Clever Tools That Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

We’re big fans of products and tools that are not only exceptional at what they bring to your life but also help you align with some of your personal lifestyle goals. So, if you’re feeling a little wobbly off the starting blocks on your 2018 resolutions, take a gander through some of these clever tools and maybe you’ll find your inspiration in an area you didn’t even know you could improve on.


Less snack drawer and more intentional eating at work goals? These nifty Jar-in-Jars not only help you cut plastic from your office lunch box, but they’ll keep you inspired to whip up pretty and healthier take-to-work layered salad lunches.


If saving more water isn’t one of your resolutions, you need to quickly add it to your list (no judgies – okay maybe a little). But in all seriousness, to help you adjust to a new, highly necessary morning routine and navigate getting ready time with ease, this clever shower tool not only lets you set your desires shower time, but also gives you 60 seconds of overtime in case you were faffing and then turns your water to a trickle to cut the wastage.


If saving money if one of your resolutions – maybe you’ve got a holiday to Sri Lanka on the vision board – this nifty laundry dryer is seriously worth considering. Not only will it help you cut your electricity spend, but it will also pull the excess water from your clothes so you can use it for the garden instead of watching the sun evaporate it all. And unsuspecting bonus, it will help keep your clothes in far better nick, so you can curb your shopping sprees and stick to those minimalist capsule wardrobe goals.


Finally accepting that processed sugar is evil and deciding to take charge of your health this year? This cookbook is not only jam-packed with sugar cutting inspirational recipes and ideas, but knowing that Sarah Wilson’s success was so sound that her book went viral, is like having a sugar-quitting support body in your home.


This is a minimalist kitchen owner’s dream. If more time for the things you love and healthy eating are on your goal list for 2018, check out this clever steaming basket. It allows you to steam a whole bunch of veggies over very little water (also a bonus), cleans with ease because you didn’t fry anything and then folds flat for easy storage.


Want to prioritise getting better sleep this year? Because you know good sleep is a foundation for positive attitudes and high energy levels, hey? Yes. A dreamy salt lamp not only neutralizes those electromagnetic frequencies from your laptop, cellphone, tablet and more but it emits such a gentle glow that you’ll want to kill your tech time sooner. Before you know it, you’ll bedtime will be zen time and drifting off to into a peaceful sleep will be commonplace.


If meditation, better sleep, sticking to a healthy diet and taking up a more active lifestyle are all on your resolutions list – the Bellabeat is the all in one wellness tracker that collects your data, tracks your progress and helps you action problem areas through the correlating app.

Feeling inspired? Here’s hoping. Stick to your guns and keep finding innovative ways to towards reaching your goals. If the approach you’re trying hasn’t helped, you’ve successfully found one way to not reach your goal. And that’s something too.

What’s your favourite multi-tasking kitchen or home helper tool? Share your minimalist discoveries in the comments.

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