Colloidal Silver…Miracle Substance!

Colloidal Silver is indeed a miracle substance. I have been in Medical practice for 40 years and have never come across any other substance that has the safety and non-toxicity of colloidal silver with no side effects and a myriad of potential benefits. Colloidal silver is made by passing and electric current of 180volts and 15mAmps through very pure water using 99.9% pure silver as the anode. No aluminium is ever in contact with the colloidal silver either during or after production. The silver atoms are positively charged and stay in suspension in the water indefinitely if correctly made. The particle size is between 0.8 and 5 nanometers and accounts for the rapid action of the colloidal silver as it diffuses very rapidly into the tissue. It is 99% positively charged and absolutely safe. If I were 40 years younger and could have my life again I would spend it researching the extent of the benefits to be obtained from this marvellous substance.” – Dr Peter Price, South African Pathologist

What is Colloidal Silver

If you do not enjoy peak health, are constantly sick, suffer with severe skin problems of allergies or find yourself facing a serious operation and spell in hospital, you need to know about Electro Colloidal Silver (eCS). If you are recovering from surgery or treatment, struggling with cancer and are at a low ebb, your immune system is not what it should be and you feel you have no energy, you have babies or kids in the house who inevitably will suffer with all the usual childhood ailments, or pets who are sick….then read on!

Colloidal Silver is a simple but miraculous product. It is not a medicine or a drug. It comprises nothing more than a small amount of silver molecules suspended in pure de-ionised water. However, in spite of its simplicity it is being touted as one of the most incredible success stories in the world today for its ability to kill bacteria, viruses and fungus conditions. People around the world use Colloidal Silver daily as a natural antibiotic and healing agent and it is safely used directly on the skin and taken by mouth to promote healing and fight disease in the body. Silver has been used for thousands of years. It is absolutely safe and completely non toxic and has been passed as such by the FDA and Poison Control in USA and SA. And is available in health shops in the U.K.

Colloidal Silver has a powerful positive effect on the immune system when taken internally. It can knock out disease conditions in the body very speedily, restore diseased cells to normality and is being used all over the world to tackle a variety of serious life threatening diseases. It has wonderful healing properties when used on children and animals as well as adults and can be sprayed or dabbed directly onto the skin, into eyes to heal eye infections and put into pets’ drinking water. If kept in a dark cupboard, it retains its efficacy permanently.

Not only is CS superb as a health product but the results on the skin when applied topically are amazing and it is being used in all kinds of healing applications for skin disorders.

  • Strengthens your body’s immune system to function optimally. The body develops no tolerance and cannot overdose
  • An all-natural mineral supplement of pure ionised silver in de-ionized water with natural viricide, bactericide and fungicide properties. It has no reaction or interaction wth any other alternative remedy or medication
  • It is non toxic, non additive and has no side effects. It is not a drug or a medicine
  • ECS’s action is not disease specific, but cell structure specific
  • Supports your body to resist and overcome infections
  • A remarkable catalyst in the reproduction of healthy disease-free cellular life

Electro Colloidal Silver – Past, Present & Future

The health giving properties of silver have been known and handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. The ancient Phoenician, Babylonian and Greek civilisations were aware of silver’s ability to disinfect, purify and preserve food and water. The Egyptians used silver as a thin, beaten out paper-like product to wrap around wounds. The first written mention of its use in a medical context is found in pharmacopia published in Rome in 69 BC. Much later in 1884, a German obstetrician, Dr Frank Crede, observed that up to 79% of blind children in orphanages were born to mothers with venereal disease. He found that a 1% solution of silver nitrate dropped into their eyes reduced the incidence of VD-caused blindness to less than 0,2%. During the first part of the 20th century, the successful testing and use of silver compounds was widespread, and Colloidal Silver was widely used as a mainstream treatment by medical practitioners. In those days, however, it was expensive and difficult to make. During the depressions days of the 1930’s when money was so scarce, Colloidal Silver was selling at a price as high as $200 an ounce. The high cost of manufacture plus the fact that as a pure mineral element Colloidal Silver could not be patented, promoted the search for alternative treatments.

More recently the rise of resistant infections and diseases has again put silver – and now particularly Colloidal Silver – in the spotlight. Infectious diseases have made a powerful comeback, beginning in the 1970’s. The single most threatening aspect of this has been the appearance of new strains of disease-causing bacteria which have become resistant to antibiotics. These new bacterial strains have developed sophisticated mechanisms of resistance against almost every antibiotic invented thus far. As Newsweek magazine recently stated, “It looks like medicine declared victory and went home too soon”. Further evidence in South Africa is the many recent hospital articles and other numerous exposés in the newspapers (Sunday Times, The Star and other publications) on the so called Super Bugs (the MRSA virus for example experienced in hospitals around the world) and their general resistance to modern day antibiotics.

The extraordinary healing properties of eCS are demonstrated by Dr Robert O. Becker, a brilliant research scientist at Syracuse University in New York, USA. In his classic book “The Body Electric – Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life” Dr Becker highlights one of his amazing experiments on a patient who was about to have his leg amputated. The man’s broken right tibia and fibula both refused to heal and there was a huge open wound housing five kinds of infection. Dr Becker comments: “I debrided the wound, removing the dead tissue and all grossly infected or dead bone. There wasn’t much left afterwards. It was an enormous excavation running almost from his knee to his ankle. In the operating theatre we soaked a bit piece of silver nylon in saline solution and laid it over the wound, wrapped the leg, and connected the battery unit. We achieved astonishing results. About a week and a half later all of our bacterial cultures were sterile – all five kinds of bacterial had been killed.” The battery attached to the nylon produced positively charged silver ions, as Dr Becker later explained. The eCS quickly killed off all the bacteria that the antibiotics had failed to kill in a year and a half. Dr Becker continues, “The soft healing tissue, called granulation tissue, was spreading out and covering the bone. In two weeks, the whole base of the wound, which had been over eight square inches of raw bone, was covered by this friendly pink carpet. The skin was beginning to grow in too, so we could forget about the grafts we thought we would need to do. I decided to take an X-ray to see how much bone we had lost. I had expected the bone to start withdrawing before it started regrowing. In all my years as a scientist and doctor I could hardly believe this picture! There was clearly some bone growth. I removed the cast, felt the leg, and found that the pieces were all stuck together. The patient, John, watched and when I was done he lifted his leg into the air triumphantly!”

After extensive experiments along these lines, Dr Becker concluded that positively charged silver ions profoundly stimulate healing in a way unlike any known natural process.

Dr Becker states in his book that “of course, the germ killing action of silver had been known for some time. The Russians use silver ions (eCS) to sterilize water aboard their space station. It kills even antibiotic resistant strains and also works on fungus infections. He continues, “we may well have only scratched the surface of positive silver’s medical brilliance. It stimulates bone forming cells, cures the most common stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria and stimulates healing in the skin and other soft tissues. ”

There are countless testimonials on the internet today from doctors, researchers and ordinary people who have witnessed and experienced the human body, plants and animals overcome a vast range of ailments and serious diseases in the presence of Colloidal Silver.

“…in laboratory tests conducted, Colloidal Silver reverted cancer cells back to normal (not kill them but return them to normal or benign status). Other observations were made such as a correlation between silver deficiency and illness or proper immune system functioning, burns, soft tissue and bone repair acceleration, and the formation of cells that appear to be able to repair virtually any part of the body.” (Dr Becker from his book “The Body Electric”)

Colloidal Silver Safety

Of course, as with anything in the natural medicine field, there has been and continues to be, controversy over Colloidal Silver. As there was with homeopathic medicines some years ago. Something so simple which works so miraculously, is cheap and can be purchased “over the counter” in good pharmacies or health shops, is of course not at all popular with the pharmaceutical manufacturing organisations who of course have a vested interest in keeping knowledge of this amazing substance away from the general public and by so doing, maintain their profits. God forbid that people might actually be able to self medicate with Colloidal Silver and by doing so, heal themselves without expensive medical appointments, drugs and surgery. Strong comments – yes, but true. Stories abound of Colloidal Silver supposedly turning a person’s skin blue or silver – the so called “BLUE Disease” (Argyria) but this is not due to the use of Colloidal Silver at all, but to the use of medicines containing silver nitrate, taken over long periods of time. Or to Colloidal Silver made by unskilled members of the public using silver salts.

If you watched the Oprah Winfrey show on the 9th of June 2008 you would have seen a man with a bluish tinge to his skin – a condition which he blamed on the use of Colloidal Silver. However, this “Blue Man” did not use Ionic Colloidal Silver from any of the official manufacturers of colloidal silvers but made his own concoction using silver salts and clearly had no idea of the strength of the product he manufactured, it could have been hundreds of parts per million. He was also drinking huge amounts of it. According to the FDA IRIS report, a 70kg man can use 1388 litres of our 18ppm ionized silver in his life time, this would take him to the quarter or halfway mark of getting Argyria.

Dr Peter Price comments on the safety of Colloidal Silver:

“I don’t know where medical doctors get their misinformation from but I can assure everyone that Colloidal Silver does no damage whatsoever to the good cells of the body – in fact quite the opposite. I have been in medical practice for 40yrs now as mentioned earlier, and I have never come across ANY other product with so many beneficial effects with no contraindications than colloidal silver.

If this is supposed to kill the good cells in the human body then why do Australia, Canada, Germany and Switzerland to say nothing of most of the major airlines and NASA use silver to purify water? Why haven’t all photographers and radiographers died off as they are in daily constant contact with silver on the films which they develop as silver salts are present on all photographic and x-ray plates?

The Environmental Protection Agency of the USA allows about the same concentration of silver in drinking water as is present in Colloidal Silver.

At the concentrations present in Colloidal Silver 7mgms/litre which is a homeopathic concentration there are NO toxic effects on the human body and even in very much higher concentrations Colloidal Silver is completely harmless.

There’s plenty more evidence if needed. It is the most miraculous product and everyone should be using it!”

There are three reputable manufacturers of Colloidal Silver in South Africa: Phuza Health, Silver Lab and Biosil. Dr Peter Price recommends Phuza Health’s product – these three companies have registered their products with the South African Medicines Control Council (MCC).
Thanks to the Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Company.

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    I have just bought Electro Colloidal Silver and cannot comment on its benefits as yet.

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    I have just bought Electro Colloidal Silver and cannot comment on its benefits as yet.

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