Why You Should Use Dulse More Often

Dulse – You’d Be Crazy Not To Flavour Your Food With It

Q. What contains more iron that sirloin steak, more calcium than cheese or more fibre than prunes?

A. Seaweeds! An 8g serving of dulse seaweed contains more iron than a 100g portion of sirloin steak. Amazing!

Dulse is a red seaweed with a mildly spicy, salted sea flavour, that people have harvested for hundreds of years as a food source, as a skin care and cosmetic ingredient and as a nutritional supplement. As a vegetarian, and also as a breast-feeding mother, it caught my attention as a wonderfully tasty and easy way to add non-animal iron and protein to our meals.

Dulse for Health

Dulse is approximately 22 % protein; extremely high in vitamins B6 and B12; and low in sodium. A small amount provides more than 100 % of the RDA of vitamin B6, iron and fluoride as well as 66 % RDA of vitamin B12. The sea vegetable is also quite high in vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus, manganese. This is a truly a powerhouse of a food and what we love the most about it, is how uncomplicated it is to add dulse into your diet and that of your family.

It is extremely versatile as it can be added to almost any dish including soups, stews, salads, chowders or sandwiches. Best of all, is that dulse maintains its high level of vitamins and proteins through any preparation process. We keep a grinder of dulse on our table and add it to all meals to enhance the flavour and nutritional intake of our food.

Because it is high in fibre, dulse is also a very effective treatment for constipation. In the past, dulse was used to remove parasites and was also a treatment for scurvy. Today it is a natural choice for plant nutrients essential for thyroid gland health and thyroid hormone secretion.

Dulse for Beauty

Did you know that you can also use dulse externally, as an exfoliating body treatment to remove dead skin cells and impurities? It is also used in conditioners to help strengthen and soften one’s hair. It makes sense that what is good for one on the inside, also works wonders for one on the outside…

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Kelp, kombu and dulse are just a few examples of delicious and nourishing edible seaweeds you can use to give your meals a boost.

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