair ..a few min wash out and THEN SUPERSTAR
18/07/2019, By Faaima
I have been using this masque in place of my conditioner for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it! It leaves my hair feeling soft, nourished and smelling divine. It will definitely be a staple in our house.
08/06/2019, By CH
My daughter loves this product, leaves hair feeling soft and manageable,
02/06/2019, By Maydene
My hair loves this product, I received it as a sample and tried it. For me as a 4c natural I’m always looking for products that makes my wash day easier, thisis definitely one. After applying It instantly felt softer. It has great slip for detangling. It’s slready in my basket
02/06/2019, By Raison D’etre
I received this as a sample and tried it and my hair just loves it. For me as a 4c natural I’m always looking for hood products. This is definitely one. After applying it gives great slip for detangling. It leave hair soft and well moisturised.
11/05/2019, By Liana
A wonderfully light masque that can be used as normal conditioner. Lovely smell
09/04/2019, By Tbk
My 4c hair has grown so much due to the jojoba and peo present in the mask
07/04/2019, By Lorraine
I really love this product, I'm on my 3rd bottle and will keep ordering. It's simple and easy to use. Smells lovely and it's all natural :) Leaves hair nice and silky, what more do you need? Absolutely love this
23/03/2019, By Monica
I was scared of the comments about it making your hair waxy, so only use a very little bit of this, and it doesn't leave a waxiness after washing and does leave my hair feeling smoother and softer. Very happy with it.
28/02/2019, By Nas
It has a lovely smell and works well.
I would prefer a little more moisture because my hair tends to get very dry and plastic free packaging would have made it a perfect buy.
Hoping the producer will switch to plastic free or recycled plastic.
25/02/2019, By Janine
I was having trouble getting the indian hair powders onto my scalp with just boiling water or tea. This mask helps 100% and it feels very cooling on the scalp.
21/01/2019, By A-kid
Definitely makes my hair softer; could feel it after the second wash. Still waiting to see if it stimulates hair growth, though.
16/01/2019, By Nas
I really love the fresh scent of this hair masque and it leaves my hair feeling soft. I use it sometimes after going to the beach to tame the frizz.
It would be great if they switched to plastic free packaging though.
09/01/2019, By Julia
Makes my hair nice and soft it works very well
08/01/2019, By Pamela
I have applied this once, and left it in for about 4 hours and rinsed it off..... my hair is soft and shiny. Normally by day 2 after washing and conditioning my extremely dry hair it looks dull and dry after using this amazing masque my ends are still soft and my hair very manageable. I deffinatly recommend this product for dry hair. Hoping that the rosemary in this will help with hair growth as my hair grows very slow....
16/12/2018, By Mjk
Never used a product like this before. Makes my hair super soft , moist and silky. It needs to stay longer on the hair at least an hour to see a difference.Heat enhances the product so be sure to use a hooded dryer or hot towel to get excellent results.
07/12/2018, By Chantal
So glad I tried the sample - I have curly, fussy hair and this works so well.
04/12/2018, By Zanmari
Got this as a sample... And wow!!! My hair feels amazing!!
Super soft and really shining!!!

Would definitely purchase this product!!
01/12/2018, By Elle
Got this as a sample and wow... I am in love! Definitely purchasing some, who knew hair masks even did this? My hair looks incredible!
01/11/2018, By Anonymous
Recieved as a sample. Made my hair feel alot less dry just after one use.smells lovely to
28/09/2018, By Alicha
I love this. It really does reverse any damage caused to hair. Heat and chemical damage. And grows the hair. I always buy it. And also use it as a life line to my hair.
03/09/2018, By Danielle
Really moisturising and smells great!
02/09/2018, By Litz
Excellent product
24/08/2018, By Candy
Amazing hair masque. Conditions well - leaving long, curly/frizzy hair manageable.
11/08/2018, By Abigail
I love both masques. Really moisturising for gair and scalp and leaves hair smooth. Peppermint smells so refreshing spa-like and is good for those struggling with hair loss. The tub is big, it goes far and lasts really long.
27/07/2018, By Luane
Lovely hair conditioner - pleasant fragrance and only a little needed per application.
12/07/2018, By Raeesa
This product really did wonders for my dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Left my hair feeling super soft!

I found that applying to slightly damp hair and leaving on for a half hour before shampooing really gives the best results!
08/06/2018, By Fathima
Received this as a sample and was quite impressed. Left my hair feeling refreshed and with a cooling sensation. Will definitely be coming back for more!
29/05/2018, By Jenine
I am in love with this product - Love the smell and Love the way it makes my hair feel - Soft and smooth :)
19/05/2018, By Shakeelah
The peppermint scent is very strong. However the scent gets washed out once you rinse your hair. The slip that this masque provides isn’t too bad.
23/02/2018, By Sophie
Love this product (especially the smell!) it works great on my sensitive, itchy scalp and my hair is smooth and soft after using it. I have not left it in for 20 minutes as other, but rather used it as a mask while showering. It def made a huge difference to how my hair feels. Next time I will def leave it in overnight
13/12/2017, By Lynda
Very impressed and you only need to use a small amount at a time
28/10/2017, By MC
Wonderful conditioner in every way - calms my itchy scalp, is lovely and thick and rich, is a great moisturizer and smells delicious
15/10/2017, By SUNSHINE
I first received a little sample from faithful to nature and I was in love..with the smell...how much a little went...i bought the mask and honestly would not be without it!!! It's luxurious and stunning and I absolutely recommend this delicious product...
25/09/2017, By Richard
Thick and creamy consistency that spreads easily so you don't waste. The peppermint has a cooling effect on your skull. The effect is astonishing. It turns course hair into shiny, wavy, manageable hair, the whole day long! Worth every cent.
03/08/2017, By Faeezah
Great for dry hair! The smell is really nice and it's easy to use on hair.
27/06/2017, By Brenda
Smells quite strong but my hair feels soft and silky afterwards.
05/03/2017, By Sune
Smell is quite strong, but you get used to it. I leave it on my hair after washing for 20 minutes (wrapped in a towel) and then rinse it out. it leaves my hair super soft manageable. would recommend to anyone.
25/10/2016, By Tammy
Moisturized and softens my hair wonderfully. Great product
11/10/2016, By Melanie Coetzee
When I use this product on my hair, I leave it on for about 20 minutes, and when I rinse my hair I spot an amazing difference in the overall texture of my hair. I see it really well-nourished and the hair blow dries better since I have thick curly type of hair that succumbs to cold, misty weather. My hair is naturally more drier, so this works so well for me. I let my sis use it who has blonde died hair and she appreciated the way her hair felt soft and well-nourished. love the product.
24/06/2015, By Pamela
I am giving this product 4 stars because when i first put it in my freshly washed 4b hair, it made my hair feel kind of hard. Though after leaving it in with a shower cap for several hours, my hair was nicely soft and i was able to detangle fairly easily without adding extra conditioner. so its a win but i feel i have yet to find the right masque for me yet. Maybe it it better for looser textures.
08/06/2015, By Maria
This mask is really great! The first few times I used it, it make my thin hair a bit limp and stringy. I tried leaving it in longer (around an hour, sometimes more), and shampooing a bit more at the end, and it really did the trick! My hair has so much more volume and shine, and the effects last for a couple of washes. Super happy with this product!
27/03/2015, By Anton
This is a perfect product for colour treated hair! It has a lovely smell that lasts.It restored lustre, shine and made hair smooth and soft. It works far better than the most expensive chemical toxic brands on the market I know have tried them all.!...lasts for far longer too! Superb! I used this fantastic magical masque as a conditioning threatment after colouring with Herbatint. The result was, quite simply, phenomenal! My hair has come out fresh, vibrant and full of lustrous! It has completely recovered from the chemical treatment. What makes this so astounding is that commercial products that make several promises about their products do not deliver despite using tricks (using toxic chemicals)! V & G deliver! After a hair wash, there is no reverting to uncondintioned hair like with many commercial products that I have tried. Thanks V & G and Faithful to Nature! You make hair colouring magical and a happy experience.
31/01/2015, By Teresa
Wonderful mask and Im quite happy with the results. My hair is super soft!
08/10/2014, By Ilze
Ive got very long hair and I found this product to by very effective. I wash my hair every day and use the mask 2 - 3 times per week and it leaves my hair soft and shiny, without weighing it down. I highly recommend this product.
11/08/2014, By Kathleen
First and foremost Id like to mention that I am a very big VG fan. I do not mean to criticize, but I know the reviews are used to improve products. Ive been very impressed with everything that I have ordered from them, until this one. I was very hopeful that this would be a good product. I used to use the Vanilla Rosemary and olive oil mask from VG and have never ever used a mask as effective as that one, so i was really sad when it got discontinued. The jojoba one is unfortunately not nearly as effective and I would not recommend it. If I find that the results get better after using it for longer I will be sure to give an update. But the old one I used worked brilliantly from day one. I am discouraged to have to search for and try other masks after I the perfect mask got discontinued. I still love this brand above all the others on this sight though, they really have wonderful products.

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